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  1. You appear to be a US user so you probably have the Series E version so you should be able to have it installed on 2 machines.

    Make sure both machines are using the Braceworks serial number.


    We make sure you can't install it on 3 machines and can't run 2 at the same time.


    Please take a look at your end user license agreement supplied during the installation process.



    1.5 License Agreement (Series E)

    If this copy of the software is issued with a serial number that begins with the letter "E" or any character other than "B" or "G":

    The computers on which you install the software must be able to communicate with Vectorworks’ server to authorize each installation at first launch and periodically thereafter. If you have purchased a subscription license, your device needs to be connected to the internet while Vectorworks is running within three days of your renewal date for your renewed license to be activated (you are responsible for establishing and maintaining this communication link).

    You may operate this software on one (but not more than one) computer at a time.

    You may install the software on two computers: (1) a primary desktop workstation and (2) either a portable computer or a computer located at your home. The software may be moved to different computers from time to time, subject to any technical restrictions that may be incorporated into the software under Section 1.5(d).

    Vectorworks has the right to incorporate technical restrictions into the software in order to ensure compliance with the terms of this agreement.



  2. Vision does not include a lighting console, you need to connect Vision via SACN, ARTNET, etc. to your physical lighting console of an offline version of a lighting console.

    You will program on your lighting console and Vision will mimic the behavior of the lights.


    If you want a simple software console you can tru QLC+ https://www.qlcplus.org/

    It's not something I would use to program a show but it works for simple things.

  3. I tried those fixtures as a quick test.

    Everything looks OK. The reason you are seeing the light go to the sky is that the moving lights move to their default location in Vision if there is no DMX signal present. (The light is receiving all 0's) Once you connect to a console with the fixtures patched the console should home the fixtures and the lights should point down.

    Conventional fixtures will take their default focus from Vectorworks but moving lights will only react to dmx data.

  4. What cut can you not achieve? Barrel rotation allows you to overcome physical limitations of the fixture caused by the way it is manufactured. (Silly things like structural support and shutters in the same physical plane.) The virtual shutters in Vision and Vectorworks don't have those restrictions so you should be able to get the same cuts without the need for rotating the barrel.

  5. With the lighting device you are not simply placing a symbol. Any record information would be buried within the object and not easily accessible. 

    The lighting device does have a method of dealing with this type of data using "Additional Default Records" and customized  Lighting Device Parameters in the Spotlight Preferences.


    You want to create a customized lighting device parameter with the same name as your record field and then select the record in the Additional Default Records dialog.


    When you place a lighting device the record data will then automatically be copied from your custom record into the custom field in the lighting device.


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