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  1. On 3/31/2022 at 7:23 AM, Gunter said:

    I have changed from windows 7 to 11 but cannot get Vectorworks 2009 to work on 11. Why?

    Vectorworks 2009 is not supported in Windows 11. You may want to look into downgrading to a previos Windows version or upgrading Vectorworks. 

  2. @Neelambari ShuklaIt is my understanding that is one per license. You can make your request via Customer portal before March 31st /2022 You can also contact TwinMotion for a multi-license solution as part of this offer. 


    To clarify, all users with assigned Vectorworks licenses as part of your VSS membership can redeem their promo code by accessing their Vectorworks licenses via the Customer portal.

  3. @Christian Fekete Please contact tech@vectorworks.net so we can help on the Ghosted 3D objects and any other additional issue you might be experimenting with 2021. Also, if you can turn on "Send crash details and verbose usage patterns" in the Vectorworks preferences that will help us to identify the crashes and make sure they are fixed in the next SP or send the crash reports to our tech support team.



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