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  1. Dear Carl All of the 3 (print screen, PDF, JPEG) looks a bit different, on screen. Minor changes. In print the difference is much bigger between the formats. Yovav
  2. Hello I'm trying to print a project presentation in a print shop. We are exporting the project to PDF and JPEG, and in both cases we are getting prints that are very different from what we see on the VW screen. What is the best way to sync the on-screen colors to the print-shop printer? Is there an option to correct colors in VW? We are using VW 2010. Thanks Yovav
  3. Hello Pat Thx for the info, but what a shame ! This bug was reported months ago to NNA and it is very disappointing to hear - if I understand correctly - that the situation is worse than before. Can someone from NNA comment to that issue? Yovav
  4. Hello Do 2009 callout handles the Hebrew text correctly?
  5. Hello Ian Thx for your replay. I did report it as a bug to NNA, and they did ask for a test file, and since than I didn't heard a word from them, exactly as you predicted :-( I didn't understand the connection between database bug you mentioned to the callout problem, but I hope NNA do :-) Any way it is very frustrating to have a bug that really "kill" such a useful tool, at least for me. Y
  6. Can Someone from Nemetschek replay to this post? The issue is pretty annoying, and the non-response is making it worse! Y
  7. And one more fact: I tried installing the VW11 Callout tool into the 2008 plug-ins folder, and adding it to the workspace. It was added perfectly to the tool pallet, but the problem remain the same: using the 11 tool get a reverse words order exactly as the 2008 tool. Y
  8. Hey pat THX for your effort. I believe that you are correct, abd this is a bug. 3 facts are extra troubling: 1. the callout tool is one of my most used tools, and moving to 2008 but having to get back to text + lines + arrows is bad news 2. This tool worked perfectly in 11 & 12 with Hebrew 3. Yet there is no response From NNA on that topic ! Y
  9. I tried in also in a new file and yet the words appear in reverse order. Reseting the preferences didn't help. Hebrew entered correctly not only in other software, Hebrew is entered and shown correctly with VW text tool. I even tried selecting the callout (with the reverse words order), then using CTRL+K creating group which contains the lines and the text. After entering the group and double-clicking on the text object, and getting out of it even before doing any editing, fix the display order for the first time. will Someone from NNA can refer to the problem, please? Y
  10. Hello Pat I tried the callout with GDI on and off. In both cases I got the same result - reverse word order in the sentence. Another wired fact to the puzzle: I exported the file to VW 11 format and opened it with 11. On the screen, running 11, the word appear at the correct order. it seems that 2008 database contain the words in correct order but display them on the screen at reverse. Y
  11. Thx for the input but i"m afraid they won't solve the problem... Pat, I'm on a PC (XS SP2), so quartz is not relevant. Craig, It might be a directions to investigate, but since entering text with the text tool works fine with Hebrew, I believe that this is a "local" glitch of the callout tool. Y
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