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  1. I'll try anything once. Thanks, Tom in PA
  2. I would tend to agree with you but I have had VW running flawlessly for months and only then does this issue appear. I would assume if was an OS error it would start to crash as soon as it was launched the first time after install. What would cause it to wait 2 mo. and then crash?? I have not installed or removed any other software during this time. The computer it is installed on is just for VW and nothing else. It does not even have an online connection. Something just doesn't sound right. Tom in PA
  3. I take it from the lack of any response from anyone at NNA that the problem noted above is truly a 'bug' in the system. If NNA can duplicate the above issues we should all know about it. Some people are relying on this tool, that does't work properly, for dxf outputs as mentioned in another post. This is a big concern to me when I can't rely on the output when I export a file. Charles.......where are you??????? Tom in PA
  4. Anyone out there from NNA reading this post???
  5. Funny you should write this as I just got on to say the same thing. Menu bar crashed VW and so does using Ctrl 'O' to try and open. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. Did the un and re thing and all works so far. Can VW do anything about the re-install procedure? You have to go all the way back to VW11 before you can use the updates. Going up to 11.5.1 is real chore. There surely must be an easier way. Interestly enough, when I went to uninstall I could not get rid of the old 11.5.1 that was causing the problem. The Add/Remove Programs said it was gone but I went to program files, there it was, still there. I had to load the re-install into a new folder. Point is that whatever is causing the old load to crash is still in the system waiting ti rear its head again. Has anyone else using WinXP experienced any of the above problems?? Tom in PA......again WinXP 11.5.1
  6. Thank you....Thank you....Thank you..... At least someone else has been able to duplicate the less than poor operation of this tool. The other programs I use for this type of duplication are as simple as select object, select qty, select path and ...boom...operation done. I have posted in one of those 19 previous posts and it was a radius application. I thought it was limited to that. Wrong! The tool needs fixed. With 19 posts of problems why does it not appear on the 11.5.1 fix list that Katie published?? Can anyone from NNA duplicate these problems?? Is anyone working on a fix?? Tom in PA............again
  7. Here I go again........seemingly the only one to have a problem with an otherwise useless VW tool. Just tried to use this tool again this morning to no avail. A simple hole to be duplicated along a simple arc. Set prefs in dialog box to # of duplicates and entered 5. Put cursor at the end point of may path, the arc, and got 5 holes not equally spaced. At the bottom of the Duplicate along Path dialog box it states that when I check .# of duplicates, ...'the path is equally divided to produce the number of duplicates entered'.. This is pure hogwash as I have been unable to do it yet, even in a straight line. I still don't understand how these tools get tested prior to inclusion in a release. this baffles me. Had I not went back and checked the centerline dimensions of the holes we would have produced scap parts on our CNC. Someone else had a post about exporting dxf's direct to CNC toolpathing software and I would highly recommend not relying on VW outputs for this application. For putting pretty pictures on paper it may be fine but for use in a manufacturing environment, such as dxf outputs, beware! Am I the only one trying to use this tool in WinXP or am I the only one complaining?? Tom in PA....frustrated again!!!!!!
  8. Here's a very simple example of the way this does not work...... 1. Draw a horizontal line any length. 2. Draw a circle at one end. 3. Select circle and then tool (doesn't work any other way) 4. Set preferences for 5 objects. 5. Click on path. It is supposed to distribute the object equally along the path. Watch what happens. The first object will be placed at the point where your cursor is on the path, nothing to do with equal spacing. If you try and click the end of the path line, when smart cursor cues say'point', nothing happens and the selected object to duplicate is de-selected. If you move in from the end of the path until the cue says'object', the parts will be duplicated but not on the full length of the path, just to where your cursor was. All in all a pretty lame tool if you ask me. I just tried the same tool type on another program and when you click on the path the objects are placed correctly. If I can get this tool to fail on such a simple test what are the guys at NNA doing when they test this tool?? Can anyone out there duplicate the above scenario for me?? Tom in Pa WinXP 11.5.1
  9. Nobody from NNA seems to want to tackle these callout issues. I have been posting complaints on callouts since 11.0 and here in 11.5 the same issues exist. I can't believe that NNA cannot replicate the problem. Tom in PA
  10. I too have had similar problems with screen refresh and screen flickering in VW11.5. I have posted numerous times with this question and it most frequently happens with callouts or text editting. We are on WinXP and I have it occurring on two seperate computers. The revision cloud is the next one causing file corruption. I sent in a good example of this previously and was told it was a layer scale issue. I don't accept this as a proper answer. I cannot be the only experiencing these callout problems. Any other takers?? Tom in PA............still slooowww!
