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  1. Nomad, needs to support a range of cloud based server systems rather than just dropbox and cloud services. We recently moved our company server to Google drive for more flexibility for our field guys, but they can't open up the pdf files in google drive. This is going to be a BIG deal as more construction guys start using iPad pro and google drive (box, onedrive, etc.)
  2. Would like to be able to open pdfs in nomad from either iCloud, google drive, and /or one drive. Seems like it only works with dropbox for some reason.
  3. I hope we can see VW move in this direction. As an owner of a Architectural Design and Construction, we've been pushing the integration between our design team and construction teams. This potentially is revolutionary tech.
  4. Often I am having to go from annotations to design layer to make tweaks -and every time I have to relocate the view back to the view I was looking at in annotations- very annoying. Need to be able to switch back and forth between annotations and design layer without having to worry about the view changing. Big time saver!!!!!
  5. Would love to see Vectorworks develop the ability to project our models into oculus rift, and/or some other 3-D interactive environment.
  6. I work on a laptop, and every morning I connect my laptop to another screen. I use the larger screen for drawing, and the laptop screen for my palettes. So everyday I have to move the palettes to my laptop screen. I WISH there was a way I could use a saved pre-arrangement of my palettes on my laptop screen with the drawing on my large screen. I know you can do this already, but only for one screen. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, wish there was a simpler way. Maybe 2012. John
  8. Does anyone know how to make overhead extrusions dashed in floor plans? This is important so that my over head object are solid lines in the floor plans, but can still be shown as dashed lines. Also, is there any way to make an extrusion show as a dashed line in plan view? Any and all help is appreciated.
  9. I am exporting to sketchup my VW model via 3ds. However when I get the model into SU the wall, window, and door elements are splintered into to a bunch of triangluar polygons, even when I set the fewest polygon options. Does anyone have a way of doing this so that it isn't all splintered and I don't have spend all the time to clean up the model??? Thanks, John
  10. I need to put some bushes in my model in a planter. So I need to scale them to fit into a planter - Any idea on how to do this? John
  11. Wes had this in his tips and tricks 2011 and I was wondering how he got this effect.
  12. So Blind, Were these 3d Model objects that you made into a symbol? John
  13. Jeff, Thanks for that handy tool, great idea. Should be able to get what I want. VW or you should do a video on this. Would be great to elaborate on how to work with this and symbols. Thanks again. John
  14. Is there a video on working on working with symbols the way you explained. I am sure I can figure it out, just wondering. Thanks for the quick reply.
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