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  1. I may go the re-furbished route as money is an issue but if this were your only tool. (meaning no tower at home jusy extra monitors) what would you buy? I am a design builder and spend lots of time elsewhere needing the laptop and prefer the ease of having myself totally mobile. Thank you all especially for support as I struggled through using a dinosaur with VW 11 and a crippled PC with limited capability. michelle
  2. I know how to go to page setup and all that but when I change it it will not show the extents of the change..keeps the same little letter size box. I can go to print preview but this is getting annoying. any help appreciated/ older mac power book OS X
  3. I am using a borrowed Mac OS X with VW 11.5. Need to use a PC with VW12.5 next week. Tried to open on a PC but the files (on a memory stick) are not opening or recognized. How do I export them so they can be used on a PC? thanks michelle
  4. I have to work in this version so please bear with me...I am editing my windows (symbols) and when I do they look great for a bit and then lose all attributes: muntins, trim etc even though it says its there! Need I update something...have not worked this verision in years so sorry for stupid question...working on a mac from a pc drawing michelle
  5. I exported my VW 12.5 drawing (made om my XP) as a VW 11 one so I could use my friends Mac book to complete my project. (she has VW 11.5) I am getting an error message saying -61 no write permission I made a CD ..did I save it wrong? thanks michelle
  6. Hi I'm the girl who was operating windows xp in Safe mode hell. Until I can get a new computer a dear architect friend has loaned me her laptop with vW 11.1 and older version of VW on it. Honestly I do not use anything like viewports. I just render models for jpeg communication and do 2-d drawings using layers on sheets for varying scales. What should I be worried about besides saving the drawing as an older version? I just want to try to pre-empt any problems I cannot (in my naivete) foresee. Thanks! michelle
  7. yes Pat I am running in SAFE mode..and yes I am unable to select a normal jpeg as the dialog box is too big for my screen (and no cannot add monitors)..regarding the PDF it seems when I try to capture one it works with 2d stuff but cannot see a model (in the confines of the page (gray) box..seem to remember this working before. UGH!print screen really sucks for image quality thanks for any all help guys! at least the client is not firing me michelle
  8. gotta say I think its BS that i need to upgrade to something that was put in as a default in my software...ok maybe I'm already agggravated but that just rubs me wrong.
  9. rendered models im 3-d do not show up on pdf's thanks anyway though..
  10. My Dell has had a video card disaster but I must use it and is operating in safe mode. I am trying to capture a jpeg but cannot "push" the page down enough to get at the box to pick a jpeg (it always defaults to jpeg 2000- Argh!) I tried the arrows it does not work as safe mode is very limited...Any way to have it default to jpeg? Any other way to get a photo fo a model? Obviously PDF's only work on lines. Print screen and going to Paint really sucks. Thanks for your help. and yes I know buy a mac! Michelle XP VW 12.5.3
  11. do I need to have Nemetchek email them again or need I dredge up the disks and reinstall VW?
  12. Ray its not offered anymore in there either. thanks
  13. I could not open VW 12.5.3 (getting the "error message") having had this problem in the past I was able to rectify it by throwing out my workspaces and then putting back my "back-up" ones (sent by a tech at the time prior). I got it opened but now cannot make a PDF. (read: show client any work!) I'm thinking the ones I tossed have that capability. Any suggestions? I have XP, VW 12.5.3
  14. I am trying to help a contractor get an estimate done quickly. Can I get an area for my walls quickly? is there tool for this? I am doing it the old fashioned way by taking each face and placing a box over it to see the area calc. but this seems like it may have been worked out in VW. Thanks as always for any responses to my newbie questions. I do have walls on different classes (interior vs.exterior). Michelle XP, VW 12.5
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