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  1. I am a retired architect. My firm was 100% Macintosh and fairly large. We started with MiniCAD 5 years ago and stayed with this software, in spite of its growing pains and acquisition by Nemetschek through VW 12.5. I loved this software until I hung up my mouse 2+ years ago and recently upgraded my Macs to Snow Leopard (v.10.6.8). I never thought that my VectorWorks would be incompatible. I hadn't used my VW in a couple of years, but now a wonderful old client wants a set of plans. And I am unable to provide them or access any of my past work! I called Nemetschek and got the bad news ? yes, my VW 12.5 isn't compatible with Snow Leopard; yes, I must buy a new 2011 from them to open my old files or a 2010 issue from the internet; no, there isn't any other cheaper software out there that will open VW 12.5 files; no, VW will not be issuing any software fixes for this; no, they have no pricing or software-neutered options for retired architects that will allow them to open and print old files. (I simply want to be able to give my old clients a print set of plans, or to open files to answer questions if that have any.) Nemetschek says take the whole loaf hit, or nothing! This is wrong! My warning to you is to move away from Vectorworks and Nemetschek while you can because they will not support you when you are not longer in business. It is improper behavior for a CAD company, whose customers supported them through the years, to fail to provide at least a primitive way of accessing, editing title blocks, and printing their old files. All that needs to be done is eliminate the "save" option which for all intents neuters the applications. My questions for the world are: 1) Is there a workaround for my dilemma? What can I do to trick my Mac to overlook the destroyed background? 2) Are there any other CAD apps for the Mac that will read (import) and print VW files? 3) Will you support my appeal, contact Nemetschek and ask them to do what's right so that your files will be accessible in the future? Thank you boys and girls for any help and support you can give on this. Think of what this could mean to you in the future ? the space you will need to have to store your old drawings when you are no longer practicing; periodically paying thousands for an app that you may never have to use again after you are out of business just to print a set of plans for a happy old client. Tom S. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/images/icons/default/thumbs_down.gif
  2. Having trouble with plug-ins (windows, doors, walls) after upgrading to 12.5.1. Can't change wall or door characteristics no matter what I do. Is anyone having same problem?
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