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  1. I had this same problem and spent a lot of time on the phone with VW tech and tried everything they suggested which took up a lot of time and energy and didn't solve my problem. It is a bug and they won't acknowledge it. Use nudge to move your walls and it won't happen. It's just time consuming because you have to then rejoin the walls afterwards.
  2. Thank you MIke. I knew I had seen one somewhere, but couldn't remember where and I figured I'd do the shortcut way and just ask! Yours was exactly the one I had remembered. But I still think VW needs to put some updated electronics, furniture and fixtures into their standard libraries. Sofia 24" IMac with the latest of everything VW 2008 SP2 Designer+RW
  3. It's really frustrating that the standard VectorWorks symbols are rooted in the previous century. Does anyone have, or know where I can find a free 3D symbol for a Flat Screen TV? I'm sure I saw one somewhere, but can't remember where and it's not coming up with searches on the Techboard. Thanks in advance. Sofia 24" IMac with the latest of everything VW 2008 SP2 Designer+RW
  4. Wow thanks Dave. That was perfect. I got distracted with other projects and only just noticed your post.
  5. Thank you so much for your help Peter. I will try these out tomorrow.
  6. Hi All. I have tried everything in the Metal Plastics Glass Textures folder and nothing is quite right. It looks like a corrugated plasted. This is a link to the product: http://www.polygal.com/Htmls/gallery.aspx?C2012=12366&BSP=736 We will use something that is opaque, but translucent. Thanks for the help! Sofia PS If it makes any difference I'm on VW 2008 and a Mac, OS the latest (can't tell those cats apart)
  7. I can't seem to find a texture for polycarbonate sheets anywhere in any of the usual libraries or websites. Does anyone have one? It would save me the trouble of having to make my own. Thanks. Sofia
  8. I've done a search and this doesn't seem to have come up before. Is there an easy way to curve the insulation produced by the insulation tool so that it fits into a curved wall or curved roof?
  9. oh gosh, didn't mean to start a fight. I guess I wasn't clear, although my colleague is a ACAD diehard, he is in fact using VW in our office. He just keeps asking for things that are "as good as in ACAD." So when picking a 3d program, I wanted something that would be familiar to him in terms of its workings. In my experience, when I do 3d work in VW, I have to redraw a good chunk of the relevant 2d stuff because it's not drawn in the same way as I would want it for 3d. So I'm not sure how important exporting from VW is (although we have no trouble exporting to dwg for our engineers etc.) So I guess, I have 2 main choices: 1) I would do the 3d bit in VW and then export it to something else to render it (Renderworks, Strata..etc.) 2) I would do the 3d stuff in something like SketchUp or Strata and render it in the same program. (did i understand this correctly?) One thing my colleague mentioned was that he would like to be able to do sunpath diagrams...ie show the path of the sun and corresponding cast shadows in/on the project through the day. Will all of these options do this? Any direct experience with this? In the meantime I will download the SketchUp trial and have a go. Thanks.
  10. I work in a small architectural office with only Macs (osx) and VW10. My colleague is a diehard AutoCad man and wants us to get StudioPro or Viz to do our 3d work (we'll have to get a pc or virtual pc to do that). I suspect that VW10's built in 3d capabilities coupled with either Renderworks or Strata would be a better (and cheaper solution). We do mostly small, high end residential projects and most of our clients do not want to pay for anything sophisticated in terms of presentation (since it's just for them), but we would like to be able to do some 3d work in order to help them visualize the project. In other words, we need something that is quick and easy to use. I have gone through the existing threads, but there isn't really much of an indication of what people are using their applications for (ie for fancy presentations vs. quick 3d sketches). Could anyone give me some suggestions, advice, experiences....Thanks!
  11. I'm in the UK, but we use the Epson 1290's (I think the number is the same worldwide) and are really happy with them. In fact we use them both for 11x17 and letter size. We keep one stocked with one size and the other stocked with the other. They are very reasonably priced and print quickly. Our boss keeps buying different HP printers and hates each one more than the last.
  12. Katie, thanks, but really this is a pretty major bug (not a wish list item) that should be fixed. I certainly don't have it in my budget to upgrade to VW11 anytime in the near future, and expect to be able to use VW10 in OSX in a way that is pretty fundamental to a Mac platform. (minimizing folders may be slightly different visually in OSX, but it has always been a concept that was available to all Mac Applications).
  13. If I minimize a VW file by clicking on the yellow button, I often can't work on it again when I maximize it later on. I can't click on it at all. I have to close the file and reopen it before I can work on it again. It seems to be related to how long I leave the file minimized, but I could be imagining this. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen the majority of the time and I can't seem to find any difference between when it does and doesn't happen. I am not having this problem with any of my other applications, so I suspect it's a VW issue. I did not have this problem when I was working with VW 10.5.1 on OS 9.2.2. Any help? I usually have several drawings open at once and this is really slowing me down.
  14. We are using VW 10 on Mac OSX and to save VW drawings as PDF's we go to PRINT and then click on the option SAVE AS PDF. Seems to work ok for us.
  15. Katie, I don't think you've quite understood my problem. It is with the installation of VW10, NOT VW8. Please re-read the question. The only reason I mentioned VW8, was as a possible reason why Architect (as part of VW10) was installing on one machine, but not on any of the others (ie. the one machine that it successfully installed on, was a machine that had never had VW8 installed onto it...maybe the presence of VW8 somehow blocks the installation of VW10-Architect?). I just don't want to go to the trouble of taking VW8 off my machine and re-installing VW10 plus all the updates if that's not the reason why Architect isn't showing up. I tried to call tech support 2 days ago to explain this in person and was told I would get a call right back and still haven't heard back.
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