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  1. VW 2009. As with any public information just let the public know. Your 2009/snow leopard page still says early November so I look everyday. Now I know not to look until late next week earliest. Just keep us informed that's all I ask. I mean your eDispatch didn't mention anything either. With reference to legacy software support (?) I'm sure snow leopard was identified as a release not long after 2009 was released. The real reason you didn't update it sooner is to push us into buying 2010. For this reason and this reason alone I'm not buying 2010. I'll wait till 2011. I know my little bit of money makes no difference to you, but it makes me feel better. Still great software, it's just my personal stand.
  2. Well if it's before OSX beta theen it wasnt' part of what commercially known as OSX which is what I was referring to. Yes lots of OSX technologies are based on NextStep. Which is also based on UNIX which goes way beyond my knowledge. Thanks for the your knowledge nugget. Reference to print. I still believe you could print to .pdf in VW before version 12 which is the point I was making. If not it's amazing how time flies.
  3. I am really trying not to join this thread, but ... Yes both OS's can do nearly everything each other can. Please don't bore me with a list. But OS X .pdf has been an OS function since OSX Beta. From memory Apple uses Quartz technology which makes everything .pdf-able since the beginning of OSX (see http://developer.apple.com/graphicsimaging/quartz/) which is why VW could use transparency long before the Windows version (Vista only). Anyway thanks for the tip Christiaan. There's always a work around to do something, but this is quick and easy, good call.
  4. Islandmon, Thanks, but I don't even get as far as installing. That is my problem as the installer closes the programme once it rejects my serial number. I have checked and double checked many times and have definitely typed it in correctly. Grrr!
  5. Can some of you out there please help with an install problem? I updated to leopard last night. I performed a clean OS system install. As NNA web site claimed that VW2008 should work and I obviously have my install disk and dongel I thought to install all my iApps should give me a cleaner system library and hopefully cause less problems. The problem I have is that it will not accept my serial number as valid when I try to install off the VW DVD. Any ideas?
  6. I am glad you feel that this would be a valuable tool too. As mentioned earlier I have asked for this feature on a few previous occasions. If more of us out there request, maybe NNA could incorporate it in a future release. While we are on the electrical side of things (which I know this thread isn't) UK and EU conduit size calculations and metric cable sizes would be great. Then all my electrical requirements could be met within VW. I can see the US system is in there already.
  7. Bill, You can use .ies files which nearly all lighting manufacturers can supply you with. Good luck.
  8. "Renderworks is built around LightWork - right? Well, it looks like LightWork is also part of Lumen Designer (formerly Lumen Micro - http://www.lightwork.com/news/pr.php?id=92 ). Is there any chance that most of what is needed for lighting analysis already exists in Renderworks? At a minimum, easy export/import between Lumen Designer would be a great start. " Interesting point Bill. I have been using lighting manufacturers photometric data files within Vectorworks for a few years now. At the recent UK CU event I did request that instead of producing a full render could Vectorworks be set up with a calculation grid with light level (lux) readings. This would be a great advantage when producing concept designs. I am guessing if the calculation are made to produce the render then the maths is already there to produce calculations. For lighting designers this would be a great addition to VW. I would then have no need to go to other programs for my calculations.
  9. Unfortunately for me the only lighting calc software out there is PC. Look at dialix and relux, both easy to use and can accept all major manufacturers data. Dialux at least can export the layout to .dwg and then import the file to VW.
  10. For those who want to know how strong VW can be in 3D working with other consultants, not Architects. I carried out a job last year. Is it a job if you do it in your free time just to see if you can do it? I digress. The civil engineer sent me a Rhino file in 3ds or iges format for a surf board shaped bridge and railway station platform and then I put my electrical services on it. AutoCAD 2006 crashed every time the CAD department tried to open the Rhino export file. VW works for me in a services environment very well. I have seen better services packages I will admit but I don't have ?5000+ spare cash or the desire to learn them. I am an engineer first and I use CAD as a tool to get my designs across. VW does it very well and at a very reasonable price point too.
