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  1. It really depends on what you need. Renderworks' is ok, but it's kind of like a handyman - do-it-yourself tool. It good, but not 'the best'. It is easy to use, if you don't push it too much, and it can be incorporated into you cad software. OF course you can beat Viz or 3DS, as these are dedicated rendering packages. They do however take more time to learn, and can be more time consuming. I second Mike m oz - "Your decision should be made on the basis of fitness for purpose. Don't run with the sheep just because it is what everyone else is doing - make a clever decision." Don't worry about starting a fight...I think everyone should be able to take criticsm in a mature and adult manner.
  2. Yes and sections that dont screw your textures up as well...
  3. I second that - the esc. button does only work some of the time. This is a real pain, especially with VW primitive rendering program which sometimes takes 4 hours to produce 1 high quality tiff or psd file...
  4. Cheers guys I will give it a go, and report back. I am getting very interested in this Cinema 4d business that everyone keeps talking about.
  5. No definitely classes - I want to be able to render hi-res perspective, and be able to turn classes on and off. With some still fram renders taking over 2 hours to render, I did't really want to spend a day rendering out 1 image...
  6. that read wrong - I meant to say that rendering files presumably are not shared, in the same way the arch. or mech. files are shared...
  7. PLine CMD

    some textures

    wooooops should be www.mayang.com/textures
  8. PLine CMD

    some textures

    Don't know if this has been posted www.got3d.com - has pix of people, and a matching alpha mask - there are some for purchase, and a bunch for free.. also www.mayang,com/textures
  9. I don't know if this is available option in VW11, or if it is a feature of vw10.5 that we are not aware of - my apologies if it is - but the option of linking images for props or textures rather than embedding them. It will result in smaller file sizes which are easier to manage. It will mean that you will have keep a folder of files - but that is only an issue if you are file sharing, and it is my assumption (I am sure I will be promptly corrected!!!) that rendering files are generally not file shared - as mech. or arch. drawings...
  10. dxf, iges and stl have there limitations - especially if you require a 3DS file to use with a program other than Max... In lightwave and Maya I have found that elements move around, and 3d objects are no longer 3d, but 3d lines...
  11. The ability to export out common native 3d formats would be good - to be able to create architectural spaces, and animate them to create interactive fly throughs with moving elements...
  12. Does anyone out there have experience exporting from VW10.5 to Maya 5 or 6? Each time I do a DXF or IGES export, the import is whacked - it is scaled all wrong, elements are exploded a spread across the working space. I guess if you are able to export VW to 3Ds or Viz you may have some useful advice. Maya is a 3D animation program. I want to bring my project to life by having dynamic elements on screen....
  13. Cheers for that Alan. Cinema is not an option as I *only* use VW in a education environment. My employer requires me to use ACAD ADT 2005...
  14. Can somebody tell me if there is a way to export an image - i.e. a perspective view - to Photoshop, where VW classes become photoshop layers?
  15. I agree - as a user of such applications such as Maya and AutoCad not being able to pan or scroll with the wheel alone makes Vectorworks a very time taxing application. Also for the wishlist, being able to type in a command - like AutoCad - I type in 'pl' then enter and the polyline tool is activated - it means I can draw with either my mouse of tablet in one hand, and type commands with the other - providing a very efficent way to draught. VW rendering is fantastic though - while it may not be up to the standard of Viz, 3DS or Maya, the results you can acheive, with little effort and stress are pretty good.
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