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  1. Since no Landscape Architects have responded. Brick patio surfaces, segmented wall surfaces, and where the program is weakest, vegetation types. It is very tough to make a landscape dwg with renderworks.
  2. http://www.cben.net./
  3. Instead of layer linking, I have better success (that is if I understand your problem) using the sheets command to control the printed sheet look.
  4. That worked - thks. Now, how do I change the depth of the cell so the overall height of the worksheet is narrower. [ 01-23-2004, 12:05 PM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  5. Do you mean change font size. Tried that while online with tech support. Did not work.
  6. How do I reduce the size (overall physical) of the worksheet when changing sheet sizes, ie, when going from an 23 x 36 sheet to a 8.5 x 11? [ 01-22-2004, 02:29 PM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  7. Go here for an excellent comparison list. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=12;t=003264 Secondly, forget all you know about autocad, VW operates on a simplier concept. Autocad will cloud your learning.
  8. I am finding the need to produce nicer perspectives or computer models. What are fellow LA's using. Are you using Renderworks to produce these types of drawings or something like Artlandis or Photoshop. I am looking for the simplest way with the shortest learning period to produce the perspectives or models [ 01-19-2004, 03:37 PM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  9. Quite frankly, as an ex-autocad user, when making the transition, the best thing to do is to forget anything and everything you know about autocad, and focus on how VW operates. If you try to use VW while trying to think in autocad termology it makes the transition more difficult. From one ex-autocad user,
  10. I agree with Tristan. This needs to be added to the wish list. As landscape architects are becoming more recognized for their unique abilities to create more sensitive, enviromental friendly, creative site plans, our software needs to allow us to do this easily. While site planning can be done in Landmark, the transition to construction dwgs. especially from working with dtm's is not user friendly. The problem is an chicken and egg situation. VW needs more LA to buy the program, but without the improvements most LA's I talk to are reluctant to take the leap. [ 01-17-2004, 12:14 PM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  11. BaRa Perhaps a little out of the box thinking such as letting the public know more about the route future releases are taking would create more of a feeling of ownership by the users, therefore more loyality and promotion by existing users which is the best method of advertising possible. PS: Unfortunately when I look at my family's busy schedule (and I make a serious attempt at spending time with my family) and the hours per day I spend infront of a computer screen, I probably also spend more time with VW then my family. [ 01-15-2004, 09:33 AM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  12. I print to a pdf file - adobe and then transfer to by PDA. Ok to for field use.
  13. Becki Are you picking your placement location under the tree with your first click. If you click outside of any plants then the tree will not be affected. If you click inside of a plant symbol, Landmark assumes that you want to change the existing symbol to a new one.
  14. Robert Please note - the same comment as I made in a early post. Selecting by using the plant catalog dialoge box would be easier than selecting symbols. "Also, is there a way that only the selected symbols used in the Plant Catalog show up in the Place plant tool? It is a pain to scroll thru unused symbols looking for your symbol."
  15. Robert When I pick a plant to insert in a drawing, as I understand it, I must select the plant from the dialog box of symbols. (This is after creating a plant catalog) Since all the symbols are shown whether they are assigned a plant or not, it is combursome to scroll through the symbols to choose the symbol assigned to the plant. If you could show a dialog box that would list plant names instead of symbols, it would be more convient for plant insertion into the dwg.
  16. Robert I would like to see a dialog box that would show plant names that have been added to the plant catalog. Scrolling through plant catalog symbols of which many may not be in use, is combersome at best when inserting plants into the drawing.
  17. I would like to see a dialog box that would show plant names that have been added to the plant catalog. Scrolling through plant catalog symbols of which many may not be in use is combersome at best. [ 12-02-2003, 03:02 PM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  18. Ever since upgrading to VW 10.5, I have been getting an error message on my printer after printing. I run Win 2000 pro with the latest HP driver (4.63) Any ideas. thks [ 12-02-2003, 11:33 AM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  19. Thom

    VW newbie

    Viper x It works for me, only not as smooth as it used to in previous versions. To get it to change the symbols already in the dwg. I redesign the symbol per Katie's instructions on your other link. I have found to make the existing symbols change or refresh, I need to click "show plant settings on and off". I am not sure why this works, but it is probably a bug. I am a notorious symbol redesigner because many of my detailed residences will have 50 - 60 different plants. Let me know if this works for you. Thom [ 11-19-2003, 09:44 PM: Message edited by: tvetter ]
  20. Thom

    VW newbie

    Just post here with all your questions. We should be able to help you speed up your learning curve. If you can - get the Landmark tutorial CD. It is helpful. I wish VW would put on a Landscape training specific class somewhere such as Salt Lake. Hummm training, skiing, cheap air fare. Might be able to afford the expensive class Hint hint
  21. Thom

    VW newbie

    It took me a good month to begin to feel comfortable with the change. The program works totally different than autocad / Landcadd. I am glad to have switched, even though Landmark has a long way to come, especially in irrigation design. By the way, I stayed PC based.
  22. I am looking for a script that would read the gpm that is assigned to each sprinkler and then would tabulate gpm as selected and using a greater than or less than concept to assign pipe sizes, labeling each polyline that connects between sprinklers.
  23. I need to write a few simple (well maybe not so simple) scripts that deal with irrigation design. Who knows, they may have commercial value. Anybody interested? thks Thom thomvetter@applecapital.net
  24. I use polylines. I set a rough, continous alignment using one line for the full alignment. Then go back and using the edit polyline tool, change the vertices to arcs where needed. Arc radus's can also be dictated. This method does not rely on trying to connect various lines - something I find frustrating and wished worked better. Then offset to one's content.
  25. Katie Text seems to loose its clarity. The fonts do not retain their shape and line weight.
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