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  1. Screenshot of latest ridiculousness is attached. Every single time I insert, edit, or delete a callout I seem to get some sort of graphic ghost or other bug. The attached pic is the three most recent positions for the callout in question, and they won't go away. Sometimes it's these. Sometimes it's disappearing text (despite graphic and text attributes, and class/layer assignments/visibilities/stacking being identical to another, well-behaved instance). Most often they refuse to accept graphic attribute changes. I don't have this problem with any other properties or resources. Yes, they almost always resolve with a restart. But restarting the software every time I want to touch a callout is unreasonable. I don't think I'm doing anything unreasonable to them. I make them one at a time, and so far they're all plain old text, no database link. The second screenshot is my default preferences for new callouts. Have I done something silly that's hard on the program in some way? Thanks!
  2. When I run lighting fixture maintenance, it appears to overwrite fields that have been manually added to the Lighting Device Parameters, or custom records. It does not appear to matter whether the field is text or a number, and/or whether it has a default value. Is this expected behaviour? It kind of smells like it's resetting anything that isn't in some invisible lighting device record.
  3. Can we get the cycle selection and associated highlight features mappable to keyboard commands? There is way too much mouse movement required to bounce around in a group doing stuff to things. It takes longer than manual selection. Thanks!
  4. Is it possible to undo a step in Spotlight Numbering, the way you can when drawing a polyline, for example? If you click the wrong fixture halfway through a manual numbering sequence, you either have to back out and pick your sequence up again, or go back after and fix the fixture you hit by accident. Either way, it's a giant pain/distraction. Can it be such that if you hit the delete or backspace key, it undoes the last step, and essentially takes your numbering back to where you were before your misclick? Thanks!
  5. Ok next question, how do I make the tag have an "object association"? I have used the same field you did, but it says I have no object association. It seems when I copy a default tag, it retains its object association. If I change the layout, or try to create a tag from scratch, I seem to either break or be unable to obtain an object association. Is there some feature that needs to be included in a tag layout to make or keep its ability to pull its fields' info from an object? The association seems to break even if I don't change the text fields or their definitions. Attached is a sample file with what I hope are sensibly named data tags in the resource manager. If anyone has any insight, the vwx help website is being the opposite of helpful. Bad Data Tag.vwx
  6. Ooh, thank you. Don't know why I couldn't find hang position in the object function, but there it is. I'd made a custom record for hang positions that had "Position Name" and a "Universe" text field, but now you've shown me where the name field is, it's probably easier to make it a manual entry. It's just for display. Cheers!
  7. Hi all, anyone know how to extract hang position names for data tag purposes? I'd also love to reference universes used on that position, but that might be more of a long shot:) Thanks!
  8. Hi Monkey, When I click the "Class" dropdown in the OIP with an object selected, focus goes immediately to the search bar in that dropdown, so I can start typing and narrow down the list. Is that what you mean? Annoyingly, the search bar in the class navigation pane behaves a bit differently: you have to press enter to apply the search term to the list. I remember the same behaviour from vwx on mac, but that was over 10 years ago for me. Am I describing the behaviour you want?
  9. @markdd it did it again, so I have an example. Attached is a snip of two fixtures that have the same Legend and 3D legend view (screen aligned) applied. Note only the one oriented vertically shows the 3D label in this 2D Top/Plan view; this is typical. Also attached is the 3D layout for the Label Legend in question, and what I would assume are the relevant bits of the OIP for the highlighted element. For now I've made the class in question invisible on all viewports so at least it won't print, but that's a tedious manual workaround obviously, especially with the number of files we're handling. Any insight would be appreciated. It's feeling more and more like gremlins. Thanks!
  10. Oh my goodness, you don't know how long I searched and didn't find that! Thank you so much. *sheepishly deletes post*
  11. Can we please get a command to restore the last selection? Thanks.
  12. Hijack away! I'm trying to coordinate with my GrandMA fixture layer exports, and gosh darn if it ain't tedious at the moment. And the opportunity for human error is huge. Are your requests for similar reasons?
  13. Thanks, I don't seem to be able to do it consistently. Sometimes the hang positions (those little blue arrows) end up way off on one axis or another, or I have trouble picking a hanging position that's an actual hanging position (see my original edit). I'm sure I'll get the hang of it, now I know how it should work. Cheers
  14. Hi there, How do I hang a fixture on or move a fixture to a specific truss cord? Edit: Also, how do I get fixtures to snap to actual hanging (ie: hangable) points on a truss? Even when it's been converted to a hanging position, snaps only look at it like a collection of lines. Thanks.
  15. If there's an answer to this that can be publicly posted instead of DM'd, I'd love to read it. I'm learning as well. I seem to be able to hang fixtures on pipes and trusses ok, but moving them to a different hang position after the fact (or, as is my current struggle, to a different truss cord) is a bit hit and miss. I end up deleting a reinserting fixtures a lot, which cannot be normal. @Chris Burton possibly stupid question, but did you convert the truss to a hang position? It's an incredibly awkward mechanic, but it's the thing to do.
  16. It's not really a workaround though, that's a different function. Outhanging a fixture and tilting it 90deg are two completely separate things, which both need to be documented. For non-spotlighters, the difference is the orientation of the yoke vs the body (according to the "parts" record).
  17. Hi Mark, Of course now I've been fussing with it, it's behaving. I have a "goodLabel" screenshot waiting, and will add "badLabel" and ping you here with resources attached if/when it acts up again. Thanks again!
  18. Hello, Which Label Legend I have checked as "Active" in Spotlight keeps resetting. Every time I switch symbols or go back to the Label Legend Manager, it defaults to a certain one. The one in question is at the top of the list in the Label Legend Manager, but that list order does not seem to correspond to any kind of sorting in the Resource Manager. How do I fix this, please? Thanks.
  19. @Rob Books But what about the same fixture type in a different concept, that needs to be straight down? Each fixture type has quite a few different focus needs. Wouldn't I end up with a load of different tilt angle fixture objects? Edit: Or do you mean go in an manually edit each object, instead of the symbol resource?
  20. I do have that. The 2D Legend is no problem, it's just that the 3D Legend shows up in 2D, so I have double legends. I think it's a bug, given when/how it appears. Thanks anyway!
  21. @markdd So this is all working beautifully, except I have the 3D Labels showing up in top/plan view. They're not present when I go to edit the 2d elements of a fixture; in the 3D layout manager for the Label Legend, all elements are set to 3D plane (not "screen"); it only appears on fixtures that are oriented vertically according to my screen (even if they're exact copies of fixtures that are rotated a little off axis, which don't have the ghost 3D labels visible in 2D plan). It feels like buggy behaviour to me, but I thought I'd check. Any insight? Thanks.
  22. Can we please get the ability to freeze rows/columns, and the ability to edit more than one cell at a time? Thanks!
  23. Darn. Came here looking for how to do this. It's insane that you can't pan/tilt a light. EDIT: If the powers that be are reading this, an example of why this is insane: I have a stage with 60 lights washing a green screen. They all just need to tilt 30deg for 3D display purposes. At the moment, it seems like I need to make 60 individual focus points, instead of selecting the whole pile of them and typing "30" once.
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