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  1. Hey all, For some reason a truss object that's vertical has different 2D and 3D X position. The two images are in Top/Plan and Top views, so the same perspective, but they're drastically different. Any insights on how to fix this?
  2. Hey folks, I have a custom Title Block that has a text box for the Sheet Title. Is it possible to have this text scale based on how wide it is? See the two screenshots attached where the first labeled "Speaker Plot" fits just fine, but the second one labeled "Speaker Plot Annotated" is so wide is goes out of the bounds of my Title Block. It would be great if the text could shrink, wrap, or something. Thanks, GW
  3. Hi everyone, I'm putting together a custom title block and have been following steps in the custom title block video. Is it possible to have one of the records pull the filename and/or the current date automatically? Thanks, GW
  4. so i have been attempting to add a text box and have failed. i have never had a proble before. i am running VW 12.5. i click the text box tool and click on the screen. i type my desired text and then click the 2d selection tool and my text box disapears. i know im in the right layer/class. i just dont understand it. i tried opening a new document and the problem still occurs. i have even opened old documents that have text and i tried to add more and the same problem happens. HELP!!! GW
  5. i have used this before and have not had a problem. this time i do what i always do: i select a polyline and goto the seating layout command and choose the seats i want. i then select the focus area and when the program installs the seats it has compleatly offset the seats right about 15'. i dont get it. help?!?!
  6. that was it thats so much you both saved me many hours of work.
  7. i checked the vectorworks help and that command is only for Architect and i have spotlight with renderworks. there is a command in view>align layer views which i have to press every time i make a 3d ajustment but it doesn't work in rendering. any other clues?
  8. so i have this v10.5 drawing of my theatre that i imported into v12.5 and when i use the flyover tool it only affects the layer i am in. also when i render it only renders in the layer i am in. what am i missing?
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