  11. Just a few observations on 2008 v13... and previous versions too. I was hoping that 'save as' key combination would finally be implemented in any new version since I started using MiniCad and then VW, but alas still not available. Am I the only person who would like this feature? When having the auto save dialogue box up or when you try and shut down without saving why can't you use key combinations to save your file? Or is that just me? Command S, Command D doesn't work for me and I have to use the mouse or tab through the options and click enter. And why oh why dosen't any list remember the view you put it in? These are small points I know, but just make my work flow a little bit easier.
  12. I would have to agree. I think they could do soooo much more to add value to the UK distributed VW and with little extra effort. I'm sure there are users out that would happily contribute symbols libraries etc. For my service you could easily get more than just the Hager fuse boards from UK manufacturers if you asked and much more
  13. My 2 cents worth, or is it pence. Anyway as I am not an Architect only one of a very few, relatively speaking, electrical services engineers who use VW, I for one would love a UK/EU standard library of architectural details I could pull up and then use to show my services. Do you know how much trouble I had trying to find a draw pit detail to use for my builders work drawing. Yes I wasted a few hours creating my own, but a library would have been great. Just to add to this point, if Computers Unlimited are meant to localise VW then why don't they use the British Standards symbol library and create symbols for us to use at least as a base point. If I've gone off topic, sorry.
  14. There is an AEC UK CAD standard document. Search the net you'll be able to get free download. I have been using it as a guide for setting up my drawings for a few years now. I don't use it verbatim, but it helps.
  15. FWIW. I am with Christaan. As an honest license holder with a dongle I only work from a MacBook Pro and sit petrified in meetings with my MBP out incase someone accidently plant a palm on top of my dongle snaps it off and then what do I do? Charge my client for breaking my ?xx dongle, and lets not forget the money I lose by not being able to do any CAD work till it gets replaced. And second to that you can't even ask for a spare from Computers Unlimited. Surely if the dongle is clever and stores the registration code against the computers ID (forgive my ignorance but I'm guessing each computer has it's own ID?) then what's the problem. Thirdly why can't they make it you only need the dongle to open the software at least then you could pop it open up and then take it out and still have your spare USB port. And the list goes on and on... Well that's the modern world we live in. Always hit the honest guy just trying to earn a living. PS A slight amount of letting people have something for nothing is not always a bad thing. Nearly every peace of software I now own has probably come from me being able to use a free, loaned or borrowed copy first. A note to NNA put a limited, license free VW out there to get people using your software and then you'll see a jump in sales as people see how much better and productive VW is compared to the others. Grrrrr to dongles!
  16. OK hear me out. As a Vectorworks user who like all of us probably export to pdf for distributing and reviewing our designs and layouts, imagine having these layouts on the new ipod touch. Have a meeting bring up your pdf, zoom in with multi touch view layouts on site. NNA if you can talk with Apple, which I'm sure you can, ask them to implement this. 8GB is a lot of space for drawings and contract documents. My Vectorworks layout on the go. It can't be that hard iPhone has pdf access. (iPhone won't be as big as iPod touch imho)
  17. Thanks to you both I will try using your advise. I am interested in doing a tester file and using workgroups as I have never used that feature being I am the only person in my office on a Mac using VW. Regards
  18. Could someone out there please tell me where me symbols have gone. I have created two files, both with the same symbols in it. When I changed the symbol in one drawing 'A' I wanted that symbol to be changed in file 'B'. So far I have been changing the symbol in both files I was hoping to have a common place to keep all my custom symbols so whatever file I create I can use the same set. I have used the resource browser where I have created a new folder with my symbols in it unfortunately it seems attached only to the drawing I am using at the time. Thanks in advance
  19. I have been using Merlin and it is a very simple to use PM software and also quite powerful. Demo's are available I think
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