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  1. A pet peeve, perhaps, but why does the resource browser have the small green '+' (minimize/maximize) button? I find it quite the nuisance. No other palette has it.
  2. I have actual rebuilt the template, but am still having a problem with text styles. If I use them on a sheet layer, they work fine. If I use them on the same sheet layer, inside of a viewport's annotation space, the style doesn't stick. The same is true for text inside of a symbol. No one else is having this problem?
  3. As of VW 2011, Renderworks uses Cinema 4D's render engine, not the solidworks one.
  4. DWorks, that tool is a big help. Thank you. I only wish I had found it a few weeks ago.
  5. Yes there is a way. There is a good thread on the subject, but I can't find it now. Basically, set up a file with the classes as you'd like them. Create a symbol (ie a rectangle),with the rectangle set to the class you'd like to reference. Create a new file, select the symbol in the resource browser of the appropriate class you'd like to reference, Left click on the symbol From the drop down, select 'reference' In the dialogue that pops up, select 'update class definition...' I've set it up, and it works well. I've set up symbols containing a few rectangles set to classes in various groups, (i.e. a symbol of bunch of rectangles individually set to my various annotation classes) Now, when you make a change to the master class file, save it,and update the reference in other files, the class changes take effect. Very handy. Again, there is a good thread on this, search and you will find.....
  6. I'm having a problem where text styles don't stick. In a new, clean file it works fine, but in my templates, they don't stick. I can select text, change the style and the text will change to match the style, but the drop down for text style will revert to , so the text block is not linked to the style. This effects my template, and all the files created with the template. The template is from VW 2010 via VW 2008. I'm pretty much resigned that I will have to create new template files, but the project files would be a huge pain. Is there a way to trouble shoot this? I have sent a test file to bug submit but got no response. -Tobias
  7. When adding/editing criteria via the 'Edit Criteria...' in a worksheet database header, it would be handy to be able to edit/delete/add rules in any order, not just the order they were created in. It would also be nice if it where easier to scroll through the long lists in the drop downs (the field value list is usually very long) i.e. if you create 4 criteria, then find you need to delete the first rule, you'll need to delete the 3 other criteria to get to the one you'd like to delete. Mail (on Mac) has a similar set up for the 'Rules', but have handled it well. Pic's of both dialogues:
  8. Yes, I have been entering the angle manually. This bug is just sort of ruining the flow for me.
  9. Hard to tell what the farce is with that .png, it's a bit small.....
  10. I'm trying to figure out if I am experiencing a bug, or something unique to my set up. Here is what I'm doing: With the wall tool selected, I am drawing walls with the 'Snap to Angle' constraint enabled, and the walls are drawing normally (i.e. they are snapping to the proper angles, making it easy to draw square straight walls) If, however, I click to begin a wall, Then use the 'Pan' tool by pressing the space bar to navigate around the drawing, the wall no longer obeys the 'Snap to Angle' constraint, and it is very difficult to draw straight/square walls. I have tested the line tool, and it seems to function as expected, so I think it only effects the wall tool. Anyone else experiencing this? VW2011 SP2
  11. Did the update to SP2 (VW2011) Change something with PDF export? I have a client that can no longer open pdf's I sent them. No problems prior to this update, so I'm wondering if that may be the cause?
  12. Yes, I noticed this the other day on VW2011. I would call it a bug
  13. I'm having 2 separate issues with VW2011, and wondering if they are bugs, or not. First when I draw a line in a view other that top/plan (i.e. front,side, etc.) the line does displays a length (L) of 0 in the object info palette. Second, when I am trying editing text on a layer other that the active layer, with "Show/Snap/Modify Other" on, the text disappears. One needs to edit text in the active layer only for it to remain visible?
