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  1. I went to place a camera using the Renderworks Camera tool. I got a message that the plug-in was not in the plug-in folder. I checked the Plug-in folder, but the vso file is there. I tried another workspace and I get the same message. Thoughts?
  2. I think its great that a high school is offering architectural classes. This is off topic, but have you considered the value of teaching Vworks? Especially on Macs? Ive seen a recent survey that showed only 1% of professional (architectural)firms use Macs. Thats less than the 2% that don't use computers at all. Vworks is also used relatively rarely in our field. Don't take my word for it, do a job search and count how many firms require knowledge of VW. I think your students would be better off learning more mainstream programs, or better yet a variety of programs.
  3. Nobody? Sometimes this causes a VW crash on my machine....
  4. Is there a way to do this in viewport annotations? right now I have to draw lines on the walls for the angular dimension tool to work.
  5. You should be able to, but the layers have to be the same scale and the "show/snap others" layer option has to be active.
  6. Drawing in 3d from 2d views makes it alot easier. But, it means you have to jump from top/front/back/or side views alot. Ive gotten really good at hitting the 2/4/6/8 number buttons.... Modeling would be much easier if VW have multiple windows from one file like other modeling softwares.....
  7. Is there a way to stop VW from asking if we want to update the schedule in a file when opening a file that has a schedule referenced into it?
  8. does that mean we should not attempt to create our own workspaces?
  9. Is there a way to keep the palettes from moving around every time I open VW? When I open VW the Constraints palette is in a different location and configuration from when I closed VW. Not a big deal but annoying nonetheless.
  10. No way for me to know for sure. This is probably a copy of a file that predates my employment here, as it follows the State's format for title blocks. Will deleting and re-doing the text work? I added test text (without deleting others) and got the same results. Start over with a blank file?
  11. How do I avoid this behavior? The first image shows how a WGR looks in the design layer of one of our drawings. When creating a viewport of this information, the text rotates incorrectly. I have adjust flipped text On. When I turn it Off, the text shows correctly. Why does the text show one way in the design layer and another in the viewport?
  12. I can't get the help file to display anything. What am I doing wrong?
  13. Mmm door schedules. Gotta love em.
  14. I was able to locate the error log, but I don't know what to look for. It doesn't mention the Oce' anywhere. Sorry, I am somewhat of a Macland newbie...
  15. You're not going to get a bug list from NNA . If you get one...(prettier than me or something) please fill me in!
  16. We have noticed lately that sometimes files give a "read-only" message that the file is currently open even though no one is working on the file. The issue goes away if I restart. Is my comp causing this? Is this a server thing? I noticed a setting called "Vectorcaching" in the VW preferences. Could that be causing an issue?
  17. I can't tell if its a postscript driver or what, but print jobs occasionally hang for no apparent reason. Requires resart of computer and or printer. Any thoughts?
  18. Having all of the typical steel shapes in the program already drawn is pretty handy. What is exceedingly frustrating is that you can only insert with the top center of the shape rather than the actual center.
  19. If you have a file with classes that you would like to emulate, you can place that file in the "Standards" folder within the Vectorworks program folder. Then in your new file create a new class using the "create class from standard" option. You can pick more than one or all of the classes that are in the "standards" file. After you have brought in the classes you want, you can delete old classes and simultaneously reassign objects in the deleted class to another class. The option to reassign the objects to another class only appears after you click on the delete button (scary, I know). Adding new VW layers can be done similarly to classes, but deleting VW layers does not perform like deleting classes.
  20. If you select the door then change the font size with the text menu pull-down rather than the object info box it should work. Copying existing doors in the drawing will retain the text size. You can move the door number by selecting the grip at the number and dragging. As far as I could figure, you can't change the rotation of the number other than toggling the keep "ID Horizontal" option. That means you can either keep numbers horizontal or aligned with the wall that the door is in. If you find a way around this, be sure to let me know.
  21. I've also noticed that it is sometimes necessary to use the "Remove Wall Breaks" tool from time to time.
  22. What about the effect of viewports and the dislay of text? I have a file that looks correct in the design layer, but when it is displayed in a viewport it is incorrect if adjust flipped text is turned on. If I toggle the preference, it changes how the text is displayed in the viewport.
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