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  1. Is there a way to convert a .pat file into something VW understands? Regards
  2. Ok, let's make this simplier, I want to rotate a hatch. How do I do that? Thanks
  3. I have a space object that uses the default 6" deck surface hatch. I need to rotate the hatch 90 deg. How do I do that? Thanks
  4. Thanks Pat. Regards.
  5. How can I select all symbol instances in a design layer without clicking to select each one. Thanks
  6. Thanks again Peter, that worked great. Regards,
  7. Katie, I am now have the same "openDWG library error 309" on trying to import .dwg file. Am using 12.5.3. Regards,
  8. Thanks for the help Peter. Now, is there a way to convert an ordinary polyline to a repetitive unit polyline? Don't want to redraw more than I have to. Regards
  9. It appears that it is not possible to add embedded text to a line dash style so that the text is automatically part of the line style. Is that correct? For example: If I am trying to indicate an overhead power line on a drawing, I would like to draw a line with text periodically displaying on the line that says "OHP", and orientated along the line. It appears the only way to do this is to draw the line and then insert text along the line. Regards,
  10. Hello John, I downloaded your truss plug-ins and tried them out in VW. Very nice effort on these plug-ins. I had to adjust all the defaults before the plug-in started to look like a truss. I wonder if others who have tried the plug-in maybe didn?t get all the defaults adjusted correctly in order to see how it worked. Also, your standard naming conventions for the fields may be confusing for some, for example, our gable overhang is a gable overhang, not an eave overhang, etc, you might consider having some sort of help file with a graphic to help others with what object is changed by a given plug-in field. I would like to learn how to develop plug-ins like this. Do you have any suggestions as to where to start. Just some feedback on the plug-ins. ?The trusses would need to allow full eave cantilever. We rarely use the standard truss overhang because that limits the insulation depth at the exterior wall. ?Allow pitch fields to allow a rise/run input rather than an angle, it?s just a calculation time thing when you have a few different pitches to work with. Otherwise nice job on these and thanks again for the effort. Best Regards,
  11. John, Yes, I concur on the usefulness of additional plug-in objects like trusses, after all, let's get this application to really be true BIM and have true live sections. A simple stem wall foundation with footing would be a great start, and yes, I would be willing to pay for it. Seems like VW should have some of these fundamental PIO's in the first place. Regards,
  12. Thanks Pat. What actually worked for me is (PON) to return the object name. I assume this is an acronym for "Plug-in-Object". Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like information like this is sometimes only available if someone like you stumbles upon it. Anyway, thanks for the help. I was able to make it work. Regards,
  13. What is the syntax for returning an object type in a database header row? In other words, I want the term "Drilled Footing" to appear in the database column if the object is a drilled footing. Regards,
  14. Oops, sorry for being ambiguous, I have lines of text in a cell that requires the cell format to wrap and I cannot get the cell to show the wrap when placed in the drawing. Thanks,
  15. I cannot seem to get a text cell to wrap the text in the cell and get it to stick when I close the cell. Is there a work-a-round? Regards,
  16. Thanks Pat, I just submitted a bug file that shows the problem Regards,
  17. I have a worksheet with database and spreadsheet rows. In a database header I have an absolute cell reference to a spreadsheet cell(using the $ sign) and the cell exists outside of the database and at the bottom of the worksheet. When adding new rows above the referenced spreadsheet cell, the database header does not retain the absolute cell reference. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks,
  18. Is there any way to attach a record format to a wall style as a default so that every time the wall is used, the record format is attached? I currently have to select the wall(s) and then go to the data tab and attach the record I want. This is a wasted step if a given record format is to be attached to the wall style under all circumstances. Regards,
  19. Frequently, when trying to connect walls, a wall will go ballistic and extend infinitely in both directions. I then have to delete the wall and draw a new one. Seems like the wall tool has some problems and would like to know any work-a-rounds or techniques to keep this from happening. Regards,
  20. When assigning room finishes to a space object, should the drop down lists in the "assign room finishes" dialog be populated with data from the current project preferences? What am I missing? Thanks
  21. Yes, the framing member tool is a "tool" type plug-in object where the joist is a "linear" type plug-in object. The joist has many plug-in parameters where the framing member tool has none. You can add new plug-in parameters to the joist plug-in and they will show up in the object info dialog and on worksheets (assuming the call in the data field is correct), and you can add new plug-in parameters to the framing member tool and they will not show up in the object info dialog or on worksheets. I need to identify a specific joist type as say "11-7/8 TJI 360" on a floor framing schedule and I need to do the same thing with the framing member tool on a roof framing schedule. Adding plug-in parameters is a slick way of adding additional identifiers beyond what VA provides in a default plug-in in order to get VW to work more fully as a BIM application. It is great to parametrically change an object in the object info box but I also need the data. Now I can attach a custom record format but their functionality does not allow things such as check boxes or drop down lists, but the plug-in parameter does. Note to NNA: Give us either consistent plug-in objects that allow new plug-in parameters displayed in the object info dialog as options such as check boxes or drop down lists, or give us this capability in format records. If VW wants to be a BIM application, then we need these types of things to happen in order to integrate and work with custom data. Thanks,
  22. I have tried to add plug-in parameters to the framing member tool and the parameters don't appear in the object info dialog. Does the fact that the framing member tool is a "tool" type plug-in cause this? I have added a few new plug-in parameters to the joist tool and they show up in the object info dialog, very nice. Just want to do the same in the framing member tool. I can add data to a record format attached to the framing member but that way is not as slick as having the options show up in the object dialog. Regards,
  23. The roof tools in VW will work to create complex roofs with a great deal of time lost and hoop jumping. I have had success developing roofs in VW, some very complex, but have found the tool too cumbersome for the productivity investment. I develop roofs in Sketchup and import them into VW. Designing a roof in Sketchup vs. VW is silly simple once you understand inferences in Sketchup.
  24. Thanks for the information on the Tape Measure Tool from VectorBits. I donated to their site, downloaded and installed the tool and can't figure out what it's supposed to do. I may have to email VectorBits for an explanation. Not sure at this time if the tools is what I needed. Regards,
  25. Is it possible to move a 3d object by grabbing a corner and moving that corner by snapping to another point? It seems like every time I try that the object does not end up where I want it. Are we stuck with the move 3d dialog box? Also, is there a way to measure the distance of two 3d points without having to set a 3d locus on both points and then doing the math to determine the distance? This would be in a 3d view. I think I may be trying to get VW to work like Sketchup in the 3d world and so I need to understand better how VW accomplishes the same tasks. Thanks
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