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  1. Hi everyone. I am having issues using the PDF writer with Acrobat 6 Pro and VW 10.5.1 I set the page area to Arch D and center my drawing inside the box representing the page in VW, then I goto print using the PDF writer with page size set as Arch D, and dag if every stinkin time the resulting PDF cuts off part of my work on the left side because it appears the page or the drawing have shifted in such a way that now a large chunk of my drawing "hangs off" the left side of the page. Although the VW display still shows my drawing centered squarely within the page area. What is going on here? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Alright, I've got a few more thoughts on some improvements and additions to VW. 1.) Could we make the spiral tool a little more user friendly? For instance, could we set it up so it is directly editable when created without having to ungroup and convert to a poly or line? Also, what about a simplified way of creating a spiral based on the Golden Mean? 2.) I still feel the line attribute editing needs some work...its a little difficult to click and drag to set the dash lengths and such...a numeric window like in Illustrator would be much more xpedient in my humble opinion. 3.) I know this already exists for plants, but what about adding some sort of "sketch-type" filter which can be applied to the whole drawing to make it appear as though it were hand rendered? Something very similar to the plant tool in Landmark would be nice. 4.) How about inproving the image export options...right now it's a little awkward if you want to enlarge or reduce an exported image within the window/dialogue. 5.) I really like the new gradient tools available with VW 10 & 10.5, but what about implementing a gradient mesh tool similar to Adobe Illustraor...would come in handy for presentation of large vegetation masses. 6.) Lastly, and I know this is stretching a bit, but there are some 3-D programs which do this in particular...but what about implementing a function which enables VW to reconfigure it's interface so it exactly clones/mimicks those of competing CAD products? i.e. AutoCAD...I have a number of classmates who dislike AutoCAD and it might be easier for them to make the switch if VW could resemble AutoCAD initially and help them to make the transition...this may work in regards to other professionals in the field...just trying to think of ways for VW to take a little more of the market share from AutoCAD...but this is purely conjecture and I don't know that it would work at all. I would just like to see VW become more prevalent in the industry. I've used both VW and AutoCAD and if I had my druthers I would never leave the VW environment, just my own personal opinion. Well that's all I can think of for now...I'm really looking forward to seeing what evolutionary steps VW takes in it's incarnation.
  3. Just remembered another change I would love to see... I would like to be able to customize the line styles provided, not just the thickness of the stroke (as is currently available), but also the length/scale of the dashes and be able to create my own combinations such as is available in Adobe Illustrator. Unfortunately, when working digitally between different programs for presentation I still end up going back to Illustrator to adjust line styles and dash types. Tvetter makes a good point about the DTM tools...if we could enhance the current set, make them more stable, and add the ability to import geographic referenced data such as DEMs and DTMs, VW could take a huge leap forward I think...however when my fellow classmates are seem interested in what Im doing in VW (many of them use AutoCAD in the labs) they are impressed until they start asking about the tools like slope analysis and such, and try to work them for themselves or I try to show them...and then invariably their response turns to one of dissapointment. Too bad there isn't a hugely wealthy, philanthropic LA who could donate large sums of money to VW for R&D
  4. Hi all, you know, at least in my case, it would be a real boon to be able to import DEM (USGS and SDTS) and actually register them to geographic space to aid in terrain analysis with VW Landmark. Also, having improved support for some raster graphics files, such as USGS DRG (digital raster graphics of topo quads)would be a tremendous help. Right now I can import these extremely high-res tiffs in VW, but the problem is they never display anywhere near as claerly as they are capable of. I open these files up in something much less complex and powerfull such as MS Office picture editor and the image can be zoomed in to about 200% before pixelation occurs. Yet another improvement I would like to see is a slope analysis that runs in percentages and can hatch a terrain based on slope intervals, much like the traditional freehand slope analysis. Lastly, I would like to see a 4-way intersection tool provided. Thanks for hearing me out!


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