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  1. MSLD


    Yep, looks like its based on the placement of the axis. With the create roof tool you can make a structure where you can adjust the overhang on each side, and it will calculate correctly. With the roof face tool, it only knows the overhang on the one side based on the axis, so you have to correct the math manually.
  2. Does anyone know how RoofArea_Heated is calculated? It says it's the roof area without the overhang, so I would imagine on a roof with no overhang, RoofArea_Heated would equal ROOFAREA_TOTAL, but it's less. If I use a roof face object, (even with no walls) the heated=total if the roof axis is at the perimeter, if it's inset, it looks like it assumes an overhang anything downslope of the axis, so a butterfly roof doesn't calculate correctly. Anyone know how it does the math?
  3. Yeah, it's a pull-down, so that's what VWX decided to use.
  4. I'm trying to make a data sheet that shows minimal information to use when focusing a light. Ideally the tab would just show channel, Instrument type, color, and focus. When I try to add the fields, some can be added (Lightingdevice.color comes in as color, Lightingdevice.channel comes in as channel, but Instrument type and focus both can't be added. When I try to define a mapping (Object parameter/ Instrument type, or Record Format/ Light info record/Inst Type) it gives an error that "the data sheet fields are not applicable for the object data fields" Any thoughts?
  5. Yes, class over-rides and data visualization doesn't export via datasmith (maybe feature request??) Typically i import in TM by keeping the hierarchy. If you collapse by material, it's easy to override materials all in one go. If you want to make a white model, you can apply a camera effect (or other non-destructive effect)
  6. Looks like the texture doesn't have an opacity mask in TM. It wants to treat it as a solid. A workaround is to replace the texture in TM. Once you've done that, subsequent datasmith refreshes will keep the new texture.
  7. Thanks, I didn't think of converting the logo to a symbol. It's only 150kb, so I didn't think it would make the file so huge, but I guess it does
  8. Is there any reason a titleblock would increase the file size by 1.2 MB? The only graphic image is 150kb, and there are only 4 additional fields. A blank drawing with 6 titleblocks makes a file over 5 MB. Is there any way I can see where the bloat is coming from?
  9. Also having isses with certain objects in twinmotion. It seems basic extrudes cause problems when exporting with Datasmith. Converting to generic solids, or exporting as C4D works better.
  10. Have an issue with horizontal sections. I have a hybrid symbol of a chair that is set under a table, where the back of the chair extends above the plane of the table top.. In plan view, it looks as expected. When I create a horizontal section at 5'h, the chairs appear placed above the table. A 20"h stool next to it behaves as expected. When it's done as a dashed hidden line, it shows a dashed line for the stool (under the table) but the chairs appear above the table. Any Idea how to make this work? H Section.pdf
  11. I had similar problems, when I deleted an extra leader line it would crash. Tech suggested I run the update/ repair ( open the Vectorworks Updater app in your Vectorworks 2021 folder and click on the advanced options and then click repair.) and that seemed to fix the problem
  12. It would be nice if we could quickly modify a viewport annotation, without having to enter the viewport annotation mode. Much like the X-Ray select mode, if we could hold down a key, it would allow us to select an annotation inside a viewport, and move it (or select and edit), without having to go through the process of "Edit annotation", exit annotation, etc.
  13. Thanks. Unless we attach it to the entire vwx library, we still have to manually attach it very time we add a new symbol or someting we download from a manufacturer.
  14. I've been experimenting with the Data Manager. I'd like to attach a record format to new symbol when it's inserted in the drawing. (Ex. add a vendor/ costing database to any symbol classed Equiment-Main) I have a class based rule set up, but when I create a worksheet, it looks like it's attached a database to every line of every object that makes up the symbol. I can't use a symbol based query, as I don't know what symbols will be added. Short of manually connecting the record format every time I add a symbol, is there a better way to do this?
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