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  1. The printer man says Adobe Acrobat X. He tried print as image and so I was able to get a print, but I assume that is a jpeg. Quality is fine but I wonder if it would be even crisper if it was printed from the pdf itself. Thanks
  2. While I've heard that educational license won't allow opening an exported pdf into Photoshop, I have never been asked for a password simply to print, until VW2014. My lovely file is at the printers and he cannot open the pdf to print. I've checked my own settings in my pdf printer driver, though I suspect that won't affect a VW pdf. Can anyone advise? Thanks so much --
  3. First time this has happened to me. Two ovals, smaller one sent to front. Won't clip when fully enclosed by the larger oval. Rectangles will clip the oval, and anything protruding from the edge will clip it, but an oval encased by an oval won't clip. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks, alchemilla VW2012 Educational Version Dell PCs at college, specs vary
  4. Ah right-- my ignorance is showing. It is listed as a "Compression Type" under the Quicktime options in the Model > Create Animation dialogue box. How large is the frame in dpi you ask? Well, dunno. I started with a saved view, zoomed to where the pixel size looks to be about 1200 x 800ish. This is where I started my 'create animation'. >Try using a standard Quicktime export to web @ 320x240 with a native compressor.< Okay. I assume you mean Export >Export Quicktime VR object; I would make the entire drawing my "selected object" I suppose. I can't wrap my head around the idea of horizontal and vertical frames. Seems like they would all be vertical if you wanted to sweep around a scene without the viewer seeming higher or lower. A native compressor... do you mean VW native? Let VW do the compressing? Because I don't see an option box for other choices. Will give it a go and get back to you. Thanks for the info! P.S. just tried the panorama quicktime feature...muahahaha,that's cool. And the file was only 256 kb! The first animation that I did was over 1 GB.
  5. Hello fellow VW obsessives- Everytime I do an orbit animation in high quality, it fails (after several hours). I am attempting a ten second animation, with a lot of detail, hundreds of image props, final rendereworks,lighting, etc. -- a large file of 49 MB. I am using the default settings for key frame and frames per second. I have read the Quicktime link and understood some of it. Some attempts at changing the key frame rate and the compression type to PAL or some other types have resulted in an error message. Anyone have some experience with this? Recommendations? This will eventually be shown on a website and possibly on television, if I'm lucky. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for your in-depth answer and examples...this is just the kind of advice I need. I am trying the yellow and blue and getting good results for all the VW created surfaces. I need to go back and re-make all my image props without CR and then test the lighting on them. As far as I can tell, there is no place where I can undo the reflectivity after creating a prop, true? No box to untick after the fact. I have to create the image prop again from scratch. I will respond with a more informed reply when I have played with it a bit! I have not fiddled with diffusing light (I assume this is when creating your own textures/shaders) yet either. Much to learn. Thanks for the help from both of you. alchemilla
  7. Really getting into Renderworks and loving it. Lighting makes all the difference it seems... Made some image props of plants, and at first I left constant reflectivity unchecked, because my Birch trees looked too grey -- all the white bark was lost. I raised the ambient light and that caused other problems. So I started making all my image props with constant reflectivity. Some look fairly cheesy, particularly flowering perennials. Should I leave CR unchecked and put a lot of individual lighting around? And leave my ambient low? Any advice appreciated. To CR or not CR...that is my question. Thanks!
  8. Hello Pedro Try this: Create a class just for that roof. When editing the class, give it its own render (under the third tab, I think it's 'other') and be sure to check 'use at creation'. Put your roof in the class through the OIP, and then go to the render tab and make sure the drop down box says 'class texture'. Also, your roof must have a solid fill. A 'none' fill will not render. I hope that helps.
  9. Some objects can only be rendered through their class settings, I've found. Create a class for your wall, like 'Brick wall class' and give it a render in the edit class box. Choose use at creation. Then make sure the render tab in the OIP is set to class render. Good luck!
  10. >However I haven't been able to see how to import them into the resource browser.< With the file open, go to your Resource Browser Palette. Under the drop down menu 'Files', the first choice is 'Add current to Favorites'. This will then put all the plant resources of that file into the RB as a favorite. You can then drag them onto a new drawing or right click and 'Import'. They'll then be in your new drawing. You may eventually want to create a drawing that has just defined trees (call it favourite trees) , another drawing just shrubs, etc, and add those files to your favorites. Otherwise you will keep having to add new files to your favourites whenever you create new plant definitions. Yes, stacking up your template with plant definitions only makes the new file huge before you even begin to draw a line.
  11. There is a pre-made plant list at the bottom of the Plant Objects Favourite (called Plant List - working drawings) that is already divided into those categories. However, when defining your plants, you can't skip the Plant Data tab, but must make sure that the plant's Category is appropriately labelled as Trees (not singular Tree but plural Trees or it won't be counted)or Shrubs or whatever. There was a bug in the ornamental grasses/ bamboos category, but all the other categories work. See if that works for you --
