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  1. 12.5 beta testers have reported it being UB.
  2. I was in Mexico (Sayulita) this week last year, and only us Gringos were partying! Had a good time, though. We'll be hitting the Margs tonight as well.
  3. OK, i'll give that a shot. Thanks!
  4. I am not so sure the Mac Mini will ever be "fast" with VW. The processor is slower than the new iMac's and MacBooks. The Graphics card only has 64 MB of "shared" ram - not ideal. Best bet would be to bump up your total system ram to the max 2GB. I am running the new iMac duocore 2 GHz w/ 1GB ram, and notice slow performance (via rosetta) with rendering, and have a couple of issues that have been outlined in the knowledge base articles, but day-to-day operation is nearly as fast as on the Dell workstation I used to use. Hopefully the UB will speed things up for you, but try to max out your memory in the meantime.
  5. Hopefully it'll be part of the 12.5 upgrade - mabe June?
  6. I am trying to edit some of the stock RW materials, but cannot find where the actual image files are. Is there any way to export the stock texture images to Photoshop and tweak them?
  7. Doesnt sound like it in this version. Hopefully we will have full control over all the properties in the door and window objects soon. I think you have the Ceiling class on if you are seeing the threshold inside (really the "header" near the ceiling)
  8. Sorry - Maybe I was unclear. I want to change how the fractions are displayed: Instead of: 1'-2 1/2" I would like to see: 1'-2?" Notice how much less space that takes up! Makes dimension strings a lot cleaner and easier to read.
  9. Desert is definitely better than the standard. Who came up with the "wild" one? A color-blind 5 year old? Haha
  10. I know there was a post about this a long time ago, but cant find it now (new search engine is teh suc) Is there any way to get stacked fractions, or even change the font size of JUST the fractional component of the dimensions? And all you metric guys can stuff it. The US wont switch (at least in my lifetime)
  11. It's a java issue with FF (, that I have for some reason (havent had time to really play with it). I actually get it to work in Safari, even though the Knowledge base says it wont. :-P I keep a link off to the side of the desktop to open the help document.
  12. I have found that the roof too is "close", but not quite there, yet. I have had to manually calculate how the roof will work, then draw each individual face to make complicated forms work. I do this by drawing a ploygon that I know is the true shape of the roof face in 2d, then create the roof plane from that with my known plate heights, pitches, etc. Its old-school way of doing roofs, but works every time.
  13. Huh, wish someone would have pointed that out earlier - I guess the search funtionn didnt pick it up. I could have sworn I saw it on the other machine, too - maybe it screwed up the file? I'll have to check it later. So far, I havent experienced any other glitches - rendering can be very slow sometimes. Open GL is quick with the top of the line graphics card in the iMac. Zoom, pan, rotate functions are quick as there were on the PC. Most of the Industry knew Apple was coming out with the Intel based Macs early. It will be imperative for NNA to get the Universal Binary out ASAP as the next wave of Intel Macs comes out this year. Especially with the ability to not only Dual-Boot to windows, but with the new Virtualization products that will allow windows and OS X to exist simultaneously - and at full power for both. More and more people will be switching from PC's to the Apple HW - no matter what OS they use. /end rant :-)
  14. Yeah, technically they are called "contextural menus" because they can change based on what is happening at the time. I guess if you are using a mac laptop, you still have only the single button and have to ctrl-click (or whatever). I agree that it is not that obvious if you dont know exactly what you are looking for. Just having the online docs java based screws with my Firefox.
  15. Not an issue, then - I'm on 10.4.6
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