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  1. Kingstone

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    Here are contents from Tech Support email concerning this issue: "It looks like the issue is linked to an error that is occurring in the file. It appears as though the textures on the wall are “breaking” and the ability for them to receive shadows is being disabled by something in the file. At this time we cannot figure out what it is, but we are working with our engineers to determine what could cause the issues. My best suggestion at this time is to remove the texture from your walls in the viewport (specifically the one that you are trying to display the shadows on) Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks," If this issue exists with components that I inserted from Vectorworks, I hope it get resolved quickly. I looked at some of my older files with more or less the same content and shadow rendering seems to be fine with walls in component mode. The real test is for anyone to create their own file from scratch in order for me to eliminate the fact that only my files are all corrupt.
  2. Kingstone

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    I was wondering why a wall in 'object mode' receives rendered shadows, but the same wall in 'component mode' does not. The default textures of the component parts of Vectorworks walls seem to be resisting edit. You can see this issue in the two viewports on the sheet layer of this 55 MB file. Of which i am now having a problem uploading?
  3. Kingstone

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    aha, a nubes rush to post, thanks
  4. Kingstone

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    Luis, Mark & Evan, If you duplicate my simple setup, concrete wall, bamboo floor and storefront wall from scratch and finalize a rendering with Realistic Interior Fast shadows I would appreciate attaching the file for my review. Thank you again for the continuing efforts.
  5. Kingstone

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    Please delete furniture, which is a grouped and may be an issue in itself, out of the drawing and start with a fresh new file, just copy and paste Vectorworks walls and floor. That should make it cleaner to inspect?
  6. Kingstone

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    Hahaha, that is funny those materials are from Vectorworks default layout furniture. Why is the storefront wall is not admitting those shadows into the room is part of the mystery. I am currently working on inserting all objects into another new drawing without the default furniture setup I downloaded into the existing drawing. We will figure it out of this i am sure. Thanks.
  7. Kingstone

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    Many thanks, I moved the furniture out of the room, and it actually displays shadow on the outside of the wall. I think for the default rendering setting there should be a set to default button since in one's adjustments for the right final look can complicate things.
  8. Kingstone

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    Test render 080918.vwxCouldn't find revision of post so ill reply here. One heliodon in file all other lighting sources turned off.
  9. Kingstone

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    Open GL shadows present but Realistic Interior Fast no shadows?