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  1. as far as i remember, there are no objects to far away from the internal origin. However I am aware of that issue.
  2. well it's a 8 story-bulding with 2 lower levels for parking, storage which all in all consists of 6 separate houses, one supermarket and 2 level parking under all houses (dwelling)
  3. it's an 2017 iMac 27" with a 4GB VCard and 16GB Ram..., bot, who knows
  4. One of my colleagues actually has the problem, that activating objects in multiple view pane mode is not possible (or something similar, it's about activated objects and the Object Info Palette, which don't behave as usual), when 3 or more panes are open. Might that be a performance issue?
  5. Suddenly there appeared an error message by trying to access the PS-Server, that sais sth like "Couldn't contact the Server", when I now switch inside the "URL"Drop-Down-Menu from "http://xxx.xxx.xxx.200" to "http://xxx.xxx.xxx.200:22001" everything works fine again, but why? Why do I suddenly need to verify on which port the ps server works? Could it be, that our IT switched the port?
  6. Hi folks, there exist two commands in VW which help me by joining walls. A "join"-command, which also can join lines for example from the menu and a "join walls"-Command from the tool-set (which of course is more apropriate for joining walls, because I can chose the way I want to join those walls (T, L, X, merge wall-components or do not merge wall components). However I am questioning myself wether I make a mistake when I join walls with CMD-Shift-J or CMD-J. What is the technical difference?
  7. yeah, the only problems are when rendering the OpenGL viewports. Of course, my college mentioned, that he didn't have problems from the beginning... Now, he's working on the 2013 and 2015 iMac simultaneously. 😉
  8. We have problems with some OpenGL viewports, which suddenly cannot be rendered any more. Instead they turn white. I can't upload the file, because it's a secret architecture competition. However, can that be a performance-issue? The slower machine is a 2013, the faster a 2015 iMac 😉 not the fastest ones, but, however, the viewports aren't heavy - 8.xx x 8.xx inch at 300 dpi = 2584 x 2584 dots The faster machine seems to handle the renderings (until now)
  9. second crash ~ 20 minutes later..., same issue, third try successful
  10. Hi, everyone's so glad about VW 2021 and its stability. Unfortunately me and my project colleagues don't share this happiness somehow. Of course our file might be a part of the problem, however, sometimes VW 2021 SP3 crashes immediately after clicking on the "open server-based project sharing file" from the file menu (in german it's called "Serverbasiertes Projektdatei öffnen..." (as you can see in the attached screenshot) That didn't happen for the first time, this morning... why? Anyone able to read and interpretate the quoted crash dump text?
  11. Hi, is it possible to merge more collinear walls in 1 wall-object? cmd+shif+j doesn't work for example. The only solution I actually know is delete all walls and keep one of them. If there are objects inside that wall (e.g. windows, doors,...) pull them out of the wall, after that extend the wall to the wanted length and reinsert all objects you first pulled out of the wall and be happy... But, a single simple shortcut for merging more walls in one wall-object would be great...
  12. I created a new design-layer and moved it in another position. Now VW asks me to check out Sheet Titles. Why??!?!? Works as designed, of course, but, however doesn't make any sense to me...
  13. found it, thanks. Fortunately I still use Catalina, not Bug Sur
  14. VW 2021 SP3 crash's quite often on more of our machines... I already tried to exclude some reasons (I can't change the graphics driver on a mac that easily, however I keep our machines quite up to date... My MB Pro 16" 2019 - macOS Catalina 10.15.7 - Updatet for the last time - yesterday iMac 27" 2015, 2017 with actual macOS 10.14... could still be sth in the project file, however not sure... (I already changed the setting to "send all crash data (or sth like this) as you can see in the attached screenshot, unfortunately german Vectorworks, however the dropdown-menu location is the same like in an english vwx-version) QUESTION: Where do I find all VW Crash dump-files?
  15. now we had vanishing space objects in a project file (iMac 27" 2017, Mac OS 10.14, Vectorworks 2021 SP3) no clue how it happened, suddenly there were some space objects missing in the project file. (more of us did open the server based project file, on all of our machines the space objects didn't exist any more) vanishing objects are quite spooky imho...😰
  16. Why can't I set the scale of a pdf-Export from the actual screen view? In fact I would miss it, once I would start using it...
