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  1. a couple of thoughts come to mind. Kind of a shot in the dark. Make sure your viewport isn't part of a group. While viewing the sheet layer, turn on all of the classes. Make sure the viewport is on the none class. As for the dimensions, make sure your dimension class is turned on in the viewport via the object info palette. I hope it is something simple like this and your file is ok.
  2. I completely agree. I am hoping for a better alternative in the future. As far as I know there is no better way to do this at this time.
  3. If you are still having trouble finding the center you may want to try turning on the Ceiling-main class in the viewport temporarily. This will show the lines of the wall above the door and you can snap to the center of that line.
  4. I'll take a stab at this one. draw the dashed lines that you wish to see in the floor plan then select both the dashed lines and the extrusion. Use Modify > Create symbol and name the symbol (check leave instance in place). This will create a hybrid object that will show the 2D line work while in plan and the 3D extrusion while in other views. If you need to edit either the 2d or 3d later, go to the the view you wish to edit and double click the symbol.
  5. I agree that class overrides should apply to wall styles as well. Additionally, when a layer is set to gray in a viewport, the hatch or fill of the wall style should stay as is but grayed out. As it is now the fill disappears when the layer is set to gray.
  6. I didn't have "interactive scaling mode" on. It is working great with that on. Doh.
  7. How do you move a plant tag? I can't seem to find a handle or anything. I know I can pick left, right, or none from the OIP but I can't get the tag away from the center of the plant.
  8. I'm not sure what happened exactly. After messing around with it a few more times I tried the old copy/paste into a new file trick. Everything is back on track. The only thing I can think of is that the dtm was moved using move>move 3d command at one point. When I test this in the new file by moving the dtm up or down the plants still conform to it using send to surface. Anyway, I am glad it is working now.
  9. I am using plants with image props as 3d graphics on a DTM. I would like the image props to be set to the Z value of the DTM. After finishing the design in 2d, I selected all of the plants and used the send to surface command. All of the plants now have a Z value that matches the DTM (in the OIP) but 3d model still has the image props at 0. Any ideas?
  10. A couple of general suggestions: Make sure none of your pads touch each other. Also make sure your fence doesn't touch any pad or the edge (hull) of the model. If you have any roads make sure "use fence" isn't checked. From the downloaded picture it looks as if some of your pads are touching each other and your fence is very close to the hull at the top.
  11. One other quick note: When using the "Choose VW Plants" dialog, selecting the Workgroup Folders radio button is not enough. You must also click on the folder in the list, even if there is only one. Seems obvious but I didn't get it at first. At one point I had two workgroup folders in the list as an experiment and it dawned on me that you have to pick one (even when there is only one to pick).
  12. I finally got it squared away with the help of Judah. He sent me an email response as follows: Hey Eric, Here is some more information that I hope helps clear things up. One of the main purposes of the plant database is gathering of botanical information for your projects. Maintaining plant data was difficult in previous versions. Especially features like importing and searching. The move to an external database program was made to overcome these limitations. Due to certain limitations in the runtime version of FileMaker, VectorWorks could not talk directly to the database, thus creating the need for the plant list files. VectorWorks ships with a sample set of plant lists, based on plant category. This was done to 1) show the usage of the plant lists and their flexibility and 2) in order to not just ship one list with all the plants in it. While a file with all the shipping plants is also included, it does take time to load, and also defeats the purpose of having separate lists. We wanted to make finding the plants you want for your project easier, and this can be done in the database, where sophisticated search tools are available. By having only the subset of plants you need readily available in one file, we hoped to ease the process of finding that information in VectorWorks itself. The shipping plant list files do not automatically regenerate. Adding a file to the database does not update those files. There have been several questions about this, and a future version could add a feature to regenerate these files upon request. I think one of the confusing issues is the layout called "Plant List." That was probably a poor choice of names in hindsight. You can be in any of the layouts (Plant Data, Australian Plant Data etc...) to generate a list. The list is generated based on the current set of records, either all of them or more typically the results of a search operation. However many plants or currently being show will go into the list. The number of plants in the current set can be seen on the Status Area on the left. If you do not currently see in, choose View | Status Area from the menu to see it. You are having problems with searching because you are in the "Plant List" view, which you do not need to be in. That form was creating for simple straight viewing of data, so you can scroll through many records at once in a simple format. The Category field is set as read only and this is a bug. It will be fixed in a later version. This is why you can not edit nor search from it. Switch to the "Plant Data" form and you can search on any field. When Plant List files are created, they are created in the Plant Database folder from where the database is running. You can check this by choosing File | Explore Plant Lists. If files are being created in you user folder, then that is where you are running the database from. A quick check using the Explore command can verify this. You can copy the plant list files from one folder to another (for example your workgroup folder). Be aware though that the application will first find the file in your user folder, and only then in the workgroup folder, so if you have two files with the same name, VectorWorks will find the user folder one first, then workgroup ones, and finally the application folder. You can check where VectorWorks is reading a specific file be entering the Get Plant Data dialog, highlighting your selected plant list, and clicking the Explore button. This will open Explorer or Finder to the specific folder that the selected file was loaded form. I hope all this helps out. If you any further questions, comments or suggestions, just drop a line. Judah Warshaw Nemetschek North America
  13. Say I am adding one tree to my database. I obviously want it to be in the plant list "trees". Does this mean I need to add that tree to the database, then conduct a search for all trees, make a plant list for that data called "trees" replacing the old one? I was going to try this but I cannot figure out how to do a search for "trees" in the VW plants program. The only options I have when using the Find Mode are VW Latin Name, VW Common Name, VW Height, and VW Spread. VW Category is there but I am unable to use that field. Also, I added a new plant list for the one tree I have added so far. I gave the list a unique name. The list was made in my user folder, not the workgroup folder as I had hoped. How do I direct the database program to make plant lists in a defined workgroup folder? I really don't know what you mean when you say "make sure you have pointed your User Folder to the location of the file maker database." In VW preferences I have a workgroup location designated. It is working for things like walls and textures as intended.
  14. I have been trying to get a plant database set up for our office but having a lot of trouble. Using the "Choose VW Plants" command I can select our workgroup folder and can add plants into the database using "VW Plant Database". The problem is when I try to assign data to a plant using "Get Plant Data" in the "Edit Plant Definition" Pane my new plants are not there. The file seems to keep accessing the default database, not our workgroup. What am I missing here? I am using VW 2008 SP1 on a PowerPC G5.
  15. Check to make sure your serial number matches your install disk. If you serial number starts with "E" for example, you install disk should say "Series E...". If it is different then you have the wrong install disk and need to get it exchanged.
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