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  1. thanks jeffrey I didn't think about ungrouping the detailing tool, that will be perfect ant
  2. Thanks all for your help I think I will try the AEC roof face, but this does show up a hole in the VW tool set, I would like to see more control over the floor and wall tools in the future please ant
  3. I need to draw a steel square hollow section column and cannot work out the best way to draw this. Is there a tool like the 'joist tool'. I have found the AEC tool but this seems very simple and hard work to create steel columns with. please help thanks
  4. I am working on a project with a floor the has a slope of about 40? (see attached) and I can not figure out how to make this. It could be classed as a wall if need, but can not work out how to make a angled wall. please help.
  5. is VW going to provide exporting to U3D format, as adobe Acrobat 7 pro supports 3D models in U3D???
  6. I am a lecturer at a design school in New zealand and teach VW. I have a couple of students who have produce some amazing work in VW, and what to know if there is any kind of student awards and comp's for VW and if not I think there should be. ant
  7. ant

    error -54

    i have some students which have had the computer crash and then there VW files are corrpet and comes up with error -54. can you tell me what this error is??? we are running VW10.1.2 on powermac G's with OSX10.2.6 and a a win 2000 server. ant
  8. ant

    corrupt file

    all of the above, but the funny thing is that I went and tryied to open one of the bad file yesterday and it opened. which no changes to it or the system???? but is the now the end of term, so it is going to be a while before they are going to be using VW again. are there any hints for working with OSX desktops and win2K server??? ant
  9. ant

    corrupt file

    ok, sorry for not saying all that stuff vw 10.1 OSX.2.6 server is win 2000 and will try opening off the local ant
  10. I am a leacture and have some students who have bad files, which come up with "-51 Nonexistent access path Attempt to open File - FSOPEN" when they try to open them, I have try to set up a Workgroup ref, but the same thing comes up any idea why this has happened???


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