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  1. Trying to open files exported from 2013 to 2012 and 2011 versions crashes VW when opening them natively in VW 2011 and 2012. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Cosmo
  2. Is it possible to print (or create a file) of the classes in a specific document? Thanks, Cosmo
  3. I installed VW2010 to a new Mac Mini running 10.6.8 and it will not launch. Are there any know issues with this latest OS, or patches to install? Runs fine on an identical Mini running 10.6.7. Cosmo
  4. I can't seem to change the arrow type when dimensioning while Annotating a Viewport. They remain distractingly fat and any editing I do of the end markers has no effect. Am I missing a step here? I have no problems editing end markers in Design Layers. VW 2010 SP4 Thanks, Cosmo
  5. When I try to open the Organization Window the software stops working. I need to Force Quit to leave the program. This happens weather I try to open the window from the Navigation Pallet or through the Menu. I'm running a Mac Book Pro, OS 10.4.11 VW 2008 13.0.1 SP3 (88670). I just tried to fix the problem by installing Service Pack 3 but it did not fix the problem. I'm sure there is just one simple step I'm not doing, but I can't figure out what it is. Cosmo
  6. For some reason I can't Nudge (Shift+Arrow) selected objects left. Other three directions are OK. Same problem with Move Objects On Grid (Shift+Command+Arrow). VW 11 w/ OSX 10.2.8. Cosmo
  7. I can't swear that the dongle was lit at the exact time of installation, but it's lit every time I look at it. Is it possible that if I mis-typed my serial number that the upgrade would change the application from academic to a trial version? Cosmo
  8. I just upgraded my academic version to 10.5. When I opened it I was told that I was in the demo version. I entered my serial number in the window provided when I ran the updater. Is it possible the updater ran even if I made and error in entering the Serial #? How do I fix this? Cosmo
  9. I've exported to LW, Edited, Exported from LW, and imported into SL (9.01). When I "Refreshed Insturments" all the data--including the insturment numbers and purpose infor I had entered while in SL before exporting--have disapeared fomr the screen. The imported data is available in the Object Info Pallet, but does not show up on the screen. I've checked the Layers menu and all the label layers are in black pen. A month ago I cmpleted a plot in Spotlight 8.5 using hte same process without the problem. Note: When I import to SL with the Import 1st Record box checked, no instruments are updated (they are all selected, as non-updated units should be). I get the invisible data problem when I import WITHOUT the Import 1st Record box checked. ------------------ Cosmo Catalano Production Manager Williams College Dept. of Theatre
  10. Trying to print on an HP Deskjet970cxi w/ HP driver 4.2. G4 OS 9.1. If I try and print VW crashes with an error type 11. If I set the print parameters in the HP print dialogue to Post Script only, it just prints the text. Works on our other printers using the generic LaserWriter 8 driver in the Chooser. Any thoughts? Cosmo ------------------ Cosmo Catalano Production Manager Williams College Dept. of Theatre
  11. Where is the Spotlight move page tool? ------------------ Cosmo Catalano Production Manager Williams College Dept. of Theatre
  12. When I use either of the move page tools, the accessories shift from their positions (actually, the rest of the drawing moves and the accessories stand still). Could you also explain more fully why there are two page move tools? What are the advantages of one over the other? Thanks again, Cosmo ------------------ Cosmo Catalano Production Manager Williams College Dept. of Theatre
  13. Duh. The labels were there, I just needed to zoom out.... Thanks, Cosmo
  14. After creating a new Legend, and choosing the fields (a cumbersome process with the double click thing--why not shift click, like every thing else?). I finally get a list of fields, but when I go to Edit Layout, no field names appear in the box to edit. Note, I've already sucessfully created a previous Label Legend. For such a potentially powerful tool, it seems very glitchy and cumbersome--or maybe I'm just using it wrong... I'm in Spotlight 8.5.2 on a G4 running OS 9.1.
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