  11. Ray, Just loaded the latest 11.5.1 last night but have not had a chance to try it out. Tom
  12. I have noticed that anytime I go and try to edit or delete a callout it seems to take forever for the command to respond. The screen will flicker and the OIP will delay in coming up. I have noticed this on all files new and old. There still appears to be a 'bug' with this tool. Tom in PA Win XP
  13. Why can I edit some objects using the OIP and not others?? It seems if I create an object using add/subtract solids I cannot edit them , ie length ,width, height etc. When the object type shows up un the OIP as an extrude I also have the same problem. I thought I would be able to just grab a corner and go but that is not the case with all 3D object types. Am I missing something??? Tom in PA Win XP
  14. Well, here we go again....a tool that looks keen but doesn't work at all. I have never tried this tool until this weekend and I tried to section a very simple 3D object and get extra lines and wierd results. I tried a number of different ways and keep getting the same junk results. I can't even imagine trying to section a big model with this tool. Any help out there????????? tom in pa WinXP, 11.5.0....
  15. Kurt, I wouldn't try it. I have numerous problems everyday trying to export to our CNC toolpath programs and it does not work. I have tried all variations of export and always with the same results. We have found that if we use Rhino as a filter we can import in and export out a usable file. The way VW exports its files is not liked by machining programs, at least in our experience with our programs. We would never use a VW file unless it was just a very simple part. Curves, arcs, fillets etc do not translate well at all. Hope this helps, tom in pa
  16. alanmac, You are correct. It should be just that easy to do, simple as that. As far as the start of the path I have no choice as I drew the radius using the Arc by 3 Points tool and in VW you have no choice. If you start the arc at one end the arc goes one way and if you start at the other end it goes opposite. So I am stuck only starting one way, another VW quirk that irks me. I just want to place 'X' number of parts in a given distance. I have since resorted to doing it in another program with two clicks or so and importing the data into the VW drawing. This sounds crude but it is actually quicker than trying to fool with the VW tool. Thanks for the input guys, tom in pa
  17. need a whole bunch of work to be an effective tool. I just tried using it again last night and I remember why I always go back to Rhino for operations like these. I am trying to dupilcate a simple locus along an arc. I set the preferences for a fixed distance from the end of path and it does not when going in opposite directions, ie, my locus is at the left end of the path and I set the distance of 12", supposedly from the path end. Worked from the end but the parts were not spaced out correctly. Tried to work from right to left and now it maintains the fixed 12" from the start of the path not the end. Tried everything to make work, just not worth the effort for a marginal at best tool. Anyone have any luck with this tool.?? How about keeping parts oriented when duplicating along a given path?? Other programs do, why not VW??? Still frustrated.......... tom in pa
  18. Travis, I am trying to use the callout tool in a Final Shaded Polygon render mode. The manual also says you can modify a viewport using 2D tools and commands. I am trying to crop a viewport for a blown up detail area and the crop area cannot be editted. Grant, You are correct. The size of the revision cloud is usually what causes it to crash. In the older VW versions the layer scale had no effect. You could use it anywhere just as you can use dimensions on any layer size. The tool work before and now it doesn't. Why screw around with it?? Tom in PA
  19. Travis, I have had nothing but trouble with the Callout tool in WinXP. For the most part after the latest WinXP service release it seems to work OK but little quirks still exist, such as the problem mentioned and the lag whenever trying to delete a callout. The Revision Cloud tool has also been a trip and I still have numerous files where the cloud goes wacko and seems to corrupt the file. Once it is on the drawing there is no way to get rid of it. I have sent files to NNA thru the board and have no direct answer other than it has to do with layer scale, which is a bogus answer as it never occured on my old mac8.6 version. Thanks for the tips, Tom in PA
  20. I am having trouble using the callout tool to add annotations to an isometric view drawing. When I use the tool the leader and arrow always go behind the object and cannot be brought to the foreground to see where the arrow/leader is pointing. Any thoughts?? Can you dimension in 3D?? If not can the dimensions from 2D be carried over to a 3D view?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  21. Hans, Just went to the site and don't find a link for downloading the 2.0 demo. The only demo is the 1.5. later'
  22. Callouts and WinXP do not get along. VW has an issue with these as I have been having repeated problems even with the latest Windows patch. Go to the Callout Tool Preference window and set the max text width to 2", which I think is the default setting. You can also use the Width tab in the Object Info Palette to adjust the '0' width to 2". As for the General Notes.......haven't had that probelm yet. Good Luck, Tom in PA
  23. Has anyone from NNA ever looked at the Revision Cloud Tool in Win XP?? I have posted repeated complaints about this tool not working correctly and corrupting otherwise good files. Well, it happened again....Opened up a good 11.5 file and tried to use the tool as designed. Screen flickered, menu items went blank and drawing locked up. Nothing would work at all. I finally shut the system down and re-opened VW. Went to other files and no problem. Tried to open the file in question and it took forever. Finally went on screen and no tool would work. I previously sent a corrupt file similar to this to Katie for evaluation and the answer I got was something to do with layer scale which makes no sense since this tool worked fine in all previous versions at all layer scales. I have not changed what I do, NNA has changed the software. This tool needs looking at now.......... Tom in PA VW11.5.1 Win XP
  24. Delmer, I have previously posted items about a slight delay, in my case it was deleting items. I would open up a file and when I went to delete an item there would be a few second delay and then a screen flicker before it deleted. It still happens occasionally even with all latest upgrades. Callouts seem to have given me the most problem deleting. Tom in PA Win XP
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