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  1. Hi Chris I was interested to searhc and read your post. Can you tell me any other trackpad gestures for VW. I've found the pull, push for zoom and holding down the Command and alt keys allows you to move the page around. I'm looking for an option to pick up and move an object without the double tapping. Would be good to hear more. Thanks Matt
  2. Dear All Does anyone use an Apple Magic Mouse? Well do you know how to make it scroll as well as zoom? At the moment I can only zoom even when I enable scroll bars in VW prefs Thanks Matt
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for the great response. It's going to be OK....Yeah!!!!!! Appreciated Matt
  4. Hello I'm thinking of going mobile with a 13" Macbook Air. I was wondering if anyone can give me their experience of using Vectorworks on a laptop of this size or similar? Thanks for any stories that come forward. Regards Matt
  5. Hi Jeffry I think I'm getting there. Following your instructions. One question I wonder if you can clear up? How do I 'relink' the info in the custom title block. Is this the same as the record? The issue i have is that I have done as you say, but when I attach the block to the drawing border it has the default info, but when I drag the symbol itself onto the drawing it has the edited info. Do you what is going on here? Sorry for all the questions. Cheers Matt
  6. Dear Everyone I am following instructions to edit a title block. I want to insert my firm name, address and logo so I do not have to type this in each time. I alter the records in the relevant fields in the data tab and the new plugin/symbol looks right, but, when inserted into the sheet border it reverts to Design Firm Name standard record and not the amended version. Frustrating and I'm wasting so much time on it. Perhaps someone can point me to some reliable information. Also, is it still true that I can only use certain types of title blocks with the issue manager? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks Matt
  7. Hey Oyvind Your help is a godsend! Thank you Cheers Matt
  8. Dear All Does anyone know how to create a curved pipe or tunnel in 3d? I need to draw some large drainage/sewer tunnels which are curved. Help gratefully received. Thanks Matt
  9. Hello I cannot edit the viewport layer colors. There is no 'Use Colors' check box as it describes in the manual. Does anybody else have this problems? Is there anything I can do? Thanks for your help Matt
  10. A BIG thank you to everyone for the helpful tips on modelling the river channel. I'm about to dive in! Cheers Matt
  11. I want to model a river channel. I've tried using the Roadway tool, but this only gives me parallel sides in plan view which is obviously not suitable for an organic forms. Does anyone know of a way of modelling a river channel and placing it on the DTM? Many thanks
  12. Eric Thanks for explaining so clearly. Just a point to note, it does not work with the Xfrog images, only image props. I assume the Xfrog files are for placing into static views? Many thanks for your assistance Matt
  13. I am also having this same problem. I cannot locate any plant symbols with 2d and 3d components in the 'Place Plant Preferences'. There are several default symbols there, but they are only 2d. In previous versions there were some 2d and 3d symbols. Maybe someone from Nemetschek can help?
  14. Hi Ian Thanks for your reply. Actually I meant the default symbols under the Place Plant Tool. I want to quickly place plant symbols that are 3d as well as 2d. In 2009, the plant symbols all seem to be 2d only. I went to Xfrog to get what I needed, but that is not quick or easy enough when I want to quickly place a generic 3d tree.
  15. Dear Landmark users Does anyone know where the 2d & 3d trees symbols that Vectorworks had in 2008 have gone ? Now I can only find rather brazen symbols that are 2d only. I'm talking about the Place Plant symbol library. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. Many thanks Matt
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