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  1. Thanks, will this C4D (lattest version 9.5 ?) work with 11.5 ? have read issues saying it dosnt work ? Damo
  2. I work for a firm of structural engineers and have won a couple of competitions for 2 large bridges and have been asked to produce a constructoin sequence animation (therefore having objects moving into place, some objects not appearing until half way through the movie) to show how these could be built. So I am looking for the best application to do this animation in. I do the models in Vectorworks and have seen an application called Cinema 4D. Has anyone any experience in using the 2 together and what sort of animation results should I expect ? Or is there another application out there that would do what I need better. Your help and opions are apreciated. Damo
  3. Damo

    OSX move to PC

    Hi, I am about to move from OSX to PC and was wondering the best way to do this. I have mislaid my installation disk but have my dongles and serial numbers. Is their an easy way ? Thank Damo Techniker Ltd
  4. Can anyone help ! We are structural engineers and we have designed a building on the basis of a survey that had been done. We have subsequently found out the survey information is incorrect and is approx 1 degree out. The problem is all my plans are set up in ordnance datum coordinates and if I were to rotate my plans etc, all my notes and things that I need horizontal will be 1 degree out. Is there a way of telling the grid to rotate rather than the information in my drawing. If confused please say and I will elaborate. Damo
  5. I have approx 40,000 3d loci and was wondering how long it would take to produce this model with 3d triangles. I have started the process but has now been running for 2 hours. Is this normal and how long will it take. Damo
  6. I am importing a lot of dwg files with a lot of acrs in it and notice that quite a few of these arcs are being flipped about the vertical axis. Has anyone else noticed this and found the answer or is it just one of those anoying things ! Damo
  7. Is anyone going to answer this question ? I have seen it work with Microstation and is a huge advantage. Damo
  8. Well I had a pdf with a model of a two storey building with stairs and timber joists (quite busy) and the size was ..... wait for it ....... 34kb !!! You can zoom in and rotate the model, add light source to it and walkthough !! Unbelievable really !! Microstation really are ahead of the game. Damo
  9. We use Microstation and Vectorworks in our office and now microstation can print a rendered model to PDF and the model then can be viewed and rotated real time within Acrobat 7. Is there a way to do this in Vectorworks ? Damo
  10. You can if you have offset duplications on in the prefs and do command 'D' after ALT-click n drag. Hope this helps. Damo
  11. I found out by accident if you hold down option key and doubleclick the saved sheet you need in the saved sheets script pallete, it opens up straight away. Saves going around the houses. It would be a great idea if you could add an additional key to make a duplicate of the sheet you doubleclick ! Damo
  12. I have drawn a developed elevation of a wall (Wall is curved on plan) and was wondering if there is a way of bending this elevation to the curve on plan so it creates my wall in 3D. Damo
  13. I have same zoom in problem and was looking for help but this thread has just stopped. Is there an answer or is there a new thread. Damo
  14. It would also be a good idea (I think) if what ever object is double clicked within a viewport it would automatically bring that objects layer to the front of the list in the edit viewport window under design layer then you dont have to scoll down the list to find that layer.
  15. This would be a great addition. It would also be great if you could change the class appearance of referenced files (I know Microstation levels are related to the referenced file therefore you can change the appearance of levels/classes on a referenced file). An example of this topic would be youve got RC walls on section on one sheet (Ground floor plan) but instead of copying the walls to the first floor and making them dotted to represent under, you could change the view port class to show dotted thus only having one object but multiple classes given to it. Hope this all makes sense, any ideas ?


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