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  1. Hi Who makes the best 3rd party designer furniture object libraries that will work with VW 11? I remember seeing this one web site that sold lots of designer furniture objects but that was ages ago. I am an interior designer and as you can imagine would love to get my hands on any high end furniture, bath fixtures, tiles, carpets, appliances object libraries (in addition to creating my own). Or alternatively could I somehow scan a designer chair or fridge and get that to Vector somehow? Even if I had to use another 3rd party program. I've seen this link http://www.cadsymbols.com/ but am looking for higher end designer symbols/objects. Also for 3D symbols like http://www.3dlinks.com/shop/Details.cfm?ProductID=411 can I use them as 2D CAD objects first? How are the textures applied? Directly within VW or from C4D or other? Thanks [ 07-05-2005, 06:29 PM: Message edited by: lordofthevector ]
  2. okay...everything updated easily to 11.5 Thanks for your help guys.
  3. Delmer I think your'e right because mine was approx 35mb and the 11.0.1 update is around 41mb. I remember this happening to me with another installer now that you mention it. I will try a new download and report back here for others to view. The Gobos thing is totally unrelated. And Kevin, sorry if I made you feel bad. I've just had a bad day. I know you were only trying to help. Thanks LOTV [ 07-05-2005, 05:44 PM: Message edited by: lordofthevector ]
  4. ummm yeah LOL You need to install 11.0.1 BEFORE 11.5 [ 07-05-2005, 03:01 PM: Message edited by: lordofthevector ]
  5. I have the Vectorworks v11.0.1 Update.exe. When I run it I get a message that says, "Cannot initialize installation. File size expected=43... file size=37...... Also, as someone else pointed out in another thread I got the "gobo installer CD" message naturally. What if I do not want to install gobo components yet? Is this why I'm getting the wrong file size match message when I use the 11.0.1 updater? This is crazy. I cannot update unless I install the gobo components? Screenshots below. Thanks [ 07-05-2005, 01:54 PM: Message edited by: lordofthevector ]
  6. on cd-rom pdf word online anything.. what is the best tutorial for beginners of VW? Thank you
  7. it worked !!! stupid stupid Vectorworks... It wouldnt install in the same area that the older version was in. Even though I had deleted all traces of Vectorworks 9. There must be a hidden file from v.9. I installed v.10 in a different area and bingo. It worked. thanks though for your help.
  8. I dont know why mine isnt working.. VW 10 from a cd. and the AZM456... serial #. "Vectornoworks" Install crashes cpu
  9. I am trying to install VW 10 from the cd-rom and I key in the serial then click continue then it starts to install. It crashes when it hits the 3rd item being installed every time. Why does it do this? Thanks
  10. Im trying to install VW 10 from the cd-rom but it crashes and wont install. What gives?
  11. Thanks for your reply. Quite elaborate I must say Truthfully 1/2 of it I didnt understand because I'm a newbie but as long as I can import files in those 2 formats then thats all that counts. I'll figure out the layers later Thanks Bilbo
  12. I have VW 9.5 installed and im trying to install renderworks 9 but it keeps asking me to install vectorworks 9. I cannot install renderworks 9 because i have VW 9.5? That doesnt seem logical. How can I do this ? Thank you
  13. hi, I am an interior designer new to Vectorworks. I have hard copies of a builder's floor plans for a house. I would like to ask him for the computer files that generated the floor plans so I can alter them and show the builder and home owner the intended changes. Im on a Mac using Vectorworks. Can VW import any CAD docs? How and what kind of files should I ask the builder to email me? Thanks guys
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