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  1. Hi, does anybody know the reasons for a Geoimage showing the error message GeoImage "Unsupported service type. Select a different service."? Wrong coordinates/coordinates in which the service doesn't provide images? Tried to fix that, without any success...
  2. Hi, our actual Data Manager - data mapping schemes are full of non symbols (must be more than 300) Whenever I load the scheme in a new file, all of these symbols come in the vwx file datamanager, as well, and there is no way to clean that list. (except of editing the data mapping scheme in an editor like visual studio code) Can I do sth more efficient? WHAT???
  3. Hi, in VW 2022 the dropdown menu for selecting a class for class based objects is still confusing to me. At least a search dialogue would be great, and organizing the dropdown menu alphabetically would be really good, too. (😟 still shocked by that confusing dropdown menu)
  4. afaik saved views are a sort of scripts? (why else do they appear as scripts in the resource manager) However, copying from file to file isn't possible. Doesn't there really exist any kind of trick, workaround,...? I want to build some saved views to toggle on/off some groups of data-visualizations, I need in more than one file...
  5. ... but you're right! Turning focus off makes it work!
  6. ah, now I found, what you were talking about. Since keyboard-shortcuts make me save time and look way cooler using my computer I don't wanna miss "use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls". Using dialogues and being able to switch options with tab keys is such a time saver and after getting used to it is way smoother than using the mouse arrow (and makes you look way cooler, using your computer!).
  7. sry, i got german vw, could you send me a screenshot, where to find that setting please?
  8. @Peter Vandewallei often use keyboard shortcuts, so i very often do use the tab key to switch from one input box to another. After jumping to the first drop down the cursor jumps to the measure HUD next to the mouse cursor (as far as I remember in german it's called "OMA" = "Objektmaßanzeige")...
  9. Hi Pat, tried that thing with other tools. That's a PIO-issue. It isn't the CW-Tool. Same symptoms happen with wall objects and every other object, btw, my first video has been captured in the record format tab from the pio, that's definitely not a CW-issue! 😉
  10. I bet I find the same problems with any VW-Tool, OZCad, VW Inc, Extragroup, Designexpress. It’s a VW Inc issue. ^^
  11. Hi, every time i switch/cycle through info palette and type i values in input fields using the tab key the cursor switches in the Object Measure HUD, when the cursor reaches a dropdown-menu. I remember that the problem began in VW 201X (2016 or sth like that). That's not a clear bug, but however, it gets on my nerves. Bildschirmaufnahme 2022-05-30 um 11.49.23.mp4
  12. Actually I try to write an IF query in a worksheet. Sth like: =IF(((B2<>'')|(B2<>'*A*')|(B2<>'*B*'));'YES';'NO') It's mainly about filtering weather string (it will be a substring later on...) does contain a special word/code or it doesn't. For the beginning I try to filter, wether cell B2 does contain the letter A or B or it doesn't. However B2.1 and B2.2 do contain an '*A*' and '*B*' however the result is still YES. No clue, why... (it will be a main part of my code...) IF OR.zip
  13. Hi, is there any possibility to color worksheet cells dependent on their content? like in data visualization?
  14. As you can see in the worksheet in the attached file I tried to extract the substring from a classname in a worksheet. The result isn't the substring but a number. The code in the first column of a database-row is "=SUBSTRING(C; '-'; 1)" and doesn't work. The only way to get the class-substring works with two columns, one with a simple "=C" and the second with =SUBSTRING(B2; '-'; 1) (B2 = the Cell-Name in which I am looking for the class name by "=C") Looks like a bug to me, isn't it? (so also the more complicated code "=CONCAT((SUBSTRING(B2; '-'; 1)); ' -|- '; (SUBSTRING(B2; '-'; 2)); ' -|- '; (SUBSTRING(B2; '-'; 3)); ' -|- '; (SUBSTRING(B2; '-'; 4)))" works ^^) ps. =IF((C='*A*'); 'A'; (IF((C='.*E*'); 'E'; IF((C='*H*'); 'H'; 'Y')))) doesn't work either, i have to use =IF((B2='*A*'); 'A'; (IF((B2='.*E*'); 'E'; IF((B2='*H*'); 'H'; 'Y')))) instead 😞 ) Substring from Class.zip
  15. did you get a solution in the meantime?
  16. just to avoid having double posts about the same topic: What can be possible reasons, that the Vectorworks-login doesn't find our License Server? Instead I have to fill in the server-IP manually. Actually we have macOS operating systems from 10.12 to 12 in our office. Our server runs on 10.12 (and is to be updated of course, i guess to 11 (Big Sur)) I imagine, that Vectorworks must send some kind of broadcast to find the license server which isn't answered. Must be some security policy on the server, I guess. Like port 5053 which could be closed to broadcasts or sth like that. What do you know about that?
  17. Hi, I am curios, wether anyone at Reprise or VW did ever consider a possibility of monitoring how many licenses were, are in use. Like creating a diagram over the last few months, since the reprise license server has been set up,..., in order to see, how many licenses have been in use by which person, where, ... and how many licenses where in process at all. Actually I am writing this in an excel spreadsheet, every day manually... But, could be a simple automated job, as well 😉
  18. yeah, the Data Manager is a great tool to assign IFC-Data to objects in Vectorworks. There you can manage really much things, assign new data, change data, assign record-format/database data to original PSets and also manage custom PSets... It's a really powerful tool!
  19. The command "IFC AttachPset" exists, but, does there exist also vs.IFC DetachPset? (or any type of command or code which could detach by Name defined psets from Objects) (Reason: somehow my mappings in the datamanager get overwritten somehow/don't work, until I detach all attached psets by hand... So I want to write a script to automate that work actually I work with activation scripts..., pls, preferably help me with my code question, not with the datamanager-issue)
  20. @Pat Stanford thanks for your advice! I will have to send the wish to ComputerWorks
  21. @Pat Stanford that‘s a bug imho. It works fine on older operating systems with older Vectorworks Versions. Got to (re)try VW2021, 2020 on Big Sur tomorrow morning. Or would you say it’s a regression? I don’t think so. ;-)
  22. tried to - reset the user folder: no success - tried with another user: no success, too. every time i want to edit the filename text inside the save-dialog..., no cmd keyboard shortcuts work inside the save dialogue text-input field. Got it already confirmed by some users on the german Vectorworks-Board. I'm not the only one. (in fact every user, who answered my post experienced the same issue, their using Big Sur and Monterey as operating systems)
  23. Hi, did/does anybody else experience, that the command key doesn't work specially in Vectorworks (tried it in work,... - everything fine), just in VW it doesn't work, so i can't press cmd+a for example, to mark up the whole file name, cmd+x, cmd+c, cmd+v doesn't work either... (in VW 2020, 2021 and 2022) Any ideas why? I already asked in the german board. Seems to my like an issue from Vectorworks on macOS Big Sur...
  24. Hi, in Vectorworks it's possible to select Worksheets and Scripts through the Window-Menu. It would be great (and, in fact i wonder, why it hasn't been already implemented), to sort worksheets and scripts by their folder, too. Please, implement it asap 🙂
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