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  1. Why does VW try to use 27.49GB of RAM on my system?
  2. I have Vectorworks 2021 SP2.1 and InteriorCADxs XG Resources 2021 F2. I have a MacPro running OS 11.2.2 with 48 GB RAM, a 16-core Xeon W, and an AMD Radeon Pro W5700X 16 GB. It's not Vectorworks - I can run that flawlessly with no cabinets. But InteriorCAD continues to crash the system. Always asking to Repair Object Connections - taking 15-20 minutes to open a document. Over and over. Frustrating. I like the systems, but cannot get the bugs and crashing to stop. Anyone have any ideas on where to look for help?
  3. Also - is it normal for VW to take up almost 7GB+ of RAM just to run?
  4. It appears each time I open some documents InteriorCAD has to Repair Object Connections, and with 37+ or so units in the drawing it takes about 15 minutes to complete this process. This makes the system unusable. There are no databases connected - not sure if that means anything. Or how to do that. Or what I am missing. But for sure my systems shuts down time and again and again, and I lose 2+ hours a day if not more dealing with these issues. Any thoughts?
  5. Had something similar happen. What I found in my situation is that when you create a roof, even though you created it on the roof layer, it is automatically placed on the floor layout level. All you have to do is reposition it by dragging it up and into place. Does not change any other settings or elevations - they all stay correct.
  6. Seeking a way to add links to Title Block Borders so they appear on all sheets when Published. I would like to place hyperlink symbols inside the Title Block Border and use it as a way to create custom navigation menus when Publishing a PDF... When I place the hyperlink items inside the TItle Block Border now they do not work when the file is Published and Opened inside Acrobat - the links are not clickable. However, the hyperlinks work just fine if placed directly on a sheet (and not inside the Title Block Border symbol), but that means I would have to copy the submenu list and paste it onto each sheet if I cannot place it inside the Title Block Border. This would not be feasible. Any ideas?
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