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  1. is that all? a whole button practically ignored?
  2. hello- i am wondering if there are any two button mouse advantages in vectorworks. if so, where can i find info on that? i can't seem to find it in the manual. thanks
  3. Good afternoon- I am trying to print a 24x36 drawing on tabloid paper. I set the parameter in the Page Setup dialogue box, but the drawing does not respond to the parameters. I set the percentage to 45 and the drawing stays at 100%, i set the orientation to portrait and the orientation stays landscape. what gives? Thanks.
  4. Thank you. I did discover that the class/layer options does not work across different views, i was not aware of the scale issue though. On another note, I may have a misunderstanding of how classes work, at least in conjunction with layers. I have only been using Vectorworks for a few weeks, and i am more akin to AutoCAD and Microstaion. As I understand it, "classes" in VW are synonomous with "layers" in AC. As far as I can tell the office I work in does not properly utilize VW 10's organizational capabilities because, and i quote, "Layers and classes tend to muddle up the design process." I personally do not have a concrete opinion on this issue as I have not seen this organization used properly and cannot find opportunity to try it myself. If classes are not "on" particular layers, why then, when i turn a layer off, objects on a particular class which is still on disappear? That is counter-intuitive to what I have known in the past. Are Layers in VW used solely for the 3D hybrid environment? or can they be used for only 2d drafting? Like I said I have yet to start a project from the beginning and experiment with the organizational system properly so I do not have a full understanding of the class/layer symbiotic relationship...which is what it seems to be. If anyone can clarify some of this for me...it would be very helpful. Thank you.
  5. Hello- I am trying to get my mind around this program but there seems to be a major glitch or some option hidden deep in the menus which i have not chosen wisely or something. the problem is, both class and layer options are set to show/snap/modify others...and i can neither modify nor snap to any others minus the actives. and what makes it a real oain is that my active calss is not on my active layer. what's the deal? is this a problem that can be dealt with or is it a bug in the program. this happens intermittently...sometimes it works fine and sometimes it does as i have described above. any help is appreciated...thanks in advance. mark
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