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  1. i simplified my life by tracing the footprint of the basement, extruding the poly, and then subtracting the extrude from the site model. good enough! thanks for all the suggestions! desiree lee
  2. i've tried regenerating the site model from my existing data, but as soon as i put the site modifiers in i get the same error message of a pad intersecting a fence. i tried removing all but one pad and the fence but again--error...i tried starting with a new pad and a big fence around it, but nothing changed when i hit update. maybe i am not using the site modifiers properly? i am trying to excavate a basement by drawing a pad and putting it at the proper elevation for the basement floor(which is 8' below the lowest contour elevation on my site model--is this a problem? is there a better way to show a basement excavation so that when i show the architectural model the light wells don't look like they are filled in? i was also trying to use pads to define the different elevations of the garage floor, the main floor of the house, and the courtyard. in the site model layer i am working on, i have only the regenerated site model, four pads at different elevations, and one fence surrounding all the pads (with no visible overlapping). i don't have a nurbs road or any plugins.
  3. there are no pads intersecting and no plugins on the site model layer. i use VW 12. nocholas-i'd like to avoid redoing the site model completely--you said you regenerated your site model with the same data, can you elaborate? i first generated my site model by importing the surveyor's plan as an image file i had scanned, traced the contours with polylines, converted the polylines to 3D contours then created the site model. i remember a pop up window asking if i wanted to keep the original data in the source layer (or something like that), but i think i chose no. do i need to start over from the point where i traced the contour lines with polys? do i need to redraw the site modifiers too? thanks!! any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. i have been working on a DTM with some frustration b/c each time i try to update my site model to reflect the site modifiers i have drawn, it gives me this error message: "pad intersecting a fence" but i have inspected my pads & fence very closely and can not find any intersection! i have several pads at different elevations drawn within one fence--is this a problem? one of the pads is for the basement so it's elevation is far below the lowest contour--maybe there is a better way to show excavation of the basement on a site model?


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