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  1. Also having similar problems will callouts. Every time I use the callout tool, I get the spinning beach ball for 5-6 seconds, then it works correctly. This is similar to issues I has with Mojave and SP 2
  2. I'm having the same issues. The viewport made from a clip cube only displays correctly when rendered, not as a wireframe. (I'm using SP4)
  3. While I love the clip cube tool, it doesn't seem to work with reference layer viewports. I have the building architecture brought in as a referenced viewport. When I use the clip cube, it clips the objects drawn in the current file, but all the referenced layers are seen in their entirety. Is this normal? Is there a work around?
  4. Anyone else having issues with skylight objects? After inserting a skylight in a roof face, just selecting the roof will give me the spinning beach ball of death for 3-4 minutes. 2019SP2 with Mojave
  5. What OS are you running? There seems to be a lot of conflicts with Mojave and VWX2019. I had similar issues, and the work-around was to undock and resize the OIP
  6. Is your drawing or viewport rotated? I'm having issues with text whenever the viewport or plan is rotated. I get the spinning ball and it hangs. -Mojave with 2019 SP2
  7. MSLD

    Callout Tool

    I was having the same issues. I then tried changing workspaces, and used the callout tool in the Spotlight workspace. It worked fine. Somehow the callout tool when used in my custom workspace became corrupted. Ended up having to rebuild my workspace from scratch.
  8. Thanks. Connecting it to a text object makes it work. I use it as a non-displaying reference number that I can sort and modify in a worksheet. I guess I'll have to put a zero point font text object in the border, or make it a class of 'hidden'.
  9. May be another bug. When I edit a title block border style, I can add fields, but when I click on the border to edit the sheet data, the new fields won't show up. They do show up in the titleblock manager. So the only way i can add the data is to use the cumbersome titleblock manager. FIX ME!
  10. Having same issue. As soon as viewport finishes rendering, it turns white. I took your suggestion and changed compression to PNG, and it works. Will this be fixed in SP3 or 4 or 5?
  11. MSLD

    Callout Tool

    Anyone else having issues with the callout tool? When I try to annotate a viewport, I get a spinning beach ball, and it hangs. Mac 10.14.2, Vwx 2019SP2
  12. Also having issues with Mojave. Vwx 2018 taking 100% of CPU processing,, with 44 hangs in about 3 minutes. All that to move an object 2'??
  13. Still having issues with Mojave. Was using 2019SP2, and would have vwx hang when editing callouts. Switched back to 2018 SP5, and having similar issues with truss labeling tool. I thought VWX was supposed to work with Mojave now?
  14. Having a similar issue. Floor objects become transparent after grouping/ ungrouping. 2019SP2


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