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  1. I inserted a VW preconfigured furniture layout after (Floor Layout-Living Room 01) into an existing project, the wheel appeared for a second or two during download, afterwards no issues. Repeated the process with a new file and no issues. No issues with 3d mouse or tablet. Open GL, for me, had studdering issues on high settings, low and medium were very tolerable. Please note my hardware configuration and up to date software below in my signature.
  2. Wow!! Someone may have to fly to Germany and have some serious Nemetchek meetings. Wait, I’ll be in Munich in March, maybe they’ll meet with me and Jim Wilson? Right!!
  3. So with this possible work around can we assume that Apple and VW combined are more power hungry that both companies would like to admit? I know for a fact that also Safari has asked me to close some websites that are memory hungry in order for the CPU to run better. I intensely dislike Java for that, Steve Jobs was I bigger fan of HTML because of those power browser issues. Thank you Zeno for the heads up. I am loving the contributions and involvement of the users.
  4. Updated all 3rd party input device drivers, tablet and 3D mouse, with no issues as of yet. Will be getting to new Mac OS update this week.
  5. This is my existing 3Dconnexion status. It is working fine for me, as you can see the update is asking me to download to the newest version. I now fear, from comments on this forum, to go forward. Anyone have any comments? P.S. I am using the mouse in usb connection mode rather than bluetooth if that may make a difference.
  6. Alan, I’d be curious to see specifications of your two machines (ie: processors, graphic cards, memory etc.) I contend, as others seem to indicate, that there maybe a common hardware denominator.
  7. I submit to everyone an alternative solution to our problems my very first CAD purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Nemetschek-MINICAD-MACINTOSH-VERSION-MiniCAD/dp/B000L6EXGA Just some much needed levity.
  8. Apple has not been the same since the death of Steve Jobs, so there's that also.
  9. Just tried Arc Tool w/all modes after OS update: no 'spinner', no issues.
  10. Ok, so I have made the decision to go where no other man has dared go: Mojave That desert that is causing Vectorworks users much consternation. I have decided to take that plunge because progress is not always an easy path and that I can see that this company is trying, and that they truly care about the end users. Let us move forward step by step, and contribute when we can to edification and progress. Let us admit, both users as well as creators, that some things in life are beyond our control, lets meet in the middle, shall we? So far I am not having any issue, but my OS update was yesterday. Today is another day.
  11. I have a Wacom tablet and 3DConnextion USB devices. Jesus!! Haven't upgraded to Mojave yet waiting for the all clear. Its been a long wait, I wonder if Nemetchek is feeling like some second class citizen.
  12. On another note: Newly iPad Pro specifications seems to be more than enough to run VW 2019. I was wondering if a mobile app would be a logical addition for those who like to use Apple iPads? This topic probably should be on another and separate thread, if anyone wants to chime in and start one i would be interested.
  13. Just did: SP1.1 (build 4060795) the second update . Where do we stand for Mojave at this update? I noticed with the first SP1 that the shadow rendering issue seems to be solved.
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