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  1. I can understand that with so many users (and user set up configurations) and so many different ways of doing things that there are going to be numerous bugs that could take forever to fix and therefore wouldnt be viable for NNA to pursue, but surely if theres bugs with the software that occur when the user operates the programme as the programmers intended then these bugs should be fixed.
  2. Another question in a similar situation: With the wall tool if you need to "cut out" a corner of wall you can do this with the 3D loci/edit tool and add/remove points, this works fine if you can set to side, front view etc what if the walls is at an odd angle, I know I could group the wall and rotate it so level but this isnt always easy if there are other items joining to it etc. Is there an easier way, with the methods above the view is changed but you wouldnt be able to click and edit anything.
  3. I had this problem quite a few months ago, got to a point where the file was unworkable, sent a test file to bug submit never heard back, I ended up creating a new file and importing layers and classes, every now and then I will get it happen again with a new file, the nudging/zooming with deselect is the first sympton that somehting is wrong with the file after that point more and more problems arise to the point where the file just closes randomly. Ive found the best way is as soon as the file starts doing the deselect thing, create a new file and do the import layers and classes
  4. VW is pretty much the only program I use on a large scale (apart from windows and word etc) maybe its just software but this whole situation seems crazy to me, I cant imagine any product tht a consumer could buy that had faults and the consumer was expected to purchase a newer version rather than having there existing product refunded or replaced. Imagine buying a bike and the chain broke the first time you rode it, would you be expected to buy the newer version of that bike? Or would you take it back and get a refund or get the bike replaced or fixed. I can understand if you were riding the bike down stairs, or doing something the manufacturer of the bike had not intended that they wouldnt fix or replace it.
  5. Will the existing bugs with VW2008 be fixed in upcoming service packs, or now that there's VW2009 are users of VW2008 forgotten about? I know we have had 2 service packs this year but is that it? The last one was in May.
  6. 99% of the time I get this problem with the Roof Face Tool. If I have already created a roof face and need to move the little bar that indicates the pitching point and pitching direction, I hover the mouse over the centre of the bar where the loci is, when I am directly over the top the mouse pointer changes to a diagonal line with an arrow each end, this indicates that I am over the loci and not off to the side slightly, I click and drag the bar to a datum on my page say a 2D line, I hover over the line till the word "object" pops up, this indicates that I am over the line and not off the the side slightly, I click again and the bar moves but is not over the line it is off to the side. I no how to snap to objects, I do it with every other tool, no matter how far I zoom in and try to get it more accurate the bar is never directly over the line. Anyone know why this is?
  7. With the dimension tool I often use the Trailer to put text for example "(head height)". I would also like it if I could insert text under the dimension line for example "site check".
  8. Hi I just bought a new 2008 car sometimes it just stops working I have to disconnect all the terminals recline all the seats and bend the mirrors in to get it to work again. When I shut the front doors sometimes the boot opens, when I bought the car I was told it would be perfect for the type of road id be driving on, which wasnt the case, I was then told I should be driving on a different type of road. Also in the first month the wheels used to fall off but they sent me a kit to fix that and then a few months later I was sent a kit to fix the problem with the rear windscreen that kept cracking. Not to worry thou I went back to the car dealer who was very friendly and explained my problems and was advised that the new 2009 model had these areas fixed! Great! ...wait a minute I already have a car its less than a year old!
  9. Cool thanks guys I will change the way I organize my reno jobs.
  10. There is a video on the NNA website for Version 12 showing an addition of a deck etc being greyed in 3D using layers, would anyone else put the addition of the deck on a seperate layer? http://www.nemetschek.net/training/library.php?movie=12movies
  11. PS. I posted a similar question awhile ago and didnt really get any feedback. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Board=7&Number=106324&Searchpage=1&Main=22761&Words=%2Bgrey+%2Bclasses&topic=0&Search=true#Post106324
  12. I am doing a renovation job and I want to produce an image with the existing structure solid and the addition as greyed (maybe visa-versa). For other renos I have all my demo/existing/new walls etc on one layer and control there visibility with classes, not sure if this is the correct way but it works for me great, I am able to use the eyedropper to quickly change an existing wall to a demolished wall etc. The only problem with this is... I have set up my viewports to show various perspectives, I have hidden all the demo classes, I have greyed the addition classes and left the "existing" classes as solid, but the grey classes show as solid. They look grey in top/Plan view but not any other view. I know I could seperate the demo/exist from the new, using layers, and then I could grey the layers, but that seems to be the only advantage of seperating the info to layers. What am I doing wrong?
  13. Have just checked and there is only the site model on that layer. Something I have noticed is if I have the view set to top/plan and have the mouse hovering over the white space on the page and use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out the change in view is instant. However if I hover the mouse over the site model and perform the same move it takes about half a second or longer to make one zoom in. Makes no differnce if I have the site model selected or not.
  14. Haha I have a site model which I have created using around 50 3D locis, the site is basically stepped down evenly with the highest point being approx 15m above the lowest point, the site is approx 40m wide by 60m high, I think it is a pretty basic site model, however as soon as I have created the site model from those 50 3D loci my machine becomes extremely sluggish when ever Im on a layer with the site model visible. I have created 3 storey buildings with extensive joinery and various textures and my machine seems to handle these fine. Why is it that the site model slows things up so much (even in top/plan view)?
  15. Thanks for that Ian that will be a good work around, but it would be nice to know why it is doing it in the first place.
  16. Hi Frank Have tried that only about 3 contour lines have shown up with "rounded" values, I know that if I changed the "units" for the whole file to round to 0 or 0.0 that would probable work but I need that level of accuracy for other areas in the drawing.
  17. I use 3D loci to generate my site model, is there a way to simplify this?
  18. The Major Contours should be already set to the even number thou, why are they off?
  19. Hi Islandmon I know how to change the units for the whole drawing, is this what you mean?
  20. This only works if the SLVP view is set to anything but top/plan. As plans are required to be in top/Plan view for all the other 3D objects (eg walls and joinery) to look correct, it is not possible to dash the extrusions.
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