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  1. In an update to VW 2020 can we please go back to the old standard 2D icons in tool palettes and dispense with the skeuomorph look! And especially in the Object Info palette!
  2. Control-click on the object brings up the conjectural menu, click on Properties... refreshes the OIP. Maybe in VW 2018 SP4?
  3. In VW2018 SP2, OS 10.12.6 -undo is not working correctly sometimes I lose all to last save and consistently OIP is not updating and shows nothing when some object are selected.
  4. I downloaded the new VW2015 Designer and it opens allows me to work for awhile and then it crashes freezes my computer and I have had to restart 3 times now. I thought it might be a file brought in from 2014 but was not the case as the last time was a new file I was working on. Brian Clark Architect Mac Pro 6-Core Intel Xeon, OS10.8.5, 3.33GHZ, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 7950 Wacom Intuos 4,VW (234280)
  5. The main advantages I see is that "inside" the notes are at the same scale and outside is 1:1 and the notes move with the viewport when it is relocated. Brian
  6. I am note sure how difficult or impossible this would be but all my clients would like have a way to open up my drawings and make notes and suggestions and then send them back. It would be nice if only the redline tool worked for the Vectorworks Viewer. ...for my wish list. Brian
  7. Spent the day doing a presentation setup with VW12 using numerous different fonts. I would like to see the actual fonts shown in the PIO or at the very least in the Font Menu. Could we have one of these for the VW12.1 update please? It would save an immense amount of time. To explain a bit clearer. When I am setting up a poster, for example. I go up to the font menu and look at say, Geeza pro Bold - I have no idea what it looks like from the menu (because all the font names in the menu are in the system font). In a program like Photoshop the font menu shows the font with their actual font so it is easy to choose what you want. There use to be an extension back in OS9 which actually did this for all applications. Thanks, Brian Brian Clark Architect G5, OS10.4.3, 4GHZ, 4GB RAM, VW12
  8. For a small firm there was a recommendation a few years ago which I have used since which allows one to added and delete sheets easy. A1.1 Site Plan A2.1 Basement A2.2 1st Floor Plan.... A3.1 Elevation 1 A3.2 Elevation 2 .. A4.1 Sections... A5.1 Wall Sections A5.1 Details... A6.1 Interior Elevations A7.1 Schedules... Get the idea? Brian Clark
  9. 1) A wish list item for me is being able to change a number of windows in existing walls at the same time. 2) Change the font size of dimensions in the OI windows


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