  17. Hi, my Vectorworks 2021 SP3 sometimes crashes immediately after clicking on "file" -> "oben server based project file" (or similar, i don't find the english name of that command, you can see it in the screenshot) I already tried to empty the user folder, reinstall Vectorworks, no way, today I had two crashs in sequence (open Vectorworks for the first time -> try to access the server -> crash -> open Vectorworks for the second time -> try to access the server -> crash -> open Vectorworks for the first time -> try to access the server -> OK) Strange...
  18. yes, that's what I am doing until the wall "disappears" again 😉 @elepp discovered something similar in VW 2020 SP6, might be caused by the cw-window?!? Next time I try changing the parapet height of the window, I also discovered components of walls "disappearing" 😞 somehow caused by windows...
  19. Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2021-04-20 um 15.15.11.mov In some places in our model suddenly walls get invisible. There are german Window objects inside them. Everytime I pull that f**** window out of the wall it reappears, every time I re-place it in the wall the wall disappears again in 3D. (in 2D-plan view it's still visible) Any idea or should I contact Serviceselect better? thanks and regards, Matteo
  20. otherwise I can use a substring-function before :-), thanks!
  21. that's to complicated, I solved it with a substring (of course the letters 'ABB', 'BST' or 'NEU' always appear at the third place in the stylename which has to be separated by '-' 😉)
  22. just a simple question: I want to scan object styles. for example "BA-I-BST-370-230-BFT" contains the letters *BST* in a worksheet I would write sth like =if('stylename'='*BST'; yes;no) in Python I tried (running in a foreach-procedure, it has to filter all slab styles, which names contain the letters BST): (i read somewhere that '.+' is the Asterisk equal for python) if outValue == ('.+BST.+'): however, it doesn't filter work, why?
  23. @Christiaan did you ever make the experience, that one of your colleagues sent changes to the project file in his local dropbox folder, shut his computer down to fast and suddenly on the day after everything got messed up? We did make this experience this morning. I'm sure, that one of my colleagues sent changes, shut down her Computer and the changed project file "didn't reach dropbox". So my other colleague suddenly got problems by committing and "accepting" changes, we wrote a new project file (because I didn't imagine that something like that could have been happened) and suddenly this morning there appeared a file called "SWA (Julia Brinkmanns in Konflikt stehende Kopie 2021-03-24).vwxp" in the dropbox folder. The result will be a copy and paste orgy to achieve that all changes she made reach the dropbox file... Somehow dropbox-Integration should mean, that Vectorworks should be able to check, that the vwxp-file also has been uploaded, somehow...
  24. ... I replaced "T='86' " with "PON='SPACE' "... so, only spaces are related, no more walls, slabs,... however, it wasn't enough...
  25. thanks for helping an old myopic man by correcting his simple syntax-errors 😉 However, I still don't understand various things and so I don't get to pythonize the code that easily : 1) I try to call the function "ObjInSpace" with the command "SpaceH = ObjInSpace(H0)". In my opinion I give over the Handle of the previously selected Object H0 = vs.FSActLayer() to the function that way. (that's what you intended to do) 2) however you start the function wit the command "function ObjInSpace(H :Handle) :Handle" is my variant right: def ObjInSpace(SpaceH):? Imo, SpaceH is the "key Handle" in the "ObjInSpace"-function, so, I chose "SpaceH" and not "H" as Handle however, the Handle "H" never gets mentioned in your whole code. Why? (and, however, your Code WORKS. I already tested it.) 3) if (SpaceH != ''): is the right correspondent code to if (SpaceH <> nil) then begin in Pascal, right? ('' of course are 2 single quotation marks 😉) then still I'm not 100% sure if the sequence of my code is ok that way, although it definitely is the same as in other Python scripts, where I called a "foreach"-function... It just feels a little strange first writing the function and then the main program. So you did with the foreach-"subfunction" in your code as well. It's like: def ObjInSpace(SpaceH): def InSpace(SpcH): def InSpace-Code def ObjInSpace-Code Main Code SpaceH = ObjInSpace(H0) right? Sorry for my complex questions, I don't have the time for controlling my code more accurately at work and at home, too.
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