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  1. Seems to be bugged when it's not the only calculation in the field definition. You'd need two separate text boxes, sorry about that.
  2. It should be "Number" with "Dimension" format.
  3. I think the following should be of use to you: Create a new record format and add a dimension field. Attach the record to the Data Tag or the tagged object. Change the formula to be "#Record#.#Field# / #ΔX#". The result would be a scalar (I think what you need - the number of divisions from the sheet).
  4. @JMR In 2021 the calculation logic was completely changed and is more lenient. In 2020 there were strict restrictions on the operands. "#ΔX# / 3000" divides a length by a scalar which is in itself a length. "3000*#ΔX#" is similar in that it multiples instead of dividing. "3000 / #ΔX#" would divide a scalar by a length which would result in a unit of 1/m. It's not a standard VW unit so I chose to prohibit such calculations. Should be doable in 2021 but if you provide more details of what you want to achieve I may offer a workaround for 2020.
  5. @ericjhberg You can maybe try Wall Average Height ( the mean of the height at the start and at the end ) or Wall Overall Height (overall top heigh - overall bottom height but I'm not sure what they represent). I'm not sure what the value in the OIP means but from my testing it appears to be the top offset - the bottom offset. The bottom offset is the height of the control point at the top middle of the wall when you activate the reshape tool. The bottom offset is the bottom middle one. Wall Overall Height provided correct results in my testing so far but I can't be 100% sure that this is what overall height means.
  6. TDimov

    data tag

    The multiple attachment points are explained here in the leader tab section.
  7. Sorry, I thought IsFlipped is a parameter of the door. I don't think you recreate the formula 1 to 1 in the Data Tag. However, the syntax for conditions is "<ExprIfTrue>@"<Condition> : <ExprIfFalse>". Hope this can help somehow. As for the doors: I'm not really familiar with them and can't help there.
  8. Since VW26 the Data Tag also has a conditional expression. If that is all you use in the worksheet it should be possible to do it in the Data Tag. What exactly is your worksheet formula?
  9. VE is short for Vectorworks Enhancement. What you want couldn't really be classiffied as a bug so an enhancement request is the best fit.
  10. Data Tags use a different system for formulas from worksheets. Try using "#AREA# / 1sq ft * 0.5". You should use the unit in which you'd display the area (the document unit as it is written here or the unit you've selected from the unit popup) and keep the 1 and the unit mark without a space between them.
  11. Your workaround looks good but sadly you have to ungroup the roof. I'll see what I can do when I have enough time away from other tasks.
  12. Write the formula as "#AREA# * 0.5" or "#AREA# / 2".
  13. Currently, there is no way to do that. Please submit a bug or an enhancement request.
  14. Yes, it is possible. The formula for the example you've given would be "#Door#.#ROWidth# / 100 M". However, you can also change the units in which the result is shown, as I suspect that is what you want. The pop-ups are below the "Parameter Name" pop-up and the formula would be "#Door#.#ROWidth##m_0_1#".


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