  14. I think my method above can be used with any units. Nice if it was streamlined, but it means that it is possible.
  15. I have found a work around for my scale problem with VW 2011 and C4D R12, if it is helpful. Not sure I can be of help to Horst, so pardon the thread high jack. My goal is to use feet/inches in VW2011 and inches in C4D R12 and have the imported model be appropriately scaled to the workspace in C4D so that the camera, lights and everything else works as expected. This is how to work it: In C4D: Open a new, clean file Set the Units to your desired units (inches) in Edit>Preferences>Units Set the Document Scale to 1, and set your desired document units (inches) in Edit>Project Settings.... Save the file as 'new.c4d' in the C4D preference folder Now, when you open a new file in C4D the default units will be inches, and document units will be inches. Before running the 'Export to C4D...' command in VW2011, open a new file in C4D, and tic the 'Merge into Current Scene' radio button. The scene should be scaled correctly, and a good size for the workspace with out further tweaking.
  16. I think the Export to C4D... command works a little better with C4D R12. I am playing with it a little now, but I am having a bit of a problem with the scale of the imported model in C4D. I think C4D has changed the way it handles units in R12. For example, when creating a default sized cube, in R10 and R11 the cube would be 200 units, regardless of the units being worked with (i.e. 200 mm, 200 cm, 200, ft, 200 inches). Now in R12, a default cube is 2000 mm, 200 cm, 78.45 inches, etc. so C4D is now converting between units. The problem for me is that now a model that is imported from VW (imperial units) in to C4D, set to inches as units, is huge, making it difficult to work with in C4D. I have not had the time to really figure out what is going on, or find a work around, but my first few attempts were a bit un-weildy. The lage model size make lights, camera, etc difficult to use. Is anyone else seeing this, or do I have something messed up?
  17. Could you use the Rough Opening Height and Width? Windows would be 2x R.O. Width + 2x R/O Height, Doors would be 1x R.O. Width + 2x R.O. Height. You may need to class the doors and windows so that you are sure you're getting the proper ones, (i.e. exterior doors) Hope that helps?
  18. VW has a handy new feature (or at least new to me). Assuming you are using an image for the texture, Go to the edit texture dialogue Select 'Image' from the 'Bump' pull down-> Click 'Edit' next to the Bump pull down Click the 'Reuse an image...' radio button Select 'This Textures color' click ok Hit the 'Invert' image button you can also set the bump strength done. Love to see the texture when it is looking good.
  19. Is there a way to set the precision of the units displayed with the elevation bench mark tool? Currently using it in control point mode, VW 2011. It would be good if you could control the dimension precision like you can with dimensions.
  20. Tobias

    Wall Framer

    Having the wall framer center on either the 'core' component of the wall by default or being able to select the component class within the wall to center on, would make this tool much more useful, and more accurate. Still might be alright for getting a general take off. It also would be nice if you had more control of the classes created, how corners are framed and where layout started from. Seems like the roof framer has a bit more control. John, it is working for me in VW2011, I would double-check that your walls are in the correct class, and that you are selecting the proper layer for the tool to work from.
  21. In edit worksheet mode Format cells... > Number Tab> Trailer and/or leader
  22. Peter, I figured out a bit of it. I have a database set up to find walls of a particular layer and class. Then use the ComponentName(1) where the number is the component from the outside of the wall in. Skip defining the type again, i.e. t=wall. Seems to work. It would be nice to have a gross and net, the ComponentArea will give you net only. Jeffrey, the help is marginal. Read the definition of the function WallArea_Gross/Net. They should yeild: "The combined 2D gross/net surface area of one wall face for walls that meet the specified criteria" Not what they do now, is it?
  23. Wow, yeah that's a problem. I would put that in the "needs to be fixed" category.
  24. Now that walls have components that can extend above and below the core wall component, we need a way to query each component in worksheets. At this point the area calcs seem to take some sort of average wall height. It would be nice to be able to get the are (net and gross) for each individual component. I.e. I would like to be able to query the area of the exterior insulation and siding components that extend below the wall to cover the slab edge, and be able the query the interior GWB that ends on top of the slab.
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