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  1. Ziska

    shadow color

    Jonathan, Apologies, I should have been more specific. A complementary ambient with a directional would be fine (although it does give a green tinge to the object outside the highlight)- but I'm trying to set up multiple spots in different colors (lekos with gels) and show how each casts shadows in an unlit space. The "cast shadow" function seems to only erase the color of the light without giving a true shadow effect. Ziska
  2. Ziska

    shadow color

    It's been a long time since I used the program so I'm quite rusty. Is there a way to get a true shadow color on an object in Renderworks (yellow light=blue shadow)? Using Mac 10.4.10 on G4 Vectorworks Spotlight 11.5 with Renderworks. TIA,
  3. "n the case of a fixed 1:1 scale you will need to rescale the drawing...but beware of the symbols ... they will also need to be rescaled." I wish I could- but since the viewport can't find the supporting layer it's locked.
  4. VW 11.5 (G4 powerbook 1.5 Ghz 1.25 G ram, running Tiger- new powerbook- happy happy dance!) Imported DWG (ACAD 2000) The ACAD sheets came in as viewports- with no design layer to support them. The "viewports" (which are really sheet layers) when viewed show classes- classes which do not show up in the design layers. Example- Design layer one- shows only the first floor- viewport 2.2 shows the second floor- by a process of elimination I discover that viewport 2.2 actually shows class "A-none"; however class "A-none" does not show up in any Design layer. To make it even more interesting- the viewport is stuck on 1:1 when it's supposed to be 1:2000- so even drawing over the viewport gives me a wall with a .57" length (a bit of a problem) All suggestions are gleefully welcomed... TIA Ziska
  5. Did a quick search and didn't find this in previous threads (it's probably there but...) So I'm saving the "move along path" full render movie on my painfully slow old G4 500mhz workhorse (151 frames of movie) using 11.5.1 on system 10.3.9. I'd saved a whopping 15 frames by the end of the day yesterday and left said workhorse on for the night. I arrived this morning to find that during the night I'd progressed to 18 frames... oh joy. I'm up to 20 frames after 1.5 hours in the office. Yippie.... now when I leave this evening- how do I get poor Mr. Harddrive to stay up all night and keep working? TIA Ziska
  6. Remembering back to 8.5.2 hurts... but isn't there an "import as mesh" or "import as 3D studio" option for dxf?
  7. For small shows I find sheets useful as "plates" The single drawing then holds the 10 plates to the show. - update the title of the file to the latest revised- and you know that you're sending out the full pack and that they are opening the full pack- with the latest date. There is also the benefit of having the whole project bundled in one file.
  8. I second that- final and custom only esc intermitently. not an issue to date with fast render since I what I need to see is in final render...things like glass.... In addition the file will reopen in the render mode in which it was forced to quit- which means that esc, command period and force quit aren't really doing saving you time. (and then there's that background printing thing)
  9. Just something to click- which would stop the rendering process- I can normally figure out if I need to reset something pretty quickly (unable to zoom in too closely and still get a "final renderworks" look), This would be a real time saver. Maybe it's already there and I just don't see it? (Preferably something other than "force quit")? Ziska
  10. LDI is in Vegas this year......how lucky are you?
  11. What type of Mac? How much memory? How many mghz? Dual processor? Rebuilt your desktop recently? Run disk utilities? Type 2 error normally means a problem in preferences- try "trashing" those first. Drag the VW preferences to the trash (do *not* throw out the trash)- restart. Then try rendering the file. If life is good- then you can throw out the preferences for real. If not try zapping the PRAM (the apple.com site gives you a tutorial on how to do this http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=51579) The next place to look is- the memory allocated to VW/Renderworks. Close VW- go to the application icon- click *once* then *command i* this will open the window to set the prefered memory size for VW/RW After that- start looking at the wallet... Good luck, Ziska
  12. Jan, Precisely what I was asking- but I couldn't find that in the Page>Set Attribute Defaults>Color Palette???? (Probably looking right at it....) Ziska
  13. Katie, Is there a RGB slider option or CMYK slider option? Thanks, Ziska
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