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  1. Do we know if Vectorworks 2011 has been designed to support OpenType fonts? OpenType fonts are the most modern font format and are cross-platform compatible. I'm looking to do a design makeover to my plans and the fonts I want to buy are all OpenType... just thought I'd do some asking first!
  2. And that's a weird way of spelling weird, but too bad.
  3. I've just had a workout in the Workspace Editor. Doesn't seem to matter what workspace I'm in, or what menu I place "Document Windows" under. It just doesn't work. You click on the Number 2 document that is open but you still see the Number 1 document. However, if I place "Document Windows" under the second last menu in the Workspace Editor, "Document Context (right click on document)" it works fine. So now all I have to do is right click on the visible document, up comes the list, and then ping on the other open document I want to view, and voila... probably more convenient than ever once I get used to it. But pretty wierd that it doesn't work under a normal menu. My other programs work fine in that respect... could just be my setup. So thanks to all of you who gave advice. I'm happy with this solution and can get on with my work again with a bit less frustration!
  4. Hi Pat. While not trying to appear ignorant, what do you mean by a clean user account?
  5. Let's say I have two or three documents open. Normally, to view one of the other documents you would just mouse up to the 'Window' menu and click on it and it opens, Well, when I do that nothing happens... I'm still seeing the same document. So I have to minimise the document I'm working on to see the next one. Doesn't seem to matter what workspace I'm using either.
  6. Anyone else having trouble switching from one open document to another open document under the "Window" menu?
  7. gemrock

    Sun position

    Thanks for that... a bit of playing around, and voila, FOUR suns deleted! Worse than Fred. Makes sense... I've actually got four daughters. Placing lights on their own layers makes sense too. Thanks Peter and islandmon.
  8. gemrock

    Sun position

    How do we remove suns in 12.5? I could actually see a sun symbol in my 12.0 3D views, but can't anymore. I now have 3 suns... eeek.
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