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  1. Put them on different design layers instead. Then adjust the Site Model settings - set it to be affected by modifiers on visible layers only. Then you can control the visibility of the layers and update the model.

    This is also a great method for troubleshooting any site modifiers. It's the first thing I do when people send me models-in-a-mess. Move everything onto a separate layer and work through each in turn.

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  2. Many years ago, I put in a request that the preferences should always be the P key. UIOP are really great shortcuts, but I would love it if P was always preferences. I'll see if I can dig out the report and revitalise it.

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  3. Your modifiers are set to apply to Existing - change that to Proposed. I notice that they are also Pads with Retaining Edges. If you have Architect, you will not have the create Retaining Wall Site Modifier command. 

    Maybe this course in Vectorworks University will help?


    Here's my top tip - draw 3D polygons and set the vertices to the desired elevations for the retaining walls. Put these polygons in the Site-DTM-Modifier class. They will become modifiers. This gives you far more control in the long-run.

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  4. On the export dialog, select to export the sheet only, and then check Export Viewports as 2D Graphic in Model Space. This exports just the graphics from the sheet as a model space. There is not accompanying model space. I've just tested this and imported the result into Vectorworks. I get a single flat 2D symbol that contains 2D linework. And I also get the drawing label.

  5. I've had a look at your file. The seat of the chair is a group - if you edit the group, you will find it comprises many, many 3D Polygons. Select them all, and run Modify > Convert > Convert to Mesh. This will create a single object, which Vectorworks may prefer.

    With any mesh, there is also a command Modify > Simplify Mesh, which will enable you to reduce the number of vertices. But be careful with a small object like this. Simplifying will obviously also reduce the detail in the object by creating fewer surfaces/points on the object.

    Renderworks will also make it look better.

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  6. Hi Rachel

    When you request a student licence, you get a 30 day trial, but at that time, the student portal reminds you to upload evidence of your student status. If that's not done within 30 days, the licence expires. If you have now requested the extension, then our team will review it during business hours, and approve the extension of the licence. It's not an automated process.

  7. For anyone experiencing this problem, I am told there was an issue with libraries when SP3 was first released, but if you do the following:

    1. Open the Resource Manager
    2. Click the cog icon
    3. Choose Refresh Libraries

    This should resolve the problem.

  8. Hi Pat. There was a problem. The first step should be to go to the Resource Manager and click the cog icon. Then choose Refresh Libraries.

    BUT, I'm finding that it's still an issue, although the issue has changed slightly.

    I have filed a bug.

    VB-169046 (internal reference).

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  9. Do you have Site Modifiers applied to the hardscape? If so, try View > Show > Show or Hide Site Modifiers.

    Or, in your viewport, hide the class Site-DTM-Modifier. This will not prevent the modifiers from doing their job, but will hide the red outline you are seeing.


    Good luck.

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