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  1. Ok, I must warn you I am extremely new to this, but very willing to learn. A while back, when I first started using VW, I was having difficulty with plotting drawings. The problem was: when I wanted to change the doc prefs to b&w only....... some of the lines would disappear. The work around resulted in the following script: {====== BEGIN SCRIPT =======} Procedure Swap; Procedure SwapBGFG(h:HANDLE); BEGIN SetLS(h,2); END; BEGIN ForEachObject(SwapBGFG,ALL); END; RUN(Swap); {====== END SCRIPT =======} I used the script to create a command that I would invoke prior to changing the doc prefs to B&W only. This has worked fine for months. The problem now is: I would like to take it to the next level. I have been trying to figure out how to combine this script with the one that changes the doc prefs to B&W only. I would then like to make it a command that i could invoke before plotting. Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  2. jim........ thanks for your response. we have been using the 1.888.646.4223 ext 637 (Ben is the rep) maybe the problem is with him......... i will try your rep's number and hope that he is a little more enthusiastic. thanks! thomas dragoone SAAarchitects.com
  3. My office currently uses V9.5.3 and we would like to upgrade to V11. The problem is......... we can't seem to get anyone to return our calls. How does anyone ever get to use Vectorworks if there is noone to sell it to you? I would hate to imagine how long our business would survive if we failed to return the customers calls. Does anyone know of a person we can call to sell us the upgrades we are looking for? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I'm using VW 9.5.3 on OS 10.2.8 and have the following problem. When I change the document preferences to black and white only the following occurs: 1. Anything with the line thickness set to Class Style disappears. 2. The line thickness setting changes from mm to mils. Any help solving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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