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  1. On 8/21/2018 at 5:30 AM, Endre Torkildsen said:

    Hallo VinceK, I had a meeting with sales at Milos Europe today. He told me that this is beeing woorking on and was hoping to see some action soon. 

     Hi Endre, good to hear.. what's important is the base and tower accessories.

    On 8/22/2018 at 12:52 AM, Rob Books said:

    We also have an agreement in place now with Layher and will be releasing some content for them as we finish it up.  English Service Select should have it in September, others as the Distributors localize and release.

     Another good news. : )

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  2. @EAlexander - Hi Alexander, yes I'm referring to sloped gables. The default tent they have in vw are fixed, I can't change the dimensions or sort. Was thinking of drawing them from scratch.


    Very much appreciated if you could share the way to construct here with me.

  3. Is there any tent symbols we could use? Like Roder tent etc.


    I have trouble drawing the triangular in 3D. How do I draw the 2, Z axis for the triangular?


    Any help here will be very much appreciated. : )

  4. @markdd - thank you markdd.. that works. But this apply to this particular drawing I'm working on. Whereas other drawing work well when both class and design layer are both on gray/snap others. Could this be other setting?

  5. I suspect it's some setting that I've done wrongly. Need some advice here. : )


    When i'm working on design layer, I often have to use force select to Activate Class and Activate Layer. For example. the speaker is in 1 class and the subwoofer is in another class. I don't seen to be able to change the class, so when I needs to move the audio speakers, i have to force select the symbols or activate the class, and when i have to edit those audio subwoofer, i have to do the former again. It goes back and forth and i feel it's not right.


    Same goes for truss and lights. Same design layer but they always falls into different class, and I always have to depend on "force select" or "activate class" to finish the drawing.


    Very much appreciable any advice I could get here.

  6. On 9/15/2016 at 9:42 PM, Rob Books said:

    We are trying to get Layher to let us build a symbol library of their products.  In the meantime, we did develop a generic symbol library of ringlock scaffolding parts; it is available on Service Select or in the Vectorworks libraries of VW2017.


    Any news on Milos truss symbols?

  7. 2 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

    Yes the images need to be Renderworks Textures saved in a VWX file. You can have as many textures in a single file as you want, or you can split and put each in a different file. Personally, I would probably put as many in a file as I could to make file management easier. So all the similar images for a show in one file and then possibly a separate file for the next show.


    That's answer my question. Thank you Pat. Very much appreciated.

  8. On 7/19/2017 at 12:08 AM, Pat Stanford said:


    Would it not be better to put them in the User folder   ..../Libraries/Defaults/Video Screen/Screen Images rather than in the Applications folder? Less risk of them being overwritten by an update or a reinstall of VW.


    Another option would be to create a workgroup or project folder if these "images" need to be shared with others.


    Default content can be located in any of the above locations (Applications, User folder, Workgroup folder). Workgroup folder can be located almost anywhere you want. Applications and User folder are fixed paths. Check the Help for the exact paths required for Mac and Windows. The only trick is that once you get the Defaults folder, the folder names for each content type must be exactly the same as what is used in the Applications path for the resources to be found.

    I'm new here. Does the image needs to be in vwx. or any others?

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