  12. Have you updated to 12.5.3? You may want to post a link to the previous forum advice you received.
  13. Hello and welcome back to Vectorworks! Count circles? Never again! You need to set up a worksheet plant list. If you don't know how to do this you can use one of the sample plant lists already made by VW. In the Resource Browser, under the Files drop down menu, choose Add New Favorite File. Go to Program Files /Vectorworks 2008/Libraries/ Defaults/ Records Schedules/PLant lists and select it. The file will then appear as a favourite in your resource browser. CLick on the drop down menu (with a house next to it) and select . Click on PLant lists, and then drag one onto your drawing. It will automatically add up your plants! After you add new plants you need to double click on the list in the ddrawing, click on the little down arrow below the title, then select recalculate and the new plants will the appear too. If you don't like those choices, there are a couple of ready made ones under the favorite Plant Objects, down at the bottom. Othewise you need to learn how to make a worksheet. Another post perhaps... Labels in VW are called tags and you just need to make sure the tag display is set to left or right in the plant definition dialog, rather than none. They will appear automatically. Blimey, no need to call out each one manually! Whether you make unique symbols or not is a style choice. I think the plan gets too busy with a unique symbol for every plant. Somtimes I prefer simple circles, slightly irregular, with representative coloured gradients as a fill. But everyone has their own look. Good luck!
  14. Yes, I witnessed the same thing last week, exactly as you describe it, with a colleague using the demo version. She didn't even get a little hourglass symbol or flickering, VW just closed whenever we tried to define a plant. Don't lose faith in the product, though -- I've never once had (or heard of others having) that problem with the full licensed Landmark 2008.
  15. Don't forget that the plant's various components (outline, fill, tag) each have their own class and when you created that plant, the symbol as a whole falls into whatever class you had active at the moment, even if it's components are in different classes. If you want to turn off (do you mean make invisible?)the plants, make sure you change the visibility of the class that you put your plants in. I have no idea why you can't change the gradient aftewards. How did you get the gradient there in the first place? Double clicking the symbol and then choosing Edit 2D component, should allow you to change the gradient. Do you mean you want to make the gradient/fill invisible? You need to be more specific with your questions, or few folks will be willing to answer them!
  16. Your subject title differs from your question. Have you already defined plants and put them on your plan and you want to put them on a plant list? Or do you want to know how to define your own plants and get them onto your plan? Have you already created a plant worksheet or dragged on a pre-made plant list? If so, double click it so opens in a new window. Look for a little down arrow, beneath the title and click on it. In the drop menu, choose 'recalculate' and all the plantsyou've put on the plan will now appear on your list. If this is not the info you're looking for, then please clarify your question alchemilla
  17. Hm, when I select a plant or plant grouping the only control handle is on the tag, not around the plant group. Sounds like you're using the 2D RESHAPE tool, not 2D SELECTION tool. If you select the plant and with the selection tool (one click only, two will take you into the reshape tool), and ensure that the second mode is selected in the mode bar, labelled "single object interactive mode". OR, the only other thing I can think of is that your plant is on some layer that you are having trouble selecting. I have an intermittent bug where I cannot select something unless I am on its layer, despite the fact that I am in show/snap/modify mode. Make sure good luck, deadlines always force me to learn something new, alchemilla
  18. Hm, been watching this thread, hoping to see some answers, but no one has responded yet... You're not the only one. A Mac user colleague has the same problem, both through the tools/organization or when double-clicking on the classes tab in the Navigation palette. But not if double-clicking on Design Layers JUST classes. Pretty frustrating. It crashed every time. I am not sure which Mac she has, but it's fairly new, running VW2008 SP2. Have you tried a re-install?
  19. Sorry, I should have said: "one handed panning" not "one handed scrolling". Gerrit told me how to scroll or zoom by setting my options and pushing other keys. I want to show my Mac friend how to use the wheel to BOTH pan (not scroll) and zoom. I push my own wheel down and it pans, I roll it and it zooms. Highly efficient, and I am very surprised if you Mac guys aren't set up to do the same...? By both zooming and panning with that roll button I can get where I want super fast, and can take a bite of a Hovis half-chocolate Digestive Biscuit with the other hand at the same time . -alchemilla VW2008 Landmark/Renderworks Dell Inspiron 6400 Windows XP
  20. Thanks ionw, you're not too late, I am just now checking back. That's the answer I wanted, one handed scrolling, without having to push the alt. Brilliant, thanks!
  21. Alfresco I made a really soft gradient for lawn, palest palest green at one end, nearly white. I put this under a hatch like "Sand" (the hatch having no background fill) and it looks pretty good. Gradients keep 2D objects from looking quite so flat.
  22. A question for Mac users: Was working with a colleague who owns a new Mac and she couldn't get her scroll wheel to pan. Being a PC gal, I couldn't tell her how to fix that. The VW Preferences only seem to cover keyboard strokes. Is this a mouse preference thing and how do we change that on a Mac? Thanks! alchemilla Vectorworks 2008 usually Windows XP Dell Inspiron6400
  23. If you've got VW2008, you can double click on the plant and a dialog box will ask if you want to edit the 2D or 3D component. Choose 2D and go to it. I often find nothing appears there, it's somewhere far away from 0,0, and I have to click the zoom on 'fit to objects' to find it. If you've got 12.5, you should be able to give the symbol a fill in the definitions dialog box. Jennifer
  24. I am also getting the dashes. This is on a file converted from 12.5, with plants imported to VW2008. I just watched a 'Tech Tip' video describing how to import 12.5 plant symbols, and I think I may have checked the wrong button when it asked about importing the record format too! Daryl, are you using 12.5 symbols? Just trying to diagnose my problem! It is not a sum ID v. sum Latin name problem, not for me anyway. --alchemilla VW2008 Windows XP Dell Inspiron 6400
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