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  1. Hi an easy way we do it here is to use the 'Plant list- simple' supplied in the reports & schedules folder of the defaults/ libraries/ VW2008 folder. turn on data base headers in the worksheet (the little upside down triangle under the red 'X' in the upper left corner). Click and hold the open diamond at the front of the line. Scroll down to 'set criteria'. If your trees, shrubs and ground-covers are on separate layers or classes, the criteria can be set to 'class' or 'layer', then select the appropriate layer or class. This should cause the worksheet to list only the trees, for example. add a couple of rows to the bottom of the worksheet. Copy the database header line and paste it in one of the empty rows. Repeat the process using the next class or layer you want tabulated. You may have to use the summation button to the top of the column.
  2. Vector Depot has a 3d conversion plug-in. It takes your 2d dimensions and makes 3d polygons out of them including radial dimensions all in one step (unfortunately, arc'd objects have to be dimensioned before converting to a 3d object). Also the dimensions are not constrained. Not exactly what's being asked for but a bit of a help nonetheless. Vectorbits is also a handy site for plug-ins. http://www.vectordepot.com/ http://www.vectorbits.com/VectorBits/home.html
  3. daryl

    Plant count

    Ok, but why does my group of 4 Zelkovas show up on the plant list as '4' if they are in the same group but only as '1' if they are individuals? perplexed.
  4. daryl

    Plant count

    Now that I've figured out that the plant list shipped with VW2008 needs to be edited to record the botanical names (seems like an obvious fix for Nem.), the quantity column seems screwed up. Unless the plants of a particular variety are all in the same group, the list won't tally them. I just get a dashed line in the quantity column. Is it just me??
  5. further to the above, I'm on VW2008. like it except for this.
  6. Has anyone experienced their newly created plants either not showing up when placed or being offset by some crazy distance from the center dot or cross? The default symbols seem to work fine but when I try to make my own, they don't work. I'd like to have a little more variety in my drawing than the 6 or so shipped plants. Any advice?
  7. Can using classes be used to seperate out trees from shrubs from groundcovers so the plant list isn't just one long alphabetized list but rather ends up being catagorized?
  8. has anyone had the problem of converting a polygon into a planting mass using the 'plant line' tool only to find that the area displayed for it is significantly different than the area of the straight polygon? Should this tool be used only for presentation purposes as it can't be relied on for area take-off's?
  9. thanks Petri but too late- I had to spend a lot of time redoing the planting plan in VW12. Besides, these were large jobs that had just started and it will be several years before completion. By that time we'll be buying VW13.5 if not VW 14. Too cumbersome. Needs a better translation process. Cheers
  10. We recently upgraded to VW 12.5, and we really like it. However, when I open an old VW11 file in the new VW12, all of the previously established plant record fields under the 'data' tab in the object info palette are either blank or 'undefined'. Hence the plant list shows up with the fields missing all of the info from the old file and the plant id's showing up as the default SE2, OTF etc. I would have thought this would be a simple automatic feature. Also, when I change a plant grouping either from individual plants to a cluster or the other way around, the plant records disappear and have to be rentered!! Help!?


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