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  1. I can spend an endless amount of time trying to adjust the lighting of a scene. Ambient lighting helps, but still you have to figure out the ambient settings to go with your lighting setting. Either it's too bright or too dark, but if the shadows had an adjustment i.e. amount and/or color. you would be able to find the right lighting, then easily adjust only the shadows.
  2. Hey pethose, I had put two versions of my windows textures, the old and the new. The new window texture I have found to work well has the following settings. For the color I used clouds with a BG Color of Black, a cloud color of white a scale of eleven and max detail, for reflectivity I used glass simple with a specular at the sixth mark, transmission at the tenth, mirror at the fifth, rough at the second, and refraction at the fourth mark. Finally I gave it a transparency at the fifth mark. Now that's my newest window texture. It's come a long way from my first and I personally think they look pretty good. But of course the setting could still be tweaked a little more but that can go on forever. Hope that helps and good luck.
  3. I've had this problem a hand full of times, No duplicate walls, window says "Window in Wall" and no second window. I'm thinking it has got to be a bug. It always seems to affect only one window per plan. If I offset the window to where the glass is further forward than the outside of the wall it almost looks normal, but you can see the funk behind it. Thanks for any help,
  4. I've found a plug-in on Vectorbits called clone PIO this plug-in will let you select a PIO (door, window, etc...) then select which other PIO you want to match and all attributes are copied over. Hope that helps, Sacsurfin'
  5. Hi William, My name is Brian Burkholder, the glass in those images has the values detailed here Though this next one is my newest work Just add a panoramic photo into the foreground for reflections, and maybe some quick curtains because there is a small amount of transparency Hope you can use the info. Good Luck, Brian B
  6. Thank you for your comments, Vectorworks can be quite a bumpy road. But since I'm paid to spend eight hours on VW a day I must credit my boss somewhat. Always ask questions, I don't know where I'd be if the kind people on this Tech board here hadn't assisted in my learning process. The more input the better. Sorry, I don't have an online portfolio but two things I recommend spending time on is your lighting and your textures and if you haven't downloaded a skydome you probably should. Keep using the Tech Board and good luck! Thank You Everyone
  7. I think it might be your line thickness. You can change it in your classes window. Hope that helps, Brian
  8. Well, toggling "U" and "O" hasn't changed anything. The window symbol is one off the architect samples. I've noticed the dashed outline of the window while dragging seems to be huge, and then when I insert it it goes back to small normal size. While moving, it's at least 4 times larger then the once inserted size.
  9. While trying to teach some people in the office VW, I noticed that when I positioned windows in walls it offset a few feet left of my insertion point. I opened some other files and no offset. I've done plenty of elevations and I've never had this problem. After insertion I can move them accordingly, but I don't want to have to take the time. Thanks for any help, Brian
  10. I have a file, 128 MB with a 3500 sq. ft home with all the plants, trees and overall landscaping (though against landscaping in RW, I was overturned.) I added 2, 4 MB porch light symbols and now when Renderworks gets to the porch lights it crashs, but only when rendered at a high quality and only when the whole file is rendered. I can render the porch light with just the home, or the home and landscaping without the lights. I've dumbed down the symbols considerably cutting their size roughly in half, but still no luck. Any Ideas? SacSurfin'
  11. I just offset the window so it was outside the wall and it doesn't fill with texture, but the part that should be transparent shows the wall behind it instead of the BG
  12. So, for some reason when I was in top/plan mode I offset the window, clicked on the wall area and found that the rectangle was actually some second window with absolutely no detail. I deleted it reset my problem window and it still doesn't work. So now it shows in Top/plan but still fills with texture
  13. Well after all that, the only thing that changed was when I unchecked the use wall depth box, the centimeter or so of framing that was visible disappeared. I noticed that when I go into top/plan view the problem window disappears, only the lines showing the insertion point remain present, probably the same small section I see when rendering in Renderworks or OpenGL. I tried replacing the window and flipping repeatedly, but to no aveil.
  14. So I checked my file, and it's not the siding that's the problem, It's a "Window in Wall" with only one wall also, a tiny little bit of the framing is visible and the rest is covered. I sent this file to Nemetschek and last I heard (February) they looked at it then said they were going to give it to an engineer to look at and that was the last thing I've heard.
  15. Back in February, I had the same problem with siding and my windows, every other window but one was working and all had exactly the same settings. No one ever solved it even after 2 emails. The only thing I could say would be since mine was textured with siding and yours also, maybe it has something to do with the supplied siding textures. (assuming you used a supplied siding texture) I really don't know how a texture could do that but since Feb. I've rendered about 30 homes with no siding and I haven't had a problem. The first and only with siding was in Feb. and it's still not right, so after rendering I just fixed it in P.S.
  16. Well then shouldn't you be dealing with your display resolution? different resolutions at 100% have given me different measurements. Just a thought, Brian
  17. Maybe I don't get it, but whenever I have imported objects or have taken dimensions. The scale always gives me true life sizing. Just for sake of argument, I've built a 8.5 by 11 picture in P.S., set the vectorworks scale to 1:1, and set print area to 8.5 by 11, when imported, whether dxf or image, it has always fit perfect on the 8.5 by 11 print page. Are you sure all the layers are at the same scale? Hope that helped, Brian Dual 1.8Ghz G5 3 GB Ram, Mac OS 10.3.9
  18. Getting endpoints to touch is simple when you use snap to object, even when you have to move them together, you go over a point and it will tell you. Then you move it until that endpoint you have goes over the other endpoint and it tells you, gotta love snapping. Brian
  19. You should be able to use the compose command under the Tool menu, at least that's where I have mine. That usaully works for me. Hope that helps, Brian
  20. Normally, I use custom renderworks settings and when I have problems with image props I up the raytrace value to about 4 or 5. Hope that helps, Brian
  21. Usaully when my roof is said to be too complex, I make the rest of the height and pitch edits and it usaully appears and when it doesn't I just get it close, then I ungroup and edit individual faces. Pasting the neighboring roof faces and adding some 45 and straight lines (for snapping) to the edit window makes this task simple, but don't forget to delete everything other then the roof face before closing the edit window. More power to ya' SacSurfin' PowerPC Dual 1.8 G5, VW 11.5 3 GB RAM, MAC OS 10.3.9
  22. Here is the latest and greatest grass texture i've got, absolutely no mower lines, I've got it set to a size of 12' in VW and it looks great. Good Luck, SacSurfin' http://www.geocities.com/sdsurfin2001/GoodGrass.jpg
  23. Here's a white stucco color which can easily be tiled and filtered for desired color. http://www.geocities.com/sdsurfin2001/WhiteStucco.jpg SacSurfin'
  24. Under the edit menu, at the bottom you will find an unlock command which should unlock any selected layer links. Hope that helps, Brian Burkholder ASAP Trade Graphics PowerPC Dual 1.8 G5, 3 GB Ram, Mac OS 10.3.8, VW+RW 11.5
  25. I second the motion. a week worth of renders could be done over the weekend. So much time is wasted on babysitting renders. Brian Mac OS 10.3.8, Dual 1.8GB G5 3 GB RAM, VW 11.5
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