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  1. I just upgraded to OS 10.5. I downloaded and installed the 12.5.3 which was supposed to fix compatibility issues with Leopard. The door and window placement tools are not working properly. I place a door into a wall, as usual, and I lose the door and the doorswing in Plan view. When I place the window, I lose the window sash view in plan view. In both cases, only the trim and jambs show, and the doors and windows do show up in 3D views. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this problem?
  2. I'd like to figure out a way I can change the dotted line configuration on the 2D Overhead door plug-in object. The manual gives no clue. Right now the dotted line is an unacceptable dash. I need to get it to be a smaller dash.
  3. Well, it happens with my release of VW12.5.2- and I'm not going to be satisfied until this is fixed. I paid a princely sum of money to upgrade to VW12.5 Architect- over $800.00! And I still get this problem. For my hard-earned money that I spent thinking I'd get a state-of-the-art program, I deserve better than to have spent three hours trying to rectify the problem. I have no idea where to locate this "fix associations" script anywhere in the program. None. I have reason to believe that this could indeed solve my problem. Should I be in touch with tech support and send you the actual document so you can see how this works? Meanwhile, my sig states what equipment I am running this on. I have been running versions of this program since 1995. So I don't qualify for neophyte status, thank you. There was nothing in the manuals which even mentioned that thics could be a problem. Can we please work together and find a REAL solution?
  4. Well, I did get it to work. Sadly, I found I had to develop each stair individually. What did help was that the setting for the first stair held up for the second stair, which turned out to be a time saver. From my point of view, though, every element should be able to be retained in its form even when duplicated and edited. There should be no issue whereby the deletion of one stair results in the deletion of all the stairs in the project- and that's what is happening now. It would behoove Nemetschek to resove these technical issues such as to make VW a true time-saver.
  5. I was unaware of the existence of a "fix stair association" script. This document that I illustrated was developed from scratch using 12.5.2.
  6. Some illustrations to prove my point: You can see from these files that the stair has not properly been produced in the three views, that in spite of the fact that I had merely duplicated the stair and its attributes and just executed a "flip horizontal" wile in Plan 2D mode. Any suggestions?
  7. Now you can really fix what is wrong with the stair tool! Where would you like me to start? I'll start with the fact that when I duplicate the stair and place it elsewhere in the model, I cannot delete this stair without all the other stairs deleting! Also, when I duplicate a stair which is to show both first floor and second floor representations, only one stair shows both. I spent three hours trying to make this work in one assignment. I finally reverted to exploding the stair (ungroup) into 2D objects to get the right representation. This stair tool is horrifically buggy, to say the least. Your suggestions are most welcome at this point. And, yes, these problems persist with 12.5.2.
  8. Did all of the above, and it worked! Thanks for your help.
  9. OK, I was able to solve the door glazing by going to Settings>View>Special Classes>Ext. Panels>Style- Glazing 1. That solved the door, but then I did the same with the Side lights- Side Light Glazing>Style-Glazing 1 and I still get solid panels rendered. And I can't get the transoms to be transparent, either. Help!
  10. In VW 10 what i did was select "Style-Glazing 1" in a pulldown menu and the doors would render transparent in RenderWorks. In VW12, I don't see such a setting, and, despite the fact that I select Glass in the leaf type drop down menu, the door glass panels render solid. What do I have to do to get the doors to render transparent in the glass panels? This also is a problem in the side lights and the transoms.
  11. So what this means is I have to go hunting through several layers of directories in a remote location for the log file. There has to be a better way. And there is. In PowerCADD, for example, the log file is stored adjacent to the document you are working on- in the same folder. That is a far superior approach to the one VectorWorks uses.
  12. Note that if you press the Option Key, the cursor changes to a lasso cursor, which allows a more flexible selection of objects to be stretched.
  13. You might be using a printer driver that is not compatible with an Intel mac. What I do in my office is use the PPC mac as a print server, via AppleTalk, and my printer as a shared printer. The Intel Mac merely sends the print instructions through the PPC server and the prints happen. What I find happens is that the printing output does not follow the print order. This happens with both VW and PowerCadd. If I print A1, A2, A3, A4, it will print A1, A4, A2, A3. That's odd, but all of the line thicknesses, the page setup and the color setup seem to work.
  14. Wrong. In fact, Xrip does support that printer Output rivals that of PostScript output. That has been my experience with the Encad CadJet printer I use. It appears that Gimp (Or GutenPrint) lacks the options that xrip offers.
  15. I edited that first dash style, and that corrected the problem. Thanks!
  16. When I develop stairs using the stair tool, I find that the "dashed nosing recess" results in a dashed line with wide dashes. How can I control the size and spacing of the dashes so that I get a REAL dashed line?
  17. yeah. that is less than cut-and-dry. Here's what I did: On my MacBook Pro: 1. I have to run Vectorworks as a "rosetta" application (use the Get Info box to do this) 2. I have to previously save my model as a Sketchup 5 model. That is, because the application won't import a Sketchup 6 model- rosetta or not. Once I do that I can import the model. There has to be a more intuitive way.
  18. The major reason why I have VW is the 3D. I especially like RenderWorks and the textures I can apply to models. The resulting renderings are clear and very realistic. And I can extract views as elevations and develop complete design plans.
  19. Mike, those tips look great. The mansard tip is especially valuable. And forming the dormers manually, which I just did, Isn't all that difficult.
  20. How would I go about doing this in VectorWorks? Should I use the roof tool, or should i try to use an approach using Solids modeling?
  21. What I did was a simple mistake. The solids that did not render showed in the Attributes window as not being filled! Once I corrected this mistake the textures rendered properly and the shadows showed. Thanks!
  22. I currently am running VW Architect with RenderWorks on my MacBook Pro, with 1 GB RAM and OS 10.4.7. I am experiencing difficulty rendering a model in Final Quality RenderWorks mode. Despite the fact that I set the sun position, the model fails to cast shadows when rendered. Also, some textures do not render out while others do. I checked though the model and it seems like every thing is where it's supposed to be. I did not have this problem when running VW 10.5. I just got this program and it is proving to be a major disappointment, especially in the RenderWorks mode. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  23. SLIGHTLY LONGER? It took 49 plus seconds to open a document in VW 12.5 on my MacBook Pro 2.0 GB laptop. It took 10 seconds to open a document in VW 10.5 on my G4/733 Quicksilver desktop. I'd say I have a valid gripe here! It's a shame because I'm very impressed with the program and the job nemetschek did upgrading it.
  24. I run a MacBook Pro with a 2 gig Core Duo processor and 1 gig RAM. I just got my upgrade to VW 12.5. The one thing that bugs me is that the program loads rather slowly I wish it would load inhalf the time.
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