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  1. Sorry the idea didn't work...I will keep digging and see what we can suggest. Thanks for the welcome...ashamedly, I have been watching topics for a while, but with so much work at Vw, I have been without the time to participate...getting better now, so I should be back regularly.
  2. Ian...no, you are correct about the created individual symbols...a change to one does nothing to change the others, once you have made a duplicate symbol...unless you imbed a symbol within the 2D edit...which I have never tried, but perhaps could work. For example, you may take a symbol with green base and white blooms, and before duplicating, get into 2d edit, copy the graphics paste in designlayer (outside of edit) and make a symbol... copy, return to 2d edit, remove graphics and paste the new symbol, exit. Duplicate plant object definition (and symbol)...if you want to enhance the graphics in 2d edit, then exit edit...you should have the ability to affect a change globally with the symbol that is imbedded...now mind you I have not tried this, and once out of some tie-ups today, I will try this and see if you can imbed a symbol in the 2d edit of the plant object. You may try this to and let us know if there is success.
  3. Ian, I'm thinking you can do exactly what you are thinking by first assigning the one type of Bergenia to a preferred graphic symbol and by doing it, you may have created a duplicate of the symbol defaulted as "perennial 03"...so if you have dupplicated that defaulted symbol and renamed it to take on the data and name of the Bergenia, and you wanted to assign a different Bergenia to the same graphic symbol...then in the definition of the first Bergenia, use the duplicate option and rename the next same symbol to the new Bergenia species/variety...same process. Vectorworks will remember the difference between the symbols, even if you may not...and the way you would remind yourself is to have the tags turned on when you want to see where each variety was placed...if you choose to differentiate the symbols, you could always approach this in the 2d edit screen and vary the symbol in the slightest way you find necessary or all together different.
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