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  1. Yes, getting to sheet 110 of 150 shouldn't take that many button presses
  2. I frequently have drawings with 150-200 sheets. Using the titleblock manager and hitting <Prev Next> to scroll through the sheets is excruciating. There should be a pulldown to go directly to the titleblock you want. I've also noticed that once I get more than 50 sheets, the titleblock manager takes forever to open, so I tend to avoid using it.
  3. I'm having issues with the 2018 SP3 titleblock. I've create a field that is a pulldown and defined the choices, but when I go to use that field, it gives me a check mark next to a blank value. Editing the field shows the pop-up values, but they never appear in the titleblock. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. Has the been any progress in making stacked components? I've been able to simulate stacked components by limiting the top and bottom heights, but it screws up the depth, as the component depths are all added, even when they are stacked.
  5. MSLD

    Wall reshape

    Brilliant! Thank you
  6. MSLD

    Wall reshape

    I have a wall style made up of several components. When I want to reshape the wall to fit the cathedral ceiling, the reshape tool only adjusts the siding component, not the whole wall. Similarly, if I use the "Fit walls to object" walls with a horizontal top extend to the roof correctly, but for walls that slope, only the external component (siding or bricks) is extended. How do I resolve this?
  7. Thanks. Used an XML editor to modify, and it worked great.
  8. Is there a way to edit the list of saved Custom Naming Schemes for publishing? I have several custom names used on specific files, but it seems the naming scheme is universal. Is there an xml file I can edit to delete unwanted schemes?
  9. Is there a way to use worksheet/ reports to modify title block information? I often have files with 100+ sheets, and would like to have a way to modify title block information on specific sheets quickly. Using worksheets, I'm able to change values, but it's not updated on the drawing until I open and close the title block settings. Is there a way to force the update?
  10. We're using dropbox to host a project file, with the working files, xml files, and lightwright6 files saved locally. Every hour or so, vectorworks will quit. No hanging, no crash report, it simply quits. I've got the lighting layer checked out, an no one else is working on the lighting layer. Frequently, when restarted, lightwright exchange is turned off, and I have to re-build the connection to the xml file. Any ideas?
  11. Love the "Edit Class Names" in Oz. What would it take to get it in the US? Symbols having embedded classes can be useful, but there are always different ways of categorizing objects. Rather than deleting all the classes in 2019, we need a more efficient way to rename and work with large blocks of classes
  12. Yes, please. Now that vectorworks has class information on all lighting symbols, cables, hoists, etc. I find I spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning up drawings. A rep plot from a theater may have started in Autocad, used in vectorworks for the 2015 season, then added new moving lights (and classes) in vectorworks 2017. I'll find classes for Rigging-Hoist-label, Rigging-Label, Motor-Name, (all for the same thing). I recently purchased an upgrade from Spotlight to Designer just so I could get the class mapping tool. A search and replace for parent and child names would be great, as well as a more efficient way of merging classes. Until there are class naming standards for the theater like they have for Architecture, we'll have to spend a lot of time doing cleanup.
  13. MSLD

    Problems importing PDFs

    Here is a file. It couldn't import it. I restarted vwx, and could then import it. The file is tiny, so I don't see how memory is an issue. SFC4-LSE.pdf
  14. MSLD

    Problems importing PDFs

    Is anyone else having problems importing PDFs? Frequently 2017 will say it can't import a PDF, or the PDF is corrupted. I restart vectorworks, and it imports with no problem. Not sure if it's a memory problem, a graphics card getting too tired, or what.
  15. Is there a way to set a hierarchical view in sheet layers? For drawings with over 100 sheets, it's a pain to scroll through everything. Is there a way to minimize non-active sheet layers?


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