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  1. Thanks Jeremy - There is a lot to digest here. I think for starters we'll move to 2020 and I'll undertake re-creating a clean template. I'll also move some models to a clean new drawing file and see if I can re-create the orbit problem. On some of your questions: With only one VW file open (the one in the video) my activity monitor shows VW using between 8 and 9 GB of data. This is a fairly simple project file for us. A single story remodel/addition. The working file is approx. 173 MB, it's comprised of about 25 design layers and 50 sheet layers - many of the sheet layers unused. I will check the activity monitor again the next time the orbit fails and see if anything is different. We've been running navigation on Good Performance and Compatibility for a while, but I can also experiment with Best Compatibility. I'm not certain what you mean by using a single shared user folder, I don't think that is what we do. Just to be clear: Each computer has an independent installation and Vectorworks folder. Our project files are stored in a common directory in Dropbox, but our working files are stored locally on our individual hard drives. We do not use common workspaces - most of us have a few different workspaces for single or dual monitors, laptop etc. We do keep more than one Vectorworks installation (version) on our computers since sometimes late in a design process, we're reluctant to convert files to the new version - not sure if that could be a factor. Thanks again for the hip shot - I'll reply with more info after I recreate some things on this end.
  2. We are a small office running medium to large scale, residential remodeling projects. When running 2019 we're having constant problems with models not rendering/updating when moving from plan view to 3D. It seems after working in a file for a while, when trying to change views or render (in OpenGL) the display just stops updating and stays in plan view even though selection handles for selected items seem to move normally. Closing the file and re-opening (not quitting VW) resolves the problem, but the fix is usually temporary. This has led most of my team to keep ongoing projects in 2018 since we do not have this issue nor frequent crashes in 2018. This happens across all stations, which include MacBook Pros, Mac Pros, and iMacs, all running SP4 on High Sierra, and syncing project files over dropbox. Needless to say we're hesitant to upgrade to 2020 since we barely used 2019. Details: MacBook Pros (15" and 13" 2017) 3.1-3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB RAM the 15" has a combination Radeon Pro 560 (4GB) and Intel HD 630 (1.5GB) the 13" has the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 (1.5GB) They each run Two LG 27" Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) displays Ironically, the workstation with the Iris card seems to have the fewest problems. Other stations: Mac Pro (2013) 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 32 GB RAM AMD FirePro D700 (6GB) Two LG 27" Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) displays iMac (Retina 5K, 27" 2017) 4.2GHz Intel Core i7 40 GB RAM Radeon Pro 580 (8GB) Orbit Failure 720p.mov
  3. That makes sense, but where would I name/rename a group - I would prefer not to have a bunch of similar classes, I would rather just root out the conflict which seems to be occurring over more than one document suddenly. In the meantime, I just started a fresh drawing but I would like to know how to resolve/avoid this moving forward.
  4. I've been creating 3D symbols for my cabinet library for years - consequently I have sheets and sheets of pre-classed 3D symbols with simplified 2D icons. Suddenly every time I try to place one into a drawing I get an error message in a window titled "Resource Name Conflict" For example, if I try to import or copy and paste a 4BD-18 cabinet, I get the following message: The Symbol Definition named "4BD-18" that you are trying to import has the same name as a Group in the current document. What do you want to do? ( ) Rename the imported Symbol Definition as: ____________ ( ) Do no import this Symbol Definition. I have no idea what I've done to get here - anyone?
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a resource for good 3d models for toilets and other residential bath details. Any suggestions on where to look? I am trying to avoid creating them from scratch. Specifically today I need a TOTO CST414M Aquia Dual Flush Toilet.


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