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  1. Hi all I am looking to upgrade my windows laptop PC. Could you guys recommend the best laptop that will run VW. OR SHOULD I SWITCH TO A MAC??? John.
  2. Hi there I have developed a number of scripts using custom dialogs with the dialog builder in VW 2008. Have now upgraded to VW2013 the scripts wont run the dialogs. I have noticed that some of the Function have been superseded. I can modify my scripts but really would like the _DialogBuilderUtilities.px update. Can someone help me. John Greaney Auckland New Zealand.
  3. Hi there I signed up a new plan that provided me with a samsung Galaxy S2. I had a play for a couple of days. Ended up putting it back in its box and sold it. I prefer my Iphone 3gs any day. john
  4. Hi Josh Excellent -- temp := SetParent(FSActLayer, GetLayerByName('Panel Layer')); This one line script shifts Selected Object to a Layer called "Panel Layer". John
  5. Hi All Could someone please tell me if it is possible to shift an object onto an existing or new layer. john
  6. Hi Mike thanks for that Link.... I was really looking for the actual code to add to one of my plugins. Thanks anyway. jg
  7. Hi there Has anyone a Script that removes extra points in a polygon. ie. a rectangular polygon with more than 4 points. john greaney
  8. Hi there Guys Thanks for your replies. I will try the code you have posted. I have added the file that contains the data i require. The data is at the end of the file. the last 2 lines. The data contains fixing details for a particular truss. GT1. Thanks Again John Greaney
  9. H there i am in the process of creating a script that would access an external data file. The data file uses a comma deliminator format. I would like to READ this data into VW script. As far i can see VW only uses a TAB deliminator. Any ideas... cheers John Greaney Win Vista 2008
  10. 13-ML-26216-ML- Moved to the Vectorscript forum
  11. Hi there Could someone please help me. I have used the CreateWSImage() in a plugin. The PIO allows me to select a Worksheet from a list in the object browser. Works really well but .......... If i have more than one of these PIO within the same document the PIO displays a blank. The PIO will also show blank even if the WS Image has been placed Manually. So it looks as if CreateWSImage() will only place 1 worksheet image within a file. Does anyone have a solution so i can display more than one instance within the same document. Thanks John Greaney Win Vista 2008
  12. Hi there Justin This is John Greaney. I have read your posting above and thought I had better touch base with you. I am a Contract Detailer involved with the precut prenail industry. Over the last few years I have developed a number of PIOs for the aid of detailing roof framing components. Auckland's largest Precut Company using my software to produce all of there balance of roof. Rafters beams soffit/eaves framing. ( 13 Seats ) I also have created a number of PIO for the use in Architectural work that you would probably be interested in. I also use the Custom objects a lot. I would also like to learn more about the method of utilising the more advanced Dialogs. cheers John Greaney 09 4433512 021 743573 jgreaney@orcon.net.nz VW2008 VW2009 Win Vista
  13. Hi there I have a number of Linear PIOs I have created. I have noticed that if a user accidently double clicks instead of Dragging a line the plugin is not displayed. The control points are highlighted and the fields are visible in the Object Info Browser with the default values but the Symbol has not generated. Once you desellect the PIO it is then invisible. If I change a Feild in the OI browser the Object is then generated. I have noticed that that VW Rafter tool doesnt do the above but the Insulation Tool does. I have been doing a select all then nudging left then right to regenate All Plugins to Make these PIO visible. JOHN
  14. Yeah :-} Soooo Simple.... Very Simple answer to my original posting. create a handle to the plugin using GetObject. Use setRfield to set preferences. BorSLH := GetObject('jg-BOR SL~'); { Handle to Plugin Object } ....................... ........................ ........................... default := concat(Num2Str(2,str2Num(pitch[k]))); Entry := StrDialog('Enter Pitch',default); if didCancel then GOTO 100; SetRField(BorSLH, GetName(BorSLH),'Roof Pitch',concat(Entry)); { Object Preference set from entry StrDialog on current Document }
  15. Hi there I created the Roof Truss PIO posted on Vector Depot a few years ago as a tester to see if there was an interest in VW users having the ability place trusses onto there drawings. I had limited feedback so i didnt carry on with the development. I have read a few posting from a while ago. Is there an interest out there now? Are you using my Truss PIO in your drawings? What features would you recomend? Would you be prepared to pay for a complete Truss Package? I am keen to hear what you would consider useful PIOs to inprove you workflow. What other PIOs would you like? Any Feedback appreciated.
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