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  1. Hi Jim, The Custom Stair Class (in pointed brackets) refers to the current class the Custom Stair object is placed on. This means the parameter in question will take on the class properties of the class you place the stair on.... The stairs going away could be a couple of issues. (from my experience) 1. Check the Z-coordinate of the stair object and make sure it's set to "0" 2. YOU CANNOT COPY/PASTE OR TRANSFER PROPERTIES.... This is a huge disappointment, since time-saving and streamlined workflow are the one supposed advantage of the stair tools. Every time I've done this, the stairs start disappearing... Cheers! Dan
  2. Hi there. I have the same problem and after discussion with the sales rep, who communicated with the tech. department, This seems to be a problem only when printing directly from a mac. Further, they instructed me to use the "export PDF" or "Publish" command and use Adobe reader instead of Preview, as they don't "have much control over the pdf generating process" Maybe it's just me but shouldn't nemetchek take more responsibility for their product compatibility, given they market themselves as a cross-platform software solution... Daniel
  3. Hi, I have been looking for a way to add solid fill to door thresholds in VW 2011. I understand this is a hard-coded PIO property and cannot be easily customized in VW2011. Is there a way to do this using vectorscript? I'm very much a a VS newbie but can cut/paste like a champ... Thanks!
  4. It really would be great if VW could rotate walls (and other hybrid objects) in axes other than just layer plane "z". Why is this not available? You may have noticed that there are buildings out there that have non-orthagonal walls in them...
  5. Hello, I am trying to use the SUM comment icon in a door/window schedule to summarize the total number of doors/windows of each particular size. I can get this part to work easily enough. The problem I have is to do with the SUM (summary) command multiplies all the individual door/window attributes by my count. In other words, instead of displaying 10 doors at 3'0x7'0 each, the spreadsheet displays 10 doors totalling 30'x70'... Please see attached screen capture. Any ideas? I've tried altering the formula in the door.width cell, dividing it by the cell containing the count but the result is some strange number, much smaller than it should be... ??
  6. I would like to create a hypothetical skyscraper that has an unusual shape. (for example- spiral) I can create the 3D form using loft. Can I create a window wall or something similar that will align itself to the lofted plane? Thanks, D.
  7. When creating custom paper sizes, the dimensions/margins are always defined in centimeters. Is there a way to change this to imperial units? Thanks... aqualiscious
  8. Hi all, Is there a way to override VW12 tendency to create ceiling and sill classes automatically when inserting doors/windows? Also, is there a simple way to turn off/on the door threshold visibility. most people don't have thresholds st interior doors?
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