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  1. Working on one of 2 buildings on a site. Its about 25 degrees off of the main building and street. I drew everything after doing a 'Rotate Plan' command, which worked great. When it came time to label my spaces it's bonked out w/ 2 problems: All the Data Tags are rotated (from this plan view) All the non-rectangular spaces are calculating dimensions on the 25 degree axis. It may not be easy to see in the shot below, bit I've thrown dimensions on teh bottom two bedrooms for comparison v the auto-generated dimensions. The balcony off to the top right is rectangular and therefore correct. I'm sure there's some way to rotate the user grid or something, but I sure cant see how? Old posts here point to a menu that's long gone...
  2. Bumping this back up - can you seriously NOT apply a hatch to a slab style?
  3. hmm, that doesnt quite align with the way I read the man files & the example: if ((logical_test), value_if_true, value_if_false) Use value_if_true if logical_test is true, value_if_false if logical_test is false. Use this function to conduct conditional tests on values and formulas and to branch based on the results of that test. The outcome of the test determines the value returned by the If function. The logical_test can be any value or expression that can be evaluated to true or false. Up to seven If statements can be nested as value_if_true, value_if_false arguments. Boolean statements within an if statement must be in parentheses. Text within an if statement should be enclosed within quotation marks. Examples: ● =if(('Existing Tree'.'Condition'='Not Set'), '-', 'Existing Tree'.'Condition') If no condition value was set for the existing tree object, the value in this cell is a dash; otherwise, the value in this cell is the condition value that was set for the tree object. IsError and SumIf seem painfully missing!
  4. _almost_ got my building space/area calculator working but am getting a #/DIV 0! error (legitimately) when dividing an Area by an occupancy of 0. The zero is coming from ='Space'.'SpaceOccupancyRequirements_AreaPerOccupant' Trying to avoid that by : =IF((L6=0), 0, F6/L6) Somehow that still gives the div/0 error when there shouldnt be any division happening!? Ive tried adding ' marks to the zero to no avail.
  5. Same issue here. Marvin windows dont touch the sides. Andersen and Pella shown on Right & Left respectively. Marvin in the middle doesnt work
  6. Ah, this thread solved it, though I'm not sure its still the correct behavior?
  7. Layer referencing in a floorplan (2 layers). No layer linking. Layers appear in the Nav palette in Italics. The geometry is invisible unless one of those 2 layers is selected. I tried it with a simple test file & it worked, somehow doesnt work with my full floorplan? Layer options set to Show/Snap/Modify (though Ive tried all of them). Maybe related to the guy with the disappearing roofs issue?
  8. Aha, it seems to be possible if you use layer referencing rather than viewport referencing
  9. Hey folks, Our buildings tend to have a few repeating units throughout. Easy enough to either use Symbol or Reference to keep them separate and readily updated. The cherry on top would be to use Spaces to identify the units and do overall building Gross & Net area calcs. It seems for that to work right, you need to be able to select the exterior walls of the unit, which is not possible for reference or symbol? How are you guys doing it?
  10. Hi folks, I've read through everything I can find here with no love - it seems one cannot reference directly to a Sheet Layer, only to design layers. I'm curious how people handle things like typical details (not 2d) or Legends? Everyday stuff that one doesnt necessarily want in design layers interfereing with the building model? For example: our office's general notes page needs to have 3 or 4 diagrams required by the bldg dept. I've drawn them, they work. One is in plan view, it wasnt hard to make that a symbol and drop in onto the sheet layer & scale it down to fit. The other diagrams are section and elevation views. Turns out you cant make symbols of elevations. I figure, hey, I'll reference them in, but that means still having at least a reference, or a viewport reference on a design layer = exactly what I'm hoping to avoid. Is the easy answer the stupid way, keep the diagrams in a file, and burp out pdf/jpg? I hate that answer but cant find a less messy one than having excess geometry in a file, or extra viewports I dont really want.
  11. Hi folks, Using the Display North Point checkbox shows it on all sheets. How do you modify that to per-sheet behavior? Its not helpful on details, cover sheet, notes pages etc...
  12. Thanks! Wish I could make it work 🙂 I'm sure its a rookie error on my end. When I copy/paste the data tag to my file it shows a little caution triangle and no data. Any further advice? Even tried making a new file with the prefab Arch Imperial setup and it didnt work there either.
  13. BSeigel, thanks - but not quite. I'm trying to do this OUTSIDE the titleblock. The info is there someplace?
  14. Hi folks, I've got my title-block up and running, but cant figure out how to access the Project Data info outside of the titleblock? I dont even know how to look for it, I'm afraid. For example - project cover page, would like the Project Name and Address in big bold letters, outside of the titleblock. How can we access that info? Screenshot below, trying to get the same info to fill in both Project Name fields, same for address... thanks, -jamie
  15. techdef


    So what is the workaround? I have a building cut into the earth and would like the retaining walls to display correctly as I show 1st and 2nd floor plans. There are site features & stairs which always show as if they were in "site plan" view instead of cutting horizontally as one would like.
  16. Hi, newB here... trying to edit a slab drawn w/ Polyline mode & need to snap it to walls. When I enter Edit Boundary mode, all other geometry disappears - how am I supposed to snap?
  17. Looking good! Will try out layer wall heights on my model. Thx
  18. Has anyone figured this one out yet? Kind of a big bummer to hear... by which I mean the ability to replicate an apartment across multiple stories
  19. Matt, thanks for that - I'm such a NewB with VW I dont even know how to ask the right questions yet! I had seen the video for fitting walls to roof and got mixed up... Using the AEC/Fit Walls to Objects command worked perfectly to get walls sloping up to underside of my new parking ramp. Thanks
  20. This seems to work brilliantly, but I cannot get a wall from below to match the slope of "bottom of slab above" when this is used? Any tips?
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