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  1. Additional trial & error allowed me to print the image to a HP Photosmart 3200 in applications other than VW 11.5. Printing to the HP 3200 from VW led to the same gray area in lieu of the aerial photograph which leads me to believe the issue is within VW 11.5. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have imported a JPG file into V 11.5 using Office XP. Overlayed onto the JPG image are additional lines. When plottign to an HP Design Jet 800 I get the linework with a gray image in lieu of teh aerial photograph that I hoped should be there. Any suggestions how to resolve this problem?
  3. I think I found the problem printing the floor plan. I was using 2D/3D plug-in objects for the a 1 pc water closet, HC lav, mirror, toilet room waste receptacle and tp holder. After deleting these items from the drawing I was able to plot successfully. I had a 2 remaining 2D/3D plug-ins remaining in the drawing; a thermostat (visible in the plot) and a 2x4 troffer (layer invisible). This being the case, is the problem with one or more of these plug-in objects or potentially in my application of the plug-in objects? If the problem is inherent to the object(s), is there a patch?
  4. I am plotting from VW 11.5.1 to an HP DJ 800. I have a floor plan with numerous symbols in it,some are custom, others are from within the VW Architect library. When plotted, the symbols will not plot, though they are displayed on the screen and seem to have line thickness. Any ideas what the problem may be?
  5. I am working w/ VW11.5 in Windows and have had problems using Callouts and General Notes. Callout text is consistently inserted as a single line of vertical text that I cannot stretch out to read horizontal. With General Notes, I cannot Add notes or Delete notes from pre-existing General Notes. Any suggestions on how I need to fix this?
  6. I have numerous VW 8.5.2 files stored on an IMAC hard drive that I would like to migrate over to a PC with VW 11. I have had success saving the MAC VW 8.5.2 files in an ISO 9660 format burned onto a CD, then migrating the files to the VW 11 PC format, but I no longer have access to CD burner for the IMAC. Is there another way to migrate these files, short of purchasing a CD burner for a one-time use?
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