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  1. hi, can anyone explain why i am getting grey horiz planes on my site model between contour lines when viewed in 3D? it's a simple model at 500mm contour spaces made from 2D polygons and 2D to 3D site input tool. mac OSX Dual G5 VW12.5.1
  2. simtav

    2d image fills

    one further note: I have managed to set up some of my own images at a lower dpi. On the 1:100 floorplan I use a polygon with the image as fill (to represent a tiled floor for egxample). I then use the 'Fill Image Settings' box to adjust the I and J length to get the right scale of tile. However, the fill keeps defaulting back to some arbitary length value. Is there an easier way to do this?
  3. simtav

    2d image fills

    thanks islandmon. Would be useful if you could amend the original image files too. Katie, I am actually using "Tile Stone 3 Large IF" in Libraries/Image Fills/Image Fills_Interior Finishes.mcd An 'edit' option with the ability to adjust the dpi somehow would be ideal...
  4. simtav

    2d image fills

    Hi Katie, I am using the "Ceramic Tile 08 IF-2" image in the "Ceramic Tile IF" image files that came with VW, and allocating the image as fill to a polygon on a 1:100 floor plan (to represent the floor of a bathroom). Is there a way to adjust the dpi of these default image files in the drawing? It appears that all the image files that came with VW are v.high resoltion when I use them for plans and elevations. Thanks..
  5. simtav

    2d image fills

    hi, I'm on 12.5.1 Arch & Render. OSX10.3.9 Dual 2/G5, 1GB RAM. Thanks.
  6. Hi, how do i reduce the size of 2D image fills when used for floor plans / elevations etc. Just assigning a fill to a class of polygon results in big slowdowns and v.large files.
  7. simtav


    I am in the process of producing a building model which will be produced in VW then 'montaged' onto a photo of an existing site in Photoshop. The images may be shown as evidence in court - therefore have to be 100% accurate. When using the 'set 3D view' tool in VW, with perspective set to 'normal', is this the equivilent of a particular camera lens or the eye's view? - has anyone any experience in producing v.accurate images with VW/P.shop? If so - what techniques do you use? S Taverner G5 2.0 Dual 1GB ram OSX.3 VW/RW 10.5
  8. Ok I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd better check - is anyone having / had issues running 10.5.1RW on a dual G5? Looking to upgrade from present G4 single and want to avoid "issues". Cheers.. Simon Taverner G4 733MHz 256MB OSX10.2.8 VW10.5.1 Arch+Render
  9. Katie Is there anywhere that explains the various options in the PNG Export Options Box, e.g. Interlaced, Filter Options etc. Did I miss it in the manual?
  10. For my 2 cents, if I have anything stored in the clipboard when i print, I get the scrunched fonts. When the clipboard is empty, no problem
  11. simtav

    DTM Texture

    OK have tried this a few times now. Tessellating textures are fine, but a single large image becomes hoplessly faceted when rendered (using triangular 3D option). I'd be happy to send a file if you want. Any chance of a "rubber-sheet" option in the future? Any other suggestions in the meantime welcome.
  12. simtav

    DTM Texture

    OK great, have Renderworks, but... http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=17;t=000313
  13. Is there any way to "drape" an image (say an ariel photograph) over a DTM model, in effect stretching the points on the photo to correspond to their relative points on the model?
  14. Addition, (coffee has engaged brain ) Katie, I see what you mean about saving the Sheet, but on any other Sheets that are set up a new class is automatically set to In-visible - can we change this option?
  15. Thanks all for input, but I think a point is being missed. I work with Sheets from early in a project as many layers & classes can get built up on complex jobs. I know about editing and saving sheets, but as PR says it's a pain to keep going back and saving and editing them every time a new class is made, which can happen a lot (PS thanks for Resource browser tip). As the majority of the time when I create a new class I want it to be visible (or is it just me?), couldn't the default be switched from IN-visible to Visible, or even better have the option to choose. Does this make sense
  16. Hi Katie Yes but this is when I have my Sheets already set up, and perhaps I'm making changes and alterations later in a drawing life. I could Add New Sheet to replace the old one every time I add a new class - but that's as much a pain as going to Edit Sheet and turning the new class to visable. So, can I make new classes default to visable in exiting sheets? Or am I missing something here??
  17. OK this should be an easy one If I have some saved Sheets and I create a new class, it defaults to Invisible in the existing Sheets. How can I set the default of new classes to Visible? Cheers ST
  18. On a PC hit ESCAPE (only works in the rendering phase)
  19. Top of the bug-fix wish list for me. VW10, XP Home, 1.6GHz, 256MB
  20. OS Win XP Home, VW10, P4 1.6, 512MB
  21. Every time I edit an existing callout tool or drawing label the text automatically changes font type, not to the set default font but something else. Any ideas?
  22. nic this is what happens when you don't have Quicktime installed correctly. If you download the latest version (QT6 at present) from http://www.apple.com/quicktime/products/qt/ you should be fine, just make sure when installing you choose "custom installation" and check ALL boxes. ST
  23. Katie Did you get to the bottom of the 'speckle bugs' as posted by MikeB on http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=17;t=000241 I've started noticing similar problems with Final Rendering for glass windows. Have tried the tips about one light source etc with no joy. ST VW10, WXP, P4 1.6, 512MB
  24. Michael I had problems with exporting images that were solved by re-installing Quicktime, this was on a PC however so not sure about Mac. I believe VW uses this component to export images. ST ;-)
  25. It's an add-on for designing custom windows/doors http://www.nemetschek.net/addons/arch/windoor